Everun Note unboxing.

Posted on 04 September 2008, Last updated on 09 September 2008 by

Update: Full review now available.

Its here. Its small. Its powerful and it, according to my daughter, looks like a Nintendo DS for Daddys! Its the Raon Digital Everun Note that arrived just a few hours ago.

I’m currently setting up for the live session and so far everything is going smoothly. I’ve already run a 7.5mbps WMV HD video, played Unreal Tournament, Skyped and am currently running 3DMark2001. THis little bad boy can really push the bits around! The only thing I’ve found disappointing so far is the optical mouse pointer which doesn’t seem to be working well. Its could be a broken one as the one I have on the original Everun is much nicer. Its not as bad as it sounds as the touchscreen is just wonderful! Anyway, all will be revealed later and in future posts!

YouTube version here. HQ WMV version here. Full specifications, news and gallery through the Everun Note info page.

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  1. Zam says:

    The Nintendo DS comes with a stylus for the touch screen though! Other than that, I think the Everun is more powerful.. ;)

  2. Marc says:

    You lucky swine.

    Looks pretty.

    Is it noisy?

  3. chippy says:

    No. Low speed fan is quiet and stays quiet unril you really push the device. Audible, not loud.

  4. g says:

    I would order if I could get tablet mode.

  5. TareX says:

    64 MB graphics. How does that compare to the Eee PC 901 gaming performance/potential?

  6. chippy says:

    128MB graphics. The 3d performance on this is simply in another class from every other UMPC or netbook before it bar, perhps, the Flybook V5 at over $2500! FIA GT, Unreal Tornament. Its low-end 2004 class.

  7. Marc says:

    Having just watched some of the live show on this, I might even forgive it the lack of tablet mode.

    And that was something I really wanted. It is a lovely device.

  8. Charles says:

    OMG OMG OMG ! I want one…!

  9. Dominik says:

    I WANT!
    I have so many questions.
    Would you mind checking in Device Manager what WiFi card does it have? I wonder if it works in Linux. Is the memory expandable? Does it take SO-DIMM for memory? Is WiFi card built on board or is it mini-PCI or mini-PCIe? What are the SSD options? What is the manuacturer of the touchscreen? Is it USB or serial touchscreen device in Device Manager?
    I wish they sold Linux version.

  10. chippy says:

    Marvel SD8686 Wifi
    Linus is confirmed. I know of one person running it.
    Memory soldered I think.
    Wifi is an sdio module. Not sure if its a usb bus device yet.
    SSD is 12GB. Type unknown
    TS unknown details, looks like USB
    Mobilx will sell version without OS so you have options.

  11. Dominik says:

    Thanks, Chippy
    SDIO – that is most bizarre. Strangely enough Linux kernel may be supporting it.
    I think I will wait for more details before buying it.

  12. Gooey says:

    @TareX: It’s got 128MB DDR2 Dedicated Graphics Memory so it’s about 394 times better than a eeePC for gaming.

  13. TareX says:

    WOW. That is impressive, as the old Eee PC was pretty good at gaming.


  14. citrus538 says:

    Please make an 8.9″ version with bigger keyboard and battery : (

  15. citrus538 says:

    oh yeah, and tablet mode.

  16. REMF says:

    and the AMD PUMA chipset with the HD 3200 graphics…………

  17. chippy says:

    Bigger battery will be an option with +46% capacity.

  18. jake says:

    It’s… it’s better than my current desktop computer…

    I have been watching UMPCs for probably a year now, waiting for one that would be better than my old desktop, and that day seems to have finally come. If a comparable, less expensive UMPC does not appear before I can justify spending 1000 on a new computer, I will definitely buy this to use as a portable AND my main computer. I really like the thought of using a lot less electricity to surf the tubes and watch my stories.

    I missed the live vlog, but I assume the video will be posted… tomorrow maybe? Can’t wait.

  19. chippy says:

    Two videos are avaiable and linked into the list that appears at the bottom of the /live page here.

    This is definately capable of daily office desktop duties. I will be testing it out as a desktop and only PC soon.

