Gigabyte M912 Convertible Tablet. Bringing UMPC features to the netbook market.

Posted on 02 June 2008, Last updated on 11 November 2019 by

The 912 surfaced a few days ago on the Gigabyte website without an image but the official image is up now. [Gigabyte product page]


With an 8.9" screen at 1280×768 in a case that’s not a few mm bigger than the Eee PC 900, it looks like it could be a real VyeS37 killer. Assuming the device is based on Diamondville, it will have similar performance and with its 32wh battery its likely to have a much better battery life than the Vye which was never the efficient device that it could have been.  3-4 hours is a possibility on the standard battery with this.

According to Crave, Taiwan [Translation] some pricing info has been given out too. RR Pricing is said to be a very competitive 20,000 Taiwanese Dollars which is about 660 US. Dollars. They also reveal that the device has a web-cam, 2.5" SATA drive and an ExpressCard slot. No details on whether it’s a hard or soft touchscreen yet.

I’ve updated the M912 details in the database.

Thanks Bamei

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  1. inkaholic says:

    Do you realize this could be that Atom-based Clevo design as seen on Cebit?

  2. fred says:

    It will be expensive …

  3. Tk4killa says:

    “It looks like it could be a real VyeS37 killer”
    I like that

  4. suchus says:

    I guess this could become a real threat for the Fujitsu P1610/P1620 as well. Convertible, touch screen, and a 8.9″ screen with WXGA resolution – these were the reasons for my P1610 purchase. The M912 comes with the same specs, but I guess unlike the comparable Fujitsu models, its introduction price will surely be below 2500 Euro.

  5. Jerry says:

    Wow that is one ugly piece of tech with those four boxes on the top bezel. The black outlining the screen is also undesirable to look at.

  6. TareX says:

    What OS is it running?

  7. says:

    $660 us? ouch…

  8. Kornel says:

    that rotating screen is useless since they will prob have a soft touchscreen. should have a dual digitizer, that would make it appealing. no reason to get this over oqo

  9. Kornel says:

    I mean EEE. had the oqo stuck in my head because of that nvidia article…

  10. chippy says:

    I can’t live without a touchscreen now. Keep trying to scroll with my finger on my wifes laptop!

  11. says:

    i recall reading a blog recently where someone else had the same problem, chippy. but right now i cant find it…

  12. Kornel says:

    touchscreen would be good, but dont get the rotating part :)

  13. Greyhill says:

    This has a touch pad going for it where the Fujitsu P1610/P1620 has the eraser tip mouse. This might be limited to 1GB where the Fujitsu’s can use the 2GB part.

  14. reverendo says:

    I agree with suchus… this definitely could be a P1620 killer depending on which processor will be used. At this price it does look very, very good for the pro-mobile market. Especially with an expresscard slot. If it had the option of embedded 3G it could become a no-brainer.
    There are a few possible dealbreakers, though:
    – battery life would have to be confirmed
    – palm rejection technology would have to be a must at this screen size
    – performance, since the pro-mobile market really looks for sth that performs as close as possible to a desktop
    – Windows XP is a must or at least the possibility of having 2GB RAM
    I’m really interested in finding out what a device with full specs would look like
    getting reeeeeeeeealy curious here

  15. Greyhill says:

    Hard drive is also much larger than the Fujitsu P1620. 250MB vs 100MB.

  16. Brett says:

    $660 with 1280×768 screen, ok .. maybe… in 2009+ :-)

  17. John says:

    1) 9″ wide seems just slightly too wide for comfortable thumb typing.

    2) if that thing on the front corner of the picture is the express card slot, that ALSO seems rather poorly placed for supporting thumb typing (but I could be wrong about that one). I’d have put the express card slot on the back edge or front edge.

    3) If it has full Ubuntu hardware support, I might be interested.

  18. reverendo says:

    this device definitely isn’t for thumb typing. It’s for touch typing… It’s just too big a device for that and that’s why it might interest the pro-mobile people

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