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Looking for a convenient place to spent a few hundred dollars? Look no further! The iPod vending machine will suck your money away and replace it with a shiny new Apple flavored gadget!

So this may be old news, but it was certainly the first I’ve ever seen. I was recently on vacation for a few days in Colorado. At a large mall in Denver there is a Macy’s which had an iPod vending machine. When I saw it I did a double take then had a quick chuckle when I realized exactly what I was looking at. I actually said the words "Is that an iPod vending machine?". I pulled out my cell for some low quality shots so I could share with you what I saw.


And there it is, an iPod Vending machine. From headphones to full iPod docks, there was a lot of accessories to choose from. But what is an accessory without the iPod itself? Right from the machine you could buy an iPod Touch, Nano, Shuffle or iPod Classic. There were even multiple colors of Nanos. The only actual iPod player that was missing was the iPhone. The whole machine was controlled through a touch screen terminal on the right. I’m not sure how much money Apple actually makes from these vending machines but it surely is interesting to see how easily you could pick yourself up a full set of Apple devices and accessories. Two more shots below.



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  1. turn.self.off says:

    the first question in my mind is, what os is this machine running? ;)

    would be all to funny if it was running windows…

  2. ecsk says:

    I always tease the Apple store employees when they charge me with the wireless PDA which run Windows Mobile, they usually claim they have plenty of issues with them

  3. turn.self.off says:

    maybe they should get the boss issue them customized ipod touch devices instead?

  4. Jon S says:

    It actually is running Windows, probably XP. I’ve seen the local machine down for the count with some sort of Windows error message.

  5. Travis says:

    The Northgate Mall (Seattle) Macy’s has one also.

  6. Chris says:

    Maybe I’m just being dense, but does it drop the items like a regular vending machine? I can’t imagine an ipod nano surviving that distance.

  7. ChristophD says:

    You can find these machines all over the place here in the USA. Two examples I came across the past 24 hours are Macy’s at San Francisco’s Union Square and Boston Logan Airport.

  8. ecsk says:

    is the one at SFO’s international arriving flights terminal still there? Wouldn’t Departuring flights terminal be better :)

  9. Yabeweb says:

    Awesome, Apple is really ahead of it’s time!!

  10. Matt Dillon says:

    Dayton Mall in Dayton, OH has one of these. I believe they are becoming fairly common.

  11. kornel says:

    not a bad idea really. If only it sold netbooks, now that would be cool :) they are in the ipod touch price range so why not ;)

    I just saw a vyepc at the airport today in the shop. It was 1300 euro. nooo waay anyone wil buy it.

  12. turn.self.off says:

    if so, then the content would be so valuable that it may well be worth it to go in and steal the whole thing ;)

  13. turn.self.off says:

    err, i could have sworn i read macbooks, not netbooks.


  14. Sarig says:

    So, are these vending machines chained to the walls, or bolted to the floors or anything? Just asking out of curiousity here, no agenda whatsoever…

  15. Weeze-Dog says:

    First thing I thought is that it would really suck if your ipod got stuck on the end of the shelf like a bag of chips does! That is unless you are the next person to come along and you get two ipods….

  16. Kevin says:

    We’ve had on in Sony’s Metreon in San Francisco for what I think is already 2 years now. Strange it would be in Sony’s building ;-)

  17. Sascha says:

    I saw one at the airport in Vegas

  18. G. Scott says:

    What’s the purpose of buying an uncharged iPod with no music on it at the airport right before your flight?

  19. bluemonq says:

    I would wager that the type of person to buy an iPod at an airport probably carries a laptop, which satisfies the music part, and maybe charging, too. Otherwise, if there’s a few hours before the flight, an power outlet could probably be found.

    I mean, this isn’t exactly an impulse purchase… right?

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