Gigabyte M912X. Live review. Gigabyte feedback. Linux version dropped.

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Amazing! Thanks to the 600+ people that came through the live session last night. It was a pleasure to see so many people involved and an honour to have JKK, Sascha and Joanna on the line from various parts of the world. Thanks! We’ll be doing it again soon although I can’t promise to do another 6-hour marathon!

The recorded sessions are available (if you have a few hours free!!) and the first, overview session (62mins), is embedded below. [Article continues below the video]

Gigabyte were watching the video and have already given us some feedback. Firstly, I made a mistake in the unboxing video when I mentioned the wrong resolution. Rather than 1280×800, its 1280×768 [Update: The M912M is 1024×600 LED-backlit. 1280×768 is CCFL.] Secondly, I need to highlight that the packaging was not final retail packaging. Finally, and this is an important one, there will only be two versions of the device. That means, no Linux version and no reseller barebones version. All you will be able to buy is an XP or Vista version with 160GB drive and Bluetooth included. The savings on the Linux version would have been minimal anyway so getting this with XP or Vista is a good choice. The 160GB drive makes sense too because this makes an impressive portable video player.

Did I just say Vista is a good choice? Yes! It works really well and even on only 1GB of RAM. Its becoming very clear now that Intel Atom at 1.6Ghz is good enough for Vista. Maybe it’s the fast S-ATA drive on the M912 (it’s really fast – 60MB/s read speed) or maybe the hyperthreading helps. Whatever it is I don’t care. it just works!

The lowlights.

There’s a whole lot of good stuff about the M912 so to save time, i’ll highlight the bad here.

  • Screen. Slightly washed out. Not as bright as other netbooks. Indoor use only. Suspected CCFL backlight.Takes a lot of power. [update: confirmed from Gigabyte. Its a CCFL backlight. That explains a lot.
  • Battery life. Could have been better. In full-on tests last night we were seeing 2.5hours. In lighter tests today it’s averaging 3hours. Max 4hrs (wifi off, typing), Min 1.5hrs (video, full brightness, Wifi.) [Update: the 912M will have 1024×600 LED backlit screen. Better battery life is almost guaranteed.]
  • Style. Once opened, its quite boring. The plastics look a bit cheap.
  • Keyboard. Slight flex. It won’t affect your typing but it just feels a bit cheap.
  • Weight. At 1340gm, its one of the heaviest netbooks and not a device I’d recommend for ultra mobile use.
  • Mouse buttons. Not easy to press. Problem slightly offset by the ability to tap and click and use the touchscreen. Mouse pad is good though.
  • When used hard in tablet mode there is a significant heat build-up. [Update: LED-backlit 1024×600 on M912M will be better]
The highlights.
  • The screen resolution is fantastic. [Update: M912M will have 1024×600 but it will be LED backlit. Make your choice!]
  • The disk speed is amazing
  • ExpressCard slot means easy 3G!
  • Easy access to disk and memory. (Takes 2GB – I tested it)
  • Quiet
  • Very cool (no heat) in laptop use
  • The price! Two years ago a similar device was 1600 Euros. Now its under 500.

I have never owned a laptop but this, with Vista, is something I’m considering because its going to be able to do everything I need it to around the home and on holidays. If this launches with a better screen, I’m buying one. My first ever notebook PC!

Full specifications and related news available on the M912 info page.

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  1. tal says:

    concerning the keyboard … it looked like a bit more than a “slight flex”. Can you really recommend it for people who will use it as a working machine?

  2. chippy says:

    Its OK as it is in my opinion but these keyboards can be popped out easily. You could pad it underneath easily. I’ve looked! I suspect this was put in my hand in a hurry and was bent out of shape so it’s nothing to be really concerned about.