  20. DesertDog says:

    This CPU was designed for regular notebooks. The device must be far more powerful than any other in this category. I wonder how can they keep it cool, and of course the noise level that the silencer generates.

  21. chippy says:

    Not much noise, warmth underneath, not major heat but noticeable.

  22. NobbyNobbs says:

    I want one of those!!! Now!!!
    This really looks promising. Small (really fits into a pocket), powerfull and nice quality.
    Really looking forwrd to seeing more videos of this devie – and just hope it`s gonna make its way to europe asap.

  23. DesertDog says:

    “I wonder how can they keep it cool, and of course the noise level that the silencer generates.”

    It was early morning, of course I meant the noise that the cooler generates. :-D

  24. Marc says:

    Apparently (watching the live show) it runs really coolly and really quietly. Even after several hours of testing.

    It only really got hot after Chippy started gaming on it!

  25. Judge says:

    Which version of unreal tournament was run?

    When this thing is running on battery running at 600Mhz how does it compare with a 1.6Ghz atom?

    How slow is the HD compared to the m912 and other umpc’s?

  26. chippy says:

    Disk is averge 19MBs r/w
    UT 2003 was tested
    On battery the cpu is more powerful than Atom 1.6ghz (according to my initial tests.)

  27. focus says:

    I looked at the live show last night,but chippy was not very happy with everun note!?its that right chippy?

  28. Marc says:

    Did you watch the same show?

    Chippy loved the Note, although he’d much rather have it in black!

  29. chippy says:

    Sarcasm? I love it so far.

  30. opening fedex boxes can be tough says:

    somebody please show this man how to open a fedex box… there is a cord you pull, it takes half a second. next time – read directions.

  31. Kevin N says:

    So I’m wondering — how would you compare this to the Fujitsu u2010/u820? I guess the main differences are the following?
    – Fuji is convertible
    – Fuji is smaller
    – Everun keyboard is bigger and more usable?
    – Everun is faster?

  32. scoobie says:

    Fuji is bigger I think at least on one axis, making it more difficult to pocket and hold
    Everun will be faster

  33. scoobie says:

    Raon certainly need to fix the mouse on that thing before release.

  34. Kevin says:

    If there is a plan for 7 or 8.9 inch tablet mode, I’ll wait for it. Do they hear me ? hehe

  35. Chippy says:

    I have no info on their plans. Sorry.

  36. Mark says:

    How does this compare in size and power to the Fujitsu U810/U2010?

  37. rabbimarketmaker says:

    wow…everun looks nice

  38. Hany Hanna says:

    There appears to be no cable jack….is it possible to use with cable internet?

  39. Chippy says:

    It has wifi but if you need to connect to Ethernet, you will need to buy a cheap USB-Ethernet adaptor.

  40. chippy says:

    Full review now available.

  41. premium says:

    thank you.

  42. best says:

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  43. mubbashir says:

    @selfexile yeah :(, remember once I twitt about “The netbook I was looking for.. http://tinyurl.com/6zmyno” This is what I love to have

  44. best says:

    thank you.

  45. best says:

    Im agree.

  46. Angel G. says:

    It looks like the perfect NetBook, it`s so good!!!
    … with some lacking things.
    I`ll post here what I think is the perfect NB:
    – CPU w HW virtualization (to support Win7 XP mode) and win/linux together (AMD`s support).
    – GPU (it has one :) )
    – Min 1.5G RAM (most EEEPC users I know replaced their memory w 2G)
    – NON-glossy, anti-glare display (hey, we carry it in the park!!!& try to work)
    – min 7inch max 10 inch display (netbook class) (it`s O.K.)
    – display to cover as much as possible space of the plate ( Eeepc 4G are ugly w those black bands).
    – min 32G storage
    – dvi or hdmi output. (VGA is old)
    – weight – max 1.4KG ( it`s ~710g here – pretty)
    – Linux support (if the power management requires special software)
    plus standard features – wireless, usb ports,LAN,SD-Card

  47. wherseWheenly says:

    Thank you for great post!

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