Digifriends modular MID. Presentation video.

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As I was writing up an IDF summary report for you all today (which will be posted tomorrow) I realised that I hadn’t published the Digifriends presentation video I made. Here it is!

HQ WMV version is here. Specifications and links to to other digifriends news available on our product info page.

The device is planned for Q4 2008 and is targeted at a $700 price. Full and final details aren’t available on the device yet (they are still presenting the information that you can find on their website) but I managed to squeeze some more details from the helpful Digifriends people on the stand at IDF as you’ll hear in the video.

Full specifications and links available in the product page.

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  1. turn.self.off says:

    $700, ouch. i hope thats with the whole set of plugins…

    and whats with those silly 2mpix cameras everywhere?

    thanks for finally having that on video btw :D

  2. zak says:

    wow , its taken all this time for someone to finally release a mid with ALMOST the right form factor. wonder how long it will take them to figure out to put the heavy part on the bottom. i guess whoever is designing these mids has never seen a notebook in their life.

  3. turn.self.off says:

    slap ubuntu remix on this:

    and you have your mid ;)

  4. kyuss says:

    do you know the flipstart? :-)

  5. turn.self.off says:

    to bad about that one, it looked kinda nice on paper.

    but to get anything like real work time out of it, one needed the fat battery and then it looked like a box of some kind…

    one more of those funny woz financed products i guess ;)

  6. zak says:

    i do know the flipstart , but it has no touch screen.

  7. Jerry says:

    Wonder why no gaming module?

  8. chippy says:

    Because its not aimed at gaming. (The GMA500 isn’t really up to the job)

  9. Jerry says:

    True, but although the Q1 series has the joystick, many, if not every, UMPC device and netbook has their light gaming aficionados.UMPCportal has numerous topics on the subject so it’s not all about internet surfing or travel blogging(which is fine if that floats your boat).

    Gaming does seem ignored maybe to keep UMPCs in the “professionals” category away from the kids(or us older folk who like diversions from dry text). A missed opportunity I thought Averatec AHI would remedy, but maybe inventec has that common sense, and has read the forums clearly. We’ll see.

  10. kyuss says:

    i still like the device and the whole concept…the optical mouse on the front is nice – i miss that on the m528…also the screen resolution…very nice…

    downside (in my opinion): how can i use the keyboard, when holding the whole device in my hands (remember: it’s an ultra mobile device, an on-the-go solution)? as far as i understand, you have to put it down and it even needs a stand…so it’s basically a small thumbtype keyboard that actually doesn’t allow thumbtyping…maybe i’m wrong, but the flipstart for example didn’t have such a problem.

    maybe the digifriends are going to change that, but i’d consider it as a problem…

    nonetheless great footage (as always) – thx chippy :-)

  11. zak says:

    i think i remember that the keyboard was also supposed to work as an extended battery . in that case if they put a largish battery in there it might be able to stay on the desk without falling over . but the problem is still thumb typing , having all the main device teetering on the hinge means that it has to be a very strong hinge or it will stress, not to mention the pressure on your hands and wrists from holding the device that way.
    if the idea is that you use it with your index fingers while at a desk then its not very mobile and very slow unless your some kind of hobbit.
    great colours though.

  12. LVS says:

    There is nothing bad with keyboard, if you wish to carry this device with always attached keyboard, then there is no sense in dividable clam shell style.
    I’ll use onscreen keyboard on-the-go and for most of simple typing. Attached keyboard will help me with Linux console and big texts (maybe even full size usb keyboard).
    If it had no keyboard at all, there was a big problem with carrying small usb keyboard. But they made such a cool and small one, just for our pleasure.

  13. The Hobbit Movie says:

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