  3. JP says:

    I wouldn’t recommend padding anything underneath. I’m pretty sure (*) that the cooling system of the M912 is the same as in the EEE PC 701 (and as in many others) : the metal plate beneath the keyboard acts as a big heatsink, and the active cooling with a fan and the side exhaust vent are only used when this is not enough. So putting anything underneath the keyboard would primarily lead to overheating and more noise (since the fan would be more active then)

    (*) I’m pretty sure because:
    – you said than in tablet mode it is much hotter than in notebook mode, it is obvious for me that it is because the keyboard is then covered and cannot cool at its best
    – the manual warns about closing the lid when the computer is hot because it could harm the display; after a long work session it is advised to wait for the computer to cool before closing the lid and not immediately after shutdown; also the manuel strongly advises againts closing the lid with the computer still on for the same reason…

  4. chippy says:

    A couple of little rubber spacers won’t make any difference to the cooling. You can even get the metal covered spacers.

  5. ToYo says:

    I might have a strange questoin but I think you know the answer.

    I am planning of using the Gigabyte M912X for home computing but also for use in my car.
    I have an in-dash touchscreen (tft lcd 1024×768) in my car and would like to connect it to the Gigabyte M912X wich I want to place under the driver’s seat.
    When I use the car in-dash touchscreen I only need the Gigabyte M912X computer (no need for the touchscreen/keyboard) so I want to leave it closed under the seat.

    Now that you are saying it get’s quite hot, especially when the screen is closed, this might be a problem.
    Is this realy serious dangerous for the Gigabyte M912X.
    Any ideas how to fix this? will placing it upside down do the job?

    This might be a strage place to ask for this,
    I hope you can give me more info on it.


  6. JP says:


    Well I guess it won’t trash your device if you let it running with the lid closed, but the manual strongly advises against it. Doing so will probably reduced the lifetime of the display, but by how much?

    I don’t know if putting the device upside down is a good idea or not. For sure the device will heat more than with the lid open (since the plate beneath the keyboard won’t be able to cool as expected), and the heat of the device will still be close to the display. Now, as everybody knows, heat tends to go up, so doing so may still help solve this problem… I guess that nobody will ever know until somebody tries and measures it :-)

  7. imzadi says:

    Thank you for this great session. Gigabyte seems to win competition with Kohjinsha thanks to performance. I wonder how 3D looks on M912 comparing to SC3.

  8. chippy says:

    3D on 912 is worlds apart from the current 3D support on SC3 although I heard there are driver issues on SC3

  9. tal says:

    and a second question … since there are no reseller barebone can one buy this with 2GB?

  10. chippy says:

    I’m not sure but Gigabyte are likely to take things into consideration before availability. Maybe. 2GB makes sense for Vista. (Although it works well without it for basic uses!)

  11. imzadi says:

    Maybe it is a good idea to buy cheaper XP edition and change it to Vista supporting enhanced tablet funcionality in the future. Adding another 1GB RAM and switching to SSD (when they get cheaper) seems reasonable too.

  12. JP says:

    So you popped out the keyboard? Have you taken a look at the connector?

    A lot of people would like to know if it is actually the same keyboard as in EEE PC 701 and 900… Because since the M912 won’t be sold in their countries, they will be forced to import one without a localized keyboard.

    If it is the same keyboard, it means you can put in any EEE PC keyboard :-) especially good to know for 701 owners ;-)

    Could you check that out and publish some pictures please?

    Thank you in advance chippy, your reviews were great!!!

  13. chippy says:

    I sent some pics to JKK who is checking it out.

  14. JP says:

    Thank you a lot!!!

  15. chippy says:

    News from Gigabyte.
    1280×768 is CCFL backlit
    1024×600 (912M) is LED backlit.

    I’ll happily trade the scren size for brighter screen, outdoor use and longer battery life. I’m ordering one.


  16. chippy says:

    Trying to confirm specs of 912M right now.
    Its XP (which has advantages – faster, only requires 1GB, possible battery life savings)
    But I need bluetooth (pics from phone, tethering etc.)
    I guess I could survive without one though.

    Speaking to Mobilx right now. Expect a post later with details.


  17. says:

    there is always the option of one of those small bluetooth dongles ;)

  18. says:

    well crap, no M912 for me then…

    i guess it will be acer aspire one at some time in the future…

  19. JP says:

    Well yes I’m starting to dislike this device too.

