Aigo MID testing by UMPCFever.

Updated on 07 August 2008 by

aigo1If I remember rightly, the Aigo MID is going to available in some Asian shops tomorrow. UMPCFever, however, have already had it for a few days and although it’s not coming to Europe or America, the Gigabyte version will so we can get some good ideas about performance of hardware, browser and multimedia functions from this.

UMPCFever have made some notes in English mentioning that the software build is much better than in previous versions they’ve seen. (Phew!) The UI appears to be very good (see video below)  and I’m pleased to see Bluesoleil in there. I hope it makes it through to the Gigabyte version.

In the notes, the browser and multimedia features are said to be "well organized and pretty good performance" although there’s no detail yet. We’ll have to wait and see as UMPCfever will be putting out more details test notes in the days to come. Lets hope those video drivers and codecs are all present! I’ve been testing H.264 on the SCH (chipset) today and it’s impressive when you get it working with the right software. More about that later. Video below.

We still don’t have final pricing or release dates for the Gigabyte M528 which I find a little bit annoying but I’m hoping that Gigabyte are going to be at IDF in a few weeks so I’ll corner them there and kick the details out of them there!

More details on the Aigo MID including specs and more links in the info page.

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13 Comments For This Post

  1. Kenji Hollis says:

    Any ideas what online retailers will be selling this?

  2. chippy says:

    For import from Asia? I’m not sure as the local markets in EU and America will carry the Gigabyte version. You’re bound to find it on Ebay soon though.


  3. LosOutlandos says:

    I hope Gigabyte doesn’t delay the release in Europe for too long after the Aigo becomes available. Also I’m very interested to see if people can circumvent that BIOS lock and install a different OS like Windows XP.

  4. melmo says:

    If you search for “aigo p8810” on ebay you’ll find a seller from HK. I’m patiently waiting for the gigabyte version, but geesh, it’s taking forever.

  5. says:

    that calender looked like GPE…

    also, blue soleil?!

  6. Marc says:

    Warning for those thinking of importing the Aigo instead of waiting for the M528.

    Whilst practically identical the Aigo lacks HSDPA, which is the only thing stopping me getting one right now as the mentioned eBay seller has the English version (and their postage is about £75!)

  7. brook zerihun says:

    this is the link to the XP install, looks good even with only 2gig ssd

    please tell us you are working on getting this in your hand soon?

  8. Michield says:

    Any idea whether WINE can be installed on this device (or the gigabyte version) or if it is a closed-app device?

  9. chippy says:

    It won’t be so closed that you can’t get to the command line. I question though whether it has enough power and memory for Wine. Best to use rdesktop to a remote windows machine!

  10. kyuss says:

    it’s there…


  11. kyuss says:

    ok, this is getting cool…

    man, hurry up, gigabyte…pleeeease :-D

  12. jethro_static says:

    It would not be a MID if U install XP in there.

  13. Stew says:

    My question that if you buy an Aigo off ebay will it limit your functionality in the States or Europe?

    Since the Aigo is being sold to Asian markets will it hit Korea?

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