OQO on Atom

Posted on 19 August 2008, Last updated on 08 January 2009 by

Update. 8th Jan 2009. It came true!!!


Just spotted on stage at IDF.

Update: It looks like exactly the same hardware as the original. Its been confirmed too. OQO will use Atom.

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  1. Maarten Hammega says:

    Wah! Sweet :D

  2. Beware says:

    Wonderful. Hopefully we’ll get more battery life now. Increase the resolution and drop the price and it would be an ideal UMPC. ^_^

  3. ecsk2 says:

    With “real” touchscreen and SSD etc etc :)

  4. jkkmobile says:

    yep, touch, ssd and 3g with atom.. i’d liky!

  5. kyuss says:

    wow – this is cool!

    i sense a new record price :-D

  6. Fixup says:

    Too late, now we have M528 and Aigo, more pocketable (12 oz vs. 16 oz) and far less money.

    And the U2010 is THE “one PC for all”.

    Either case, OQO has no more standing.

  7. Marc says:

    I have for 2 years a P1510 … i don’t feel as usable as OQO e2 SSD (Lifebook is too big)

  8. Marc says:

    Form factor of the OQO e2 SSD Vista with numeric keypad/Functions is the best of all UMPC…
    it would be the best ever if crystalmark ch could jump from 24000 to 35000 and battery life with extended could jump from 5 hours wifi or hsdpa to 7/8 hours)…

    I dont’t mind to use a pen on the screen .. better and more precise than fingers…

  9. Marc says:

    The OQO form factor is great.

    But I’m not convinced by the pen. Touch is fine when a device is this small.

    Marc (A different one!)

  10. cjgunit says:

    chippy, do you know which atom is in it? is the 1.33ghz version too much to hope for?

  11. Mike Cane says:

    Will this mean a dramatic price drop or anything along those lines?

  12. jkkmobile says:

    Dramatical price Drop??

    Hey it’s OQO… price might go higher as itshould have more performance and battery life with Atom ;)

    Atom does not equal less price.

  13. MIDmods says:

    More on it

  14. MIDmods says:

    That is from OQO CEO it says (above link/post)

  15. archiwiz says:

    Hopefully the price would be low enough to make it more accessible.

  16. TareX says:

    What it needed was soft touch…

  17. Stuart Guthrie says:

    While I’ll be honest and say that I was hoping for the VIA Nano and am a little disappointed, I have full faith in Dennis’ decision and know that he knows what is best for OQOs future.

    Stu :-)

  18. canadian healthcare says:

    form factor is great.

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