    I guess that since I’m happy with my 701, I should keep for now with the line “it’s not reasonnable to buy something else for now, wait at least for the end of the warranty!” ;-)

    Besides I’m still not sure that the model that got chippy will be the production model. I’m very puzzled about the manual stating a different computer than the one chippy got his hands on.

    I guess we should really wait for the device to hit the stores to be sure of what it will be…

  20. NobbyNobbs says:

    Bad news :-(
    I don`t really understand why they don`t make a version without OS available. Not Linux, but no OS. Let the customer choose. XP or Vista (afaik it`s gonna be basic without windows journal?) without tablet functions? Why did they put in the touchscreen at all? This is rubbish!
    Also too big and heavy. 1.36kg with a battery life of 3hrs? Nope. Not if I can have 12″ with sxga+-screen, much more power, 6hrs of battery life and less than 2kg for <1000€ (ibm x60T).

    This is really getting frustrating for me. Seems like Dell is going to be my last netbook-hope.

  21. chippy says:

    Nobby, on the other hand, in the light of the LED backlit screen news, you can now get a fast, touchscreen convertible with 3.5 hours battery life and bright screen running efficient XP for 475 Euros. Its a bargain! I’m buying one.


  22. NobbyNobbs says:

    One thing I liked most about this device (when it was being announced) was the high resolution of the screen!
    So you have the choice between low battery life and a high res screen and longer battery life and low res screen.
    Why aren`t they capable of equipping the high res screen with a led backlight? I just can`t see any apparent reason!

    Sure: it is a nice device.
    BUT it could still be far better! (Ok, this is not only true for this Gigabyte device, but for all netbooks out there at the moment).
    Sometimes I think they do this on purpose, in order so that not too many people prefer netbooks over a normal laptop.

  23. Judge says:

    Firstly great show last night congrats on that!
    So the differneces between the 2 versions are:-
    X version has Windows Vista Basic, 160GB Hard Drive
    Bluetooth and the 1280×768 CCFL screen.
    M Version has Windows XP Home 80GB? or 160GB? Hard Drive 1024 x 600 LED screen (No Bluetooth)
    I guess the M version might possible be slightly lighter? Given that the M912 looked very easy to upgrade how easy would it be to put in an internal bluetooth module? Using a dongle wouldnt be the end of the world as you can get some really small one’s now.

    It seem that the news of the M version appears to of won you over as you wernt as keen on it as the SC3 last night.

  24. REMF says:

    Cippy, do your bit for linux tablet support:

    openSUSE: Better TabletPC support:

    “If you have an other TabletPC with Wacom Multitouch support feel free to send me an email with your xorg.conf and some information about the machine and I add the machine to SaX2, so that you be able to configure your machine very easily.”

  25. mw65719 says:

    I don’t understand why they are choosing Vista Home Basic for a tochscreen device. At the numbers they are buying the OEM licences, Home Premium should not cost that much more. At least give buyers the option. And for the XP afficiendos offer Tablet Edition as an option (this might add significantly more to the price of the XP model).

  26. Wolle says:

    Chippy: Did they mention to you that the 1280×768 CCFL will be on the final version as well? Or is it just on your pre-production unit?

  27. Judge says:

    I am getting confused now are there 2 or 3 versions
    The V,X and M (V and X are identical except for the OS)
    Did Gigabyte mean that only the V and X versions would
    be released now and the M will be released in a few months? If this is the case do we know when the M version is expected?

  28. imzadi says:

    It looks there could be some mistakes in mobilx specifications.

