Elonex has OneTwo3 four new netbooks.

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It looks like Elonex are just about to launch some additions to their notebook range. They currently sell the Elonex One in the UK which is a 99 pound ($200) netbook with a detachable keyboard but if you take a look at the new products section on the Computex website you’ll find images of 4 new products. There’s the OneTwo3g which sports a voip phone, the OneTwo3 8 (top right in the picture) which is presumably an 8.9" device that I swear I’ve seen before somewhere, and then there’s a 10.2" device called the…you guessed it, OneTwo3 10.2. Apparently its the ‘Worlds first 10.2" UMPC.’ They obviously didn’t check my diagram!

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Oh, One more thing. There’s also a OneTwoLite which is supposed to be a sub $200 device.


Unfortunately, no specifications are given on the devices but based on the fact that it’s netbook week, I guess we’re looking at at least two Intel Atom-based devices in the 8 and 10.2" models.

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  1. fred says:

    Great , look good.

  2. Vakeros says:

    OneTwo3g looks like a Nanobook, just with the module on the opposite side.

  3. turn.self.off says:

    after checking the elonex one page, it seems that elonex will only sell to customers inside UK. thats a bit sad as i would love to get hold of a one+.

    still, if the onetwolite has about the same feature set as the one+, and can be shipped to customers outside of UK, im happy :)

  4. netbsd says:

    My guess: the now familiar MIPS SoC from Ingenic.

    That orange color looks familiar.


  5. sam says:

    there all ugly im not gettin none

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