Is this Little Gem a New Raon Digital UMPC?

Posted on 03 June 2008, Last updated on 11 November 2019 by


This is an image of an AMD-based device that has been shown at Computex. Its small, really small. One of the smallest I’ve seen with a full keyboard. It’s got a 7″ touchscreen and its 1024×600. Its starting to look nice. AMD’s officials are saying its running Turion and that it’s 1.5 times the processing power of an Atom and will return 2.5hrs video-playback runtime. Its looking very interesting indeed. [Continued…]

I was looking closely for hints about who might be behind this and there’s a few little features that, in my eyes, give the game away. The first is the optical mouse. Its the same part that was used on the Raon Digital Everun. Then there’s the ‘PS’ and ‘AUTO’ buttons that echo the feature that Raon Digital used on the Everun. Then, and you’ll only see this if you’ve used an Everun before, there’s a little giveaway icon. Its the Raon Digital ExpWin icon. As far as I know, that software only appears on the Raon Digital Everun.


One problem though, I heard that Raon wouldn’t be showing a new device at Computex which means either they loaned a prototype to AMD at the last minute or the same design team that works for Raon Digital is working with someone else. We’ve contacted Raon Digital for comment but haven’t had a response yet.


Whoever is responsible for this design, I like it. Its about as small as you can go with a 7″ laptop. Put me down for one now!

Keep watching for new info as we get it, both on the product and this new AMD platform that’s emerging today.

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  1. solnyshok says:

    is there touchscreen?

  2. DrNick says:

    This looks very cool. I wish it could swivel to a tablet mode but this is still very good looking.

  3. Solinx says:

    It says “It’s got a 7″ touchscreen” in the article.

  4. solnyshok says:

    great, but without swivel, it is hardly usable

  5. leprud says:

    Well, I hope it is NOT a Raon device, as i would be disappinted: this is a step back from Everun….

  6. Smiley says:

    What do you reckon is the size of that thing, 10 by 16 cm? About 2.5cm thick?

    Too bad most of these mini-laptops do not feature a trackpoint. I thought that kind of choice would have been obvious for that size.

  7. chippy says:

    The optical mouse isn’t a bad option. I wish they had put a second one on the top-right of keyboard.

  8. TareX says:

    Where’s the swivel?

    It’s a near-perfect machine that one. Too bad it doesn’t swivel but it’s so small I guess one can extend the screen all the way down and have acceptable usability

  9. Gorto says:

    Even the EMI Ferrite core is the same as the one on the Everun power supply lead.

  10. Will says:

    NO! Move the webcam above the screen!

    Otherwise, its an interesting design. Like Smiley said, I would liked to have seen a trackpoint.

    I wonder what AMD platform is hiding under there. I can’t imagine that they would have the resources to develop a completely new, ultra-low power platform like Intel’s Menlow.

  11. ZSX says:

    Reminds me of my Palmax PD1000 which is about the same size and runs Windows 98! It is the perfect size for a UMPC and if you are used to the old Handheld PCs, you will realize that, even in the absence of swivelling, a touch screen is still very useful.

  12. Bob says:

    The arrow keys don’t have the standard inverted-T layout. That’s a bit of an irritation.

    Any idea what the weight is?

  13. kornel says:

    keyboard looks sony-ish. but i agree, good design.

  14. Dunstan says:

    I love it! When, where, how much?

  15. chippy says:

    Gorto, you are right.
    Check it out:

  16. chippy says:

    Video added to post.

  17. Mike Cane says:

    Very interesting. But that keyboard can’t be satisfying typing experience! I fondled that wee Fujitsu and the keyboard is sheer hell. This at least has nicer looks.

  18. scoobie says:

    Mike – Its bigger than the fujitsu u810

  19. tmarks11 says:

    I hope it is not the new Raon Digital UMPS, since I really like the existing form factor of the Everun and was hoping for an incremental upgrade. A 7″ clamshell will NOT be pocketable by anyones definition.

    The optical mouse is a dead giveaway. You don’t need a trackpad, the optical mouse works so good that I never use the touchscreen on my everun (I would just as soon that it didn’t have a touchscreen).

  20. scoobie says:

    Hold on – I’m missing something here. This has a full size PC processor – needing a big fan presumably – in a tiny UMPC? How does it all fit in?

  21. chippy says:

    Asia should wake up soon which means I might get a response from RD….cant wait!

  22. ssagg says:

    I agree about the swivelling screen. It could be an ideal design if it is a convertible as I like slates but need the keyboard. This design (with a swivelling screen) is what I wanted to see when I read about the Gigabyte M912

  23. Stephen Feger says:

    I agree with tmarks11, if this is Raon Digital’s next product I’m disappointed. I was looking for an incremental improvement to the Everun. Better processor, better graphics, more memory, faster SSD. The form factor was really good. It was innovative.

    But this is just one of many similar designs. There’s nothing that leaps out as a justification to buy it. Not unless they start selling them for something like $299.

  24. leon says:

    I like it,perfect products.

  25. Smiley says:

    According to JKK it is 12*20*25mm in size. Much bigger than I thought. Bigger thant an U810 then. Meh.

  26. Smiley says:

    Sorry, should have been 120*200*25mm.

  27. Adam says:

    Why don’t they include a swivel? There are quite a few of these new netbooks with touch screens coming out that don’t have swivels….how much does it cost to the device to add a tablet mode?

  28. vince says:

    I quite like it, is it really 1.5x faster than the atom…

  29. Tamoor Abbasi says:

    Where is the touchpad???

    Engadget people wrote it is 1280 x 600. I think that was a one big typo!!!

  30. Oddum says:

    This device looks similar:

  31. Stephen says:

    the gecube linked above doesn’t really look similar at all. this beastie has a Turion, the gecube a 300MHz xyz chip. the gecube detaches from it’s keyboard. etc, etc

    finally, this i find /greatly/ interesting/intriguing, the gecube not at all. ymmv.

  32. vasja says:

    “At 8W TDP, it is an option for netbooks and possibly high-end UMPC like the AMD UMPC seen at Computex but unless an underclocked version appears at 5W or less, it’s probably not going to be cool”

    Did you notice that 8W is for both CPU+chipset.
    Don’t forget, that for Atom one has 2W(CPU)+25W(chipset)=27W! So, who’s the daddy?! :)

  33. mousumi Pal says:

    love diamond! want to creat one from coal? then go to and read the docs. I am sure you will love it

  34. Zam says:

    Dual Core + Strong GPU is what keeps me waiting, but it’s en of July where production was rumored to start and still now official words on Specs, release dates, availability, prices etc.. :(

    Come on Raon Digital! Give us something to keep the hopes up and keep waiting for this one!

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