  29. NobbyNobbs says:

    Gigabyte has changed their strategy. In german online shops there was also a version without OS listed. But apparently Gigabyte changed their mind about this as well as about the versions that are going to be available – and the release date (a few weeks ago, the x-version was still scheduled for next week)

  30. JP says:

    Alright, originally there were *four* versions:
    – M912V and M912X which are the “high-end” versions, that is with 1280×768 screen, 160GB HDD and bluetooth, only difference between the two versions being Windows XP for the M912X and Windows Vista for the M912V.
    – M912M which is the “middle-range” version, whith 80GB HDD and no bluetooth -not sure about the resolution of the screen – and Windows XP as OS.
    – M912L which is the “low-end” version, with 4GB SSD, no bluetooth, a 1024×600 screen and Linux as OS.

    Now as already stated, it seems that the M912L version is dropped, for now at least. Besides the M912M version availability seems to be worse than for M912X and M912V (mobilx states 30th september while the M912X and M812V are awaited for the 15th september).

  31. chippy says:

    That sounds about right to me and tallies with the latest on the Gigabyte page.

    We can add that the 1280×768 device is CCFL backlit. Not as good on brightness and power efficiency. The M912M will have the 1024×600 LED-backlit screen.

    Again, ill have this confirmed by Gigabyte in the next few days. Have also asked for clarification on the possibility of an extended battery.


  32. Larry says:

    Is there any indication that there will be a version with the 1280×768 screen with an LED backlight?

    Would this be a laptop you would feel comfortable typing a reasonable sized word document on?

  33. Dunstan says:

    What impresses me in all this, more than the device itself, is this process with quick feedback from the manufacturer.

    This is exactly what I was advocating earlier. More manufacturers should avail themselves of the opportunity offered by this site and Chippy and his expert friends, along with the questions and concerns of all the truly interested participants who are all seriously potential buyers.

    Kudos to Gigabyte as well as Chippy and Co.

    If UMPCs are going to get better and better, it will be through a process such as this one.

  34. moep says:

    Steve, the 1340g were with the extra 1 GB of RAM…so may its may be 1320g in real ;)…

  35. Steve Paine says:

    good point. The battery was full too!

  36. kubel says:

    Great review. I watched a few hours of it and I love the ability to ask a question and get an answer live. It’s as if I had the product in my own hands. I’m really surprised more manufacturers don’t push this sort of review for marketing purposes. I don’t pay attention to advertisements because they only get into the pros and leave my in dark about the cons, but I do pay attention to live reviews like this. There’s a certain amount of credibility and trustworthiness added because of the transparency of being live. Marketing loves it because they get word out about their product, and consumers love it because they get a fair and balanced review of the product. I would especially like to see representatives from the companies join you in the future.

    One thing I ask as a favor. Since you no doubt have the ear of GBT, perhaps you can explain to them that demand for this product is world-wide, not just Europe and Asia. There are many of us here in the US that tuned in yesterday that would like to see GBT change its mind about their decision to not sell this in the US. They would make a killing if they could find a big reseller like NewEgg to carry the product. So my suggestion to GBT: Sell the M912 in the US also!

  37. luke b says:

    It still resembles a netbook more than a notebook. Weight is only one consideration, some would say size is more important. The specs are also on par with netbooks, and classifying it as a full on laptop is putting it at a serious disadvantage performance-wise.

  38. Informix says:

    No Linux, no buy. A really bad news indeed.

  39. Kaligo says:

    Agreed was really looking forward to this device as well. While not the sole deciding factor for me to buy my next notebook the linux support is definitely a huge selling point. I’m going to load Ubuntu Netbook Remix anyway but linux out-of-the-box just means that the drivers should be well supported and I’m not paying the windows tax.

    This device was looking really attractive but the poor battery life and the lack of linux drops it from my shortlist.

    So many good alternatives though, we really are spoiled for choice!

  40. solardeity says:

    Well I hate seeing Linux as 2 hand choice!! Ohh look Vista runs, lets drop Linux then and use Vista instead..
    Nope, no Gigabyte for me.. you lost another costumer…

    No tolerance for ignorance!!!

  41. DM says:


    when Gigabyte confirmed that the 1280 screen is CCFL, did that confirmaion only apply to the demo model you had or will it also apply to the production models?

