MIDs, Girls and lots of Chat

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Where there’s girls, there’s chat right? This is just a part of the long and very interesting conversation we all had at IDF about MIDs, Smartphones, UMPCs and Netbooks (the four common expressions that seem to be sticking now.) We really need more sessions like this.

Again, the multi-device strategy comes up. If the devices are cheap enough, why not!

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  1. mw65719 says:


    The question around a multi-device strategy is not about the prices of the devices only.

    One other aspect that needs to be considered:
    For using multiple devices to be convenient you need to have multiple data contracts, too (or at least a provider that gives you multiple SIM chips for the same data contract – which also comes at a price).
    Obviously, you could always take your SIM card out of the one device that you just used and put it into the other device that you want to use next. But this is hardly convenient and doesn’t really support “grab’n’go” use, does it?
    Fortunately, data contracts (or data options on a voice contract) are slowly getting cheaper (HSDPA 5-10GB “flat” rates are now available in Germany for €20-25), however, does it really make sense to have multiple “flat” rates if you hardly use the included volume of one? And getting cheaper doesn’t really mean dirt cheap – at least not yet. At least I would think twice before I sign up for an additional 24 months of €25 for something that I would not use regularly. There is still the primary mobile contract, the home voice/internet contract, the mobile voice contract, …, that also needs to be paid for – aside from such nuisances like food, drink, housing, car, …

    Surely, someone earning his/her keep in the (mobile) IT world might have another angle on this, but for the average joe this is something to think about.

  2. Will says:

    I couldn’t agree more. If I could get a 5GB data plan (because unlimited 3G/HSPA doesn’t exist in Aust) and spread it over several SIM cards, I’d be more inclined to purchase a MID or a