Liliputing, JKKMobile and UMPCPortal team-up for Product Database Enhancements.

Posted on 28 September 2008 by

We’ve always tried to keep up with all the UMPC, MID and netbook products by at least entering them into the database but recently there have simply been too many products to handle. It’s a problem that needed attention so we’ve decided to open up the product information platform to partners that can share the load, offer the info as extra value to their visitors and have the option to generate some advertising revenue for their sites. I’m pleased to say that our trial with JKKMobile went very well. JKKMobile will continue to offer the product database and will help with adding information across the range of products. In addition to that, Liliputing is joining us with their netbook expertise and will be entering netbook device information and links to important news items. With the two new websites and UMPCortal working together we’ll be able to continue to offer one of the best resources on the Internet for consumer research in the MID, ultra mobile PC and Netbook product categories. About 100,000 people visit the product database every month where they view over 160 devices, a huge database of links to hand-picked news items, links to important videos, pricing information, user feedback and statistical information. With this partnership, the database has already grown to over 200 products and a sharp increase in visitor numbers is expected which will help generate revenue that can be put back into developing even more features for the database. Let us know what features you want to see in the database and we’ll add them to the to-do list.

We’re already talking to other potential partners and expects to make a further announcement soon. Again, product coverage will widen and customers will get even more detail about their favorite products.

If you are interested in setting up a tailored version of the product database for your website or in becoming a partner that takes responsibility for products, please get in touch with us and we’ll work something out with you. We are currently focusing on mobile computing products but are also interested in using the infrastructure to support other product types that can be shown on relevant websites. Advertising revenue sharing is included as part of every partnership so you are able to add value for your customers and value to your earnings.

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  1. David says:

    This really sounds great you guys! Can’t wait to see the brand new database. I’m sure its going to be very detailed on every UMPC, Netbook, and MID’s.

  2. ProDigit says:

    I’m mainly interested in mini notebooks,and lately though not a UMPC, I also amfinding interest in products like the EeeBox.
    Small & tiny desktops that consume very little power,mainly based on the Atom (and soon to be dual core Atom) processor.

    Also mobile platforms like comparisons of Ubuntu netbook remix and other mini Linux distributions (like Xandros, the OS of Acer, … etc).

    Another great article would make ‘Mid,and cellphone Linux OS distributions’. It’d be cool to run (and maybe mod) the OS of eg:My Cell,and run it on my pc..

    Hacks like maybe uninstall some stuff, and install some other programs on my cellphone/mid would be handy… (Like I never knew I could have a chronometer, diary, advanced calendar and agenda, and games on my Sonyericsson until I read an article about programs that could be modded and copied to the cell!

    I mean there’s so much interesting stuff out there that can be investigated!


  3. Dan says:


    Up to date Pricing info in the 3 major currencies as I notice that often the prices in the Database do not accurately reflect current pricing or are missing entirely in some cases. Possibly links to retailers sites that the average consumer may not be aware of might be a useful addition.

    It would also be useful to be able to look at the database and perform comparison by price range for us more financially challenged consumers. What can we get for £200:)

    I am keenly awaiting a price drop on the eee 901 before I pick one up and thought the notice about the expansys eee 701 sale was superb. Was so tempted but really want the battery life and bigger screen. Would most definitely love to see more of those (901’s if you can arrange it;))!!!

  4. JLM says:


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