    If yes then I am with you, LED backlight wins over high res and it may also be worth pointing out to Gigabyte that most specs around the net (like on their site @ still say LED b/l next to the 1280 res spec.


  42. Steve Paine says:

    I was trying to get this all confirmed on Friday but the final details didnt come through. Ill chase them up on Monday and speak to Mobilx too.

  43. sirauron says:

    Chippy, if you still have the Gigabyte, could you use a software to find out how hot the cpu is in idle/full load scenarios? There is loads of software to do that (even one from intel itself) and you could measure after 30 minutes idling and 30 minutes stress test (with orthos or the likes).

  44. sirauron says:

    On another note, will the lower res version have a touchscreen, too? I am confused because it was supposed not to have one in the past.

    Sorry for the double post

  45. pispot says:

    Yes, it will.

    (A convertible with no touchscreen would not make any sense anyway)

    I’ve bought one. Specs are not far away from my dream device, but affordable. Only the weight is a bit to high. A fast, near silent mini notebook which can be used as a tablet for about 500 Euros incl. 19% VAT is bargain

    Btw: very nice show

  46. sirauron says:

    Maybe I should cancel my order at then and get one the smaller res version. I really want that LED screen.

  47. cah says:

    So let’s summarise:

    Touch screen obviates need to use crap mouse pad (which is above average for this type of device).
    You CAN use it for jotting notes and drawing simple diagrammes/graphs as long as you are precise with the stylus.
    Fast 160GB HD and 2.5″ means the 64 or 128GB OCZ/ridata/fast SSDs can slot in reducing weight 200g.
    Easy to upgrade memory etc.
    Hi-res 1280 screen.
    9″ so not into laptop territory, but more comfortable than 7″ devices. Ultimately, unless pocketable it will still be used like a laptop.
    Less wide than the akoya, quite compact for the featureset.

    Weight – 1.34Kg…However, switching the 160GB to a 128GB SSD will reduce the weight by .2Kg.
    LED only on the lower res 1024×600 screen. TBH I REALLY LIKE high res so I am saddened.
    Passive soft touch digitizer
    RElatively low battery life – although LED low res screen will improve on this. Lower res screen would increase performance for video playback though as resolution lower when scaling up.
    Keyboard is ok, same as 901, but still 70 to 80% the speed of the MSI Wind/Akoya/Advent. Tons of flex even though it doesn’t much affect typing.
    No solid news on high capacity battery.
    Price a little steep, but not too steep.

    In contrast, let’s remember that there are devices like the Fujitsu convertibles (thinking of the Q2010 – same size screen+res, bigger battery, ULV core2duo, slower HD, bigger keyboard but no trackpad but double the price), the X60T, the portege M400 and M700 which all nip at this device’s toes. They generally use 1.2 or 1.33Ghz LV or ULV core 2 duos. The real question is whether the Atom is faster or slower than these. These devices are also $1100 or £1000…….The Gigabyte is MUCH cheaper, making it more of a consumable rather than an investment like a traditional laptop. People are more likely to buy them without thinking, and chuck them for an upgrade more whimsically.

    In short, laptop makers should invite this UMPC craze because by using the atom platform they are going to speed up cycle rates of devices. A M700 from Toshiba for £1000 will probably start to wheeze after two years with 2.4ghz core2duo, 200GB 5400rpm, X3100 graphics. But the atom will last a year in contrast before you might get the upgrade bug as youtube et al get more demanding. One pro with the traditional devices though is taht they also take 4, 6, 9 and 12cell batteries. The Toshiba system is particularly good for having a primary cell then adding the ‘slice’ battery.

    I cannot browse the internet smoothly anymore with a G4 running at 1Ghz……and that’s just checking gmail and youtube and small things.

    These netbooks are nothing special – the only thing that makes them warrant the term netbook as opposed to ultra-light-portable/laptop is that they are a) standardised, b) low power consumption processor (5W TDP)but low performance and c) MUCH cheaper in comparison by a factor of 2 or more – £400 for top-notch netbook versus £1000 for a toshiba R500 or M700 class device.

