IDF Ultra Mobility Keynote

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…starts in a few minutes. People looking a bit tired as its an early start here at the Moscone Centre!

I’ll update as we go along….if the Wifi holds up.

0810 – We’re off….Dadi Perlmutter going over highlights of Day 1. We’re waiting for Anand…

Interesting that the OQO device is not on the stage today…

Anand now on stage. Nice warm-up video. JKKMobile gets quoted in the video!

A lot of stats on the screen. Apparently 2:1 prefer full internet. Not suprising.

Compal MID on stage. Demo of Gypsii, the Geo-social networking and user generated POI application.

0820 – More talk about software. ‘You need performance’ , ‘You need Internet availability’ the full internet. (browser compatability) , Connectivity.

Now talking about Intel Atom. Review of the current silicon. Nothing new here.

Atom Chief architect on stage talking about some of the issues. Compatibility, raw power levels, power consumption issues.

Intel showing a chart of browsing speeds. Atom vs Arm11 on a Nokia N810. They should be checking against the new Archos devices announced in the last few days. Cortex should change the game a bit.

World of warcraft demo on….an OQO running Atom!

Talk about 1080p decoding on a MID. (As we’ve seen on the SC3 and D4)

[Apparently theres a new Atom chip being launched for Nettops. Hasn’t been mentioned here yet but websites have already released details.]

Flash 10 beta demo on the Compal MID. Significant. I wonder if they support H.264 hardware decoding

Fuel systems demonstrating some rich content, video. Flash advert for McDonalds showing. They are ‘excited’ about this being possible on MIDs. Flash game demos coming up. (again, McDonalds content.)

Talking about ‘Moblin-based ecosystem.’ A few new members. One will come up on stage next. Video running. Promoting software. There’s a big software element here. Not much hardware talk yet.

Neusoft now on stage. Dr Liu.  Apparently they are the largest software company in China and they are now a partner with Intel in the MID ecosystem. I keep seeing Asian-focus. You get the impression that Asia is the place where the MID ecosystem is really making progress.

Interesting ‘floating’ UI demo. Health application. First time i’ve seen MID and business mentioned together.

Hardware partner list being shown on screen. OQO on the list…TechFaith and Byo are new to me.

Short outline of current products….I wonder if they’ll show future products now….

Here comes the Panasonic announcement. The CF U1 is being shown along with the new medical tablet. Fun ensues with throwing, swearing and dropping of the CF U1 on the floor! BP, Panasonic’s customer is singing praises!

This is really the first time we’ve seen MIDs and businesses in the same keynote. Atom going further than originally expected?

Fujitsu U820 announced on stage. Highlighting Clarion, Benq, Aigo etc.
Clarion now on stage talking about ‘MIND’ (Mobile Internet Navigation Device) multi-mode device (in-car, in-auto) coming to store in US in OCtober.
Demonstrations… carrousell UI system. Multiple different styles of UI. I fing the MIND a rather ugly device but the UI looks good! More demos – YouTube app, great for on-dash use!!!
Navigation demo…nothing groundbreaking here. Most of you readers have been considering this for years! Again, its a display of the software ecosystem going on here.

Here’s the Lennovo product on stage. Demoing software again. Move networks video streaming demo fails!

Now talking about Moorestown. ‘On track’ On or before the 2010 timeframe. Apparently thats it on Moorestown info. Spring IDF is the next checkpoint for Moorestown.

Rounding up what was basically a software show.
Its over. Kind of disappointing`? I was very disappointed!

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