P1610. Huge price cut in Germany.

Posted on 25 August 2008, Last updated on 11 November 2019 by

Has anyone else in Europe spotted a massive price drop on the Fujitsu P1610? For about two weeks the prices have been at the 800 Euro mark. which is about a 50% discount over previous prices.

The P1610 is a well-respected ultra mobile workhorse. Good build quality, hi-res screen, fingerprint reader, heavy-touch screen for reduced vectoring, PCMCIA slot and extended battery capability. It runs XP TE and Vista Business (dual-boot as I understand it) on a Core Solo processor at 1.2Ghz and weighs 1.2KG which is the same as an MSI Wind or Eee PC 901. At its previous price of over 1600 Euros it was out of reach for most people but at 800 Euros, its a different matter.  [Article continues…]

I’ve been using the Medion Akoya (MSI Wind) for the last week and have been extremely satisfied with its form factor. As a conference machine where lapping, reliability and efficient keyboard are very important, it beats a ultra mobile PC which, lets be honest, is not really design for such usage scenarios. But there were a couple of things missing from the Wind. 1) Processing power. The 1.6Ghz Atom processor is surprisingly strong (i’m using it to encode a video in the background while I write this) but the ability to dial in some 20-30% more raw CPU power for full-screen flash video playback, high quality Skype video and faster video processing would save a lot of minutes and enable a few more scenarios. 2) Bluetooth. I tether a lot and having to carry a USB cable is a pain. Bluetooth tethering without having to remove my phone from the pocket or sending images from the phone would be a big advantage. 3) Security. I am a high-risk to myself! Having a fingerprint reader could save my bacon. 4) Touchscreen. I miss, badly, having a touchscreen. Even in desktop mode. 5) Tablet mode. I’ve become a fan of sitting in a comfortable chair and browsing websites in portrait 600×1024 mode on the Kohjinsha SC3. Having a 768-wide screen is going to make it even more interesting.

Those 5 points above are worth 400 Euro to me without a question. I’ll be losing the LED backlit screen which means that battery life will suffer in bright areas (although it has a special non-glare screen which should help,) the keyboard will be harder to use and I’ll be stuck at 1GB of RAM (upgrades are expensive on the P1610) but considering that I’m not interested in Vista right now, I think 1GB is going to be fine. At 800 with auto-rotate, GB-LAN, fall-protected hard drive a good accessory range and 3-year guarantee, I consider this to be the best ultra mobile bargain in Germany right now.

So if anyone wants to buy my Medion Akoya or Kohjinsha SC3, please let me know. I’m looking to trade-in for the P1610 as my workhorse remote-working machine. I think that by adding a Gigabyte M528 and combining with my N82, I’ll have something close to my ideal three-device setup. Until the 1.8Ghz Viliv S7 becomes available at least!

Check out the P1610 info page and some of the linked reviews for more info.

Latest Germany pricing: Geizhals

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