    A lot of people want a powerful media consumption device (more powerful than a smartphone or N810 tablet), but at the same pricepoint rather than $2000 dollars as for the Air.

    I think Chippy is very correct that people are forgetting a netbook IS a laptop really. The R500 from toshiba is less than 1Kg, has 12.1″ screen, ULV core2duo, big battery and HD yet we don’t consider it a netbook….why even if we use it in the same way as a netbook? You can use the R500 in even more situations than a MSI Wind due to it’s extra portability. We need a case for both, usually a desk. UMPCs should be pocketable and differentiate themselves from MIDS by having full UI and OS rather than custom front-ends. The netbook fad is purely because of price. One is a consumption commodity, and the R500 is an investment good like casio organizers of old.

  48. chippy says:

    Good summary

    Dont forget the ExpressCard slot.


  49. cah says:

    yeah :( my bad. That is one of the more interesting features for me actually and most people too lol.

    interface cards, TV cards, audio cards (for DJS and audiophiles and music students looking for a proper recording tool), lan cards, WAN cards, SSD, and external graphics. We might still be waiting for the Asus XG2 station (they never went to market with XG1), but Fujitsu now have the Amilo Mobilex external gpu with 3870. Not sure why you would need it on a 1.6Ghz atom though lol….

  50. cah says:

    Amilo Graphics booster lol. where did i get amilo mobilex :(

  51. tal says:


    “… UMPCs should be pocketable and differentiate themselves from MIDS by having full UI and OS rather than custom front-ends. The netbook fad is purely because of price. …”

    I respectfully disagree. UMPC once considered at pocketable size will be merged into the same category as MIDs. And this category will also become in a year or two merged with the Smartphones. The argument about UI and OS for the same size category is mute in my view.

    Moreover, netbooks are not the usual laptop. They are the smallest size laptop which can still allows you a certain degree of desktop power, as JKK or Sascha called it in sofa-surfing. So its a laptop but a unique one which you can take on the go. My current Compaq 6910p is far from being anywhere close to a thing I can take comfortably to my sofa, bed, car …


  52. cah says:

    Yes, but I was referring to the blur not between laptops that are 15.4 or 13.3″ and 2kg to 4kg, but rather the laptops that are super thin and light – like the sub 1kg R500 from Toshiba for instance. I’ve used an older variant for sofa surfing, car mounting, one handed typing, 10hour+battery, larger keyboard than a eepc901 for sure. I’ll check the precise model number and weight (about 1.2kg with big battery), but it is a laptop and came with win2000. Along with more mobility than most netbooks it came with a prohibitively high price.

    p.s. you would be surprised how many people were upset at the inability until recently to have flash on an iphone. N810 and iphone uis in non-hacked form lack flexibility compared to a full user controlled net-book. So in that respect it can make a difference.

  53. sirauron says:

    Does mobilx ship to germany, too? I think I will put the whole M912 project on hold until it gets clearer what each versions features are.

  54. chippy says:

    Yes, Mobilx ships to Germany.

  55. sirauron says:

    Then I may change my pre-order… Can you get some defenite info from Gigabyte regarding the LED-LCD in the different models? If Only the M model has it I am willing to go for it regardless…

  56. Koolshen says:

    If you look on the Gigabyte website, you can read about “8.9”LCD panel/WXGA 1280×768, w/Touch screen, LED Backlight, as 180° rotation angle”.

    Probably only this preproduction sample has CCFL backlight. Battery time of 3.5 hrs would support this theory.

  57. sirauron says:

    I mailed asking for confirmation yesterday, let’s see what they say…

    I sure hope it will stay LED backlightes.

  58. JP says:

    New version of the M912 manual is on-line!

    The stylus is now located at the top-left corner of the screen, as in the demo device of chippy, so the device that chippy got his hand on may be close to the production model after all.

    Unfortunately, there is still some blur about the keyboard: the manual states a 80-keys keyboard, that is like the one chippy got and which is the EEE PC keyboard; but pictures and hot-key descriptions shows a 86-keys keyboard with some interesting differences…

    My guess is that this other keyboard has the exact same size and probably the same connector too, so it is not a big deal for Gigabyte to switch the keyboard between the demo and the production devices.

