Wibrain i1. Intel-Atom based UMPC. Video overview.

Posted on 20 August 2008, Last updated on 11 November 2019 by

Here’s my video overview of the Wibrain i1 ultra mobile PC that I got hold of yesterday evening. Expect an October release at a $500/500 Euro starting price. (Not including 3G)

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  1. kyuss says:

    oh yeah, that are the videos we wanna see…

    keep them coming, chippy :-)

  2. TOG says:

    Extended battery means what exactly ? More capacity,bigger with more capacity or even an external solution ? I may prefer the Wibrain over the LG XNote B831 if the Wibrain has more battery life.Even though the LG XNote B831 has the better form factor.

  3. MiKeN says:

    Looks sweet. I think I will be picking one up, though I wish they included a second USB port. The SD card slot is nice though. Can’t complain to much.

  4. Maxus says:

    Nice. I wish we had some more details, any chance for 1.6ghz atom or more, weight with standard / extended battery, 3g model / SSD release date, 3g compatibility in Europe, RAM, performance comparison vs old Wibrain VIA, gpu details…

    Love the new USB place, way better than on the right side. Also it’s great that it’s SD card and not microSD since 32gb are coming sooner and should be cheaper.

    In the video it looked like the case was exactly the same, waeren’t they changing the design to a more curved design?

    Now that M528 looks like it won’t have 3g, I have no other MID or UMPC that looks interesting to me other than the I1, so I can’t wait to get more news about it

  5. cheefy says:

    @TOG I expect the extended battery be like in the B1 a bit thicker than the Standard but it has 6cells and double capacity.

    I also can’t wait for the launch and i hope I can afford it on christmas :-)

  6. scosvalrom says:

    I’m curious if the i1 has the same CPU+Chipset as Kohjinsha SC3. If so, it will be interesting to see the Wibrain magic to make it perform better :)

  7. chippy says:

    It has a lower power version of the CPU and chipset running at a lower FSB and with no hyperthreading.
    I can almost guarantee than XP at 1.1Ghz will be faster than Vista at 1.3Ghz!

  8. Dicky says:

    You guys appear to really know your stuff, I am looking at buying a small UMPC to use at work-not being much of a buff I am well, now a bit confused should I buy a BS1 or wait for the i1 to come out, I spoke to a chap retailing these out of Aus and he claims the i1 won`t be around until 07/2009 they are currently selling the BS at 849aus$ which puts them around £500 rrp but they are falling off ebay for £200-229 is that still worth a punt ?
    Help please…
    By the way the info here is brilliant for the non bianary orientated like myself little things like the touch pad and scroll bars and the how the buttons compare vids on the unpacking and run ups a great too (ashame they dont do a left hand drive version for us south pulls…

  9. Angel says:

    WOW! Ehen available? It’s a marvelous powerfull tiny marvel! Tell me when available and where.

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