Official line: Android not delayed by HTC.

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The HTC PR people must be having so much fun tracking what appears to be badly researched news and over excitement on the launch of Android. Hands-up. I did the same when I called ‘delays’ following some news from the Wall Street Journal. In fact, if I had looked back I my first ever Android report I would have seen that ‘second half of 2008’ is actually in the same timeframe as Q4! Nothing has changed.

Anyway, the same thing happened again this week with this story claiming that HTC are causing delays. Apparently that’s a load of bull as HTC’s PR people in Germany have just sent out an email note saying that there the story is wrong and they are looking forward to a Q4 release.

Im Namen von HTC nehmen wir wie folgt dazu Stellung:

1.  Der Hinweis in dem Artikel, es gebe eine Verspätung bei der Auslieferung, entspricht nicht den Tatsachen.

2.  HTC erwartet mit Spannung den Launch des ersten Android-basierten Gerätes im 4. Quartal. 

Which basically means. 1, its not the facts. 2, HTC look forward with excitement to a launch in 4th quarter.

You can be sure that there’s some shouting going on in HTC and Google offices as time draws near and that priorities are being set. PM’s will be under a huge amount of pressure and in some cases, jobs will be on the line. Fingers will be pointed and names will be named. Its all normal product lifecycle stuff, including the over-excited journalists!

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