    Maybe less flex in the final version of the keyboard, then? ;-)

  59. cah says:

    Well I think all 600 of us on the webcast will cross our fingers, toes and legs that they improve the keyboard and switch to LED as their specs indicate throughout the range….If not, I’ll just spend £1000 for an active digitizer, 10hour battery life portable from Tosh, fujitsu or iBM albeit a fair bit heavier.

  60. Koolshen says:

    You could also consider the HP Pavilion tx2500, which has both worlds: touchscreen and active digitizer. And this one should be cheaper than GBP 1000.

  61. wolle says:

    which manual you looked at? the english manual on the taiwanese site have no more led backgroundlight in there specs table – both versions lo- and high res.
    does it mean something? i don’t know.

  62. JP says:

    Well it’s a pity to say that… But… As it is very most common nowadays, in every official specification I saw it was also written in small caps “The specification and pictures are subject to change without notice.”. In every official specs. On the site, in the manual, everywhere. For every product of every company, actually.

    So, whatever the Gigabyte site and the manual says, we can’t take it for granted until we have something in our hands. The final product can be better, but it can be worse too… :-|

  63. wolle says:

    thats right, but if there was something standing there before which disapered (you can see that on the date of the pdf file) it might a good indication there has been something changed.

  64. dany says:

    Hello guys,

    M912, is great product for its price actually.

    what about the Fujitsu, new Lifebook T1010 tablet pc?
    price is quiet the double 1300.- USD but seems a good value for money ? any comemnts ? its seems tablet pcs prices are going down currently.

    thank you


  65. dany says:

    here is teh link for fujitsu T1010:

  66. Giovanni B says:

    …it’s all fine but, I read that the Vista version will be Home Basic. So when you look here
    you’ll see there’s no Tablet PC support with Home Basic, you need at least Home Premium.
    So, this makes me wonder where’s the trick…

  67. imzadi says:

    Have just another question about M912 – does the screen driver support resolution 800×600? I require this for one fullscreen application, stretching is not a problem. Thanks.

  68. sirauron says:

    @giovanni: the trick is the touchscreen driver. it’s just that extra features are missing.

    @imzadi: i am sure it supports 800×600, nerver heard of a screen that doesn’t.

  69. Giovanni B says:

    @sirauron: thanks for the answer. But it’s a pity: a self proclaiming Tablet PC without all the features of a Tablet PC. I guess it’s all in the Home Premium license fees… in order to keep the Gigabyte M912 price low.

  70. JP says:

    Well then if it’s some matter of keeping the price low, where is the Linux version???

    I mean, I DO want the Linux version, and all of the Windows people wants either XP Tablet Edition or Vista Premium for the tablet features.

    So what’s the point here? Why don’t they want to sell the Linux/without OS version and let the customer or reseller install what he really wants?


    I guess that as usual Microsoft has the last word and that’s all…

  71. Dukeswharf says:

    @Giovanni B,
    JKK ran Vista Ultimate on an Asus 901 @ 1.6GHz and was very impressed with the performance. I see no reason why this would not be replicated on the M912:

    do Gigabyte intend to make an 6-cell battery available for the M912? Also, is there any chance you could test the M912 with Vista Ultimate, if you still have the machine that is?


  72. sirauron says:

    And Microsoft propably doesn’t want to admit that a full-blown Vista is able to run smoothly on the Atom…

    According to the M912 will not have LED backlit displays. I don’t know wether this applies to the low-res version, too.

  73. JP says:

    I think that only displays the M912V version in its on-line store for now, so yes the M912V is only high-res version and so the announced LED backlight on the low-res version does not apply here.

