Nvidia Tegra video demo in 1.2W. Questions remain!

Posted on 03 June 2008, Last updated on 11 November 2019 by

Guess what the first word of this Nvidia video is? a) Welcome b) Today c) Intel

The Tegra demonstration is impressive, showing HD video content being decoded in around 1W instead of 12W but they clearly didn’t cover all bases. For a start, you can’t even run a big screen backlight at 1W and if I’m doing my research correctly I can see that Tegra doesn’t include a communications and radio subsystem. Even so, what exactly are they trying to compare here? They are putting a general purpose CPU (i’m guessing its Celeron there) against a dedicated video codec in a video decoding test. Not only that, they are showing their new tech against Intel’s old tech. Booo!

I’m sure the NVidia board is impressive but come on guys, lets see you doing some general purpose computing with Wifi, BT, 3G, storage, USB and compare it against a Silverthorne/Poulsbo combo that will do the same in a MID-sized board in under 5W. Bring out the MIDs Nvidia. Or better still, send them to me and I’ll perform a special selection of Chippy tests on them.

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