Gigabyte M912. Unboxing and overview.

Posted on 24 July 2008, Last updated on 11 November 2019 by

Mobilx, the well-connected resellers in Hungary, got hold of a demo M912 netbook from Gigabyte yesterday and this morning at about 10am, it was at my home office. Thanks for sending it over guys. Much appreciated.

So here’s the unboxing video and overview. As usual, i’ll be putting my testing notes in the forum (see this thread) and I guess i’ll have some first impressions to post up tomorrow. Tonight though, its testing time – LIVE! Yes, I’ll be bearing all on camera again so that you can check that I’m not cheating with my CrystalMark tests! Join me on the live channel at from about 6pm GMT [Update: Live session is over. Recordings are available here.] and feel free to ask questions. JKK will probably drop in with his touchscreen 901 and I’ll also have the SC3 and MSI Wind along with a stack of UMPCs if you have related questions.

For the HQ WMV version, see my page. For more information on the M912, see both the M912S and M912X details side-by-side on the comaprison page. The model i’m testing here is the M912X.


11 Comments For This Post

  1. chippy says:

    The WMV version playing at the moment isn’t re-sizing properly. Go to to see the full-size version or wait for the flash version which is nearly ready…

  2. Neoterix says:

    Great unboxing. Will you be providing another video going into the usability, battery life, touch screen features, etc?

  3. Exotic says:

    Great video so far. But please, make another video where we can see the performance!
    I’m also interested in the Touchpad, it looks so small, as well as on the Keyboard! In the video it dosen’t look very stable.

  4. kyuss says:

    please relax…

    i’m pretty sure, there is gonna be more soon ;-)

  5. Charles says:

    What’s the difference between a hard and soft touch screen? Does anyone have a link to an article discussing the differences?

  6. arit says:

    How is the fannoise?

  7. tal says:

    was shocked of the keyboard bend … omg.

  8. kornel says:

    Nice exclusive we got there…look at the amount of trackbacks :)

  9. Ronnycuajo says:

    Hey that was cool, im watching the live streaming now and it rocks

  10. middore says:

    You can use shortcut Win key + Pause to go System properties in Control Panel. Works in both Windows XP and Vista :)

  11. oceansis says:

    i love umpc!

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