    About the Atom running smoothly Vista, who cares? HP (for instance) already sold its MiniNote with Vista, that is on a VIA C7-M :-o OK Vista wasn’t running smoothly, but it was running Vista either way…

    I mean, it’s great news for Vista afficionados, but I don’t think that Microsoft cares about it. Microsoft only cares about the number of copies sold… So Microsoft should rather think the opposite: if Atom runs Vista smoothly, then no XP licensing should be allowed for Atom-powered devices.

  74. JP says:

    Forget what I said! I just checked and they now display other devices than just the M912V! Great news!

  75. imzadi says:

    Now M912M has bluetooth aboard!

  76. JP says:

    I guess it is an error since the ad that chippy pointed out lately states otherwise.

    I’d rather believe an official ad made and published by Gigabyte than a quick sheet done by a reseller.

    You should also note that mobilx states the exact same specifications for all the three models…

  77. imzadi says:

    You probably right. Too bad for customers.

  78. JP says:

    Well I guess that this kind of devices are only for involved people, not for commoner that do some compulsive buying… ?

  79. sirauron says:

    I think the M version won’t have a LED screen either, earlier had the screen for the high-end model as LED display and changed it later. If the m version had one they would have surely stated so..

  80. imzadi says:

    I believe the ultimate question is chippy’s opinion about quality of led 1024×600 screen (and battery life) comparing to 1280×768. Hope you get it quickly chippy!

  81. Giovanni B says:

    …summing it up, we cannot consider Gigabyte M912 as a “real” tablet PC as it does not come with a fully capable tablet PC OS.
    I’ve read that Vista new tablet PC features are terrific. So for a cost-reasonable real tablet PC 8.9” display I have to go back to a Kojinsha SX.

  82. imzadi says:

    I was considering SX3 because of DVDRW, but SC3 performance and battery life cooled me down.

  83. Giovanni B says:

    …that’s true, but 2,5 hours battery is fine to me after all and I do not even need a DVDRW. About performance, it does not seem so bad: of course a Core Duo is much better… I guess we cannot have everything.

  84. Robert says:

    Expansys in the UK won’t be stocking the M912M model:

    Hi Sir , many thanks for your enquiry , please be advised the below :

    we have chosen to stock just the X and V versions


  85. Neo says:

    lol at all the people bitching about OS and linux and 1024×600 res

    first, Install ur own OS!!! Even my high school brother can do it!

    second, what are you people planning to do with the high res? watch 720p content on a tiny 8.9inch screen lol? Multitasking?

    You people don’t think do you? just complain and complain about sh@t that you can solve urself with a little use of a thing called YOUR BRAIN!

  86. JP says:

    (1) I know how to install Linux but I don’t want to PAY for Windows, then, if I won’t even USE it!!!

    (2) Yes I plan doing multitasking; and even with only one application, 1280×768 means more toolbars or more informations displayed at the same time than with 1024×600. If you’re happy with 1024×600, fine, don’t buy 1280×768; but don’t bother people who find useful and interesting 1280×768.

    (3) For (1) either you don’t use your brain or you don’t care the money you spend. For (2) either you don’t use your brain or you severely lack of experience.

  87. Wolle says:

    If somebody is still interessted, you can download now the german manual:

    Nothing mentioned in there about the LED-Backlit of the 1024×600 version.

  88. Wurz says:

    some news about the LED vs CCFL display?


  89. chippy says:

    Just a quick update for those that might be subscribed to this thread. The M912M version will be with me early next week.

  90. Ismail Akudi says:


    I have just got the M912X (well a used one from eBay in perfect condition) thats has been upgraded to XP Pro. First question – what do I do with it??? I was just playing around with it and the touch screen, but I cannot get to the corners to click on start etc… Also when I move it to tablet mode it doesn’t change orientation. Ok perhaps I have been using my own Tablet PC for too long and expect these things to work.

    Can I install either XP Tablet or Vista to take advantage of the tablet functionality, auto screen orientation AND keep the finger touch capabilities?

    Otherwise it seems a little “boring” (for want of a better word)…. I guess I expected something extraordinary/special…. but its just “ordinary”….. if you get my drift.

    Any ideas on this and what else I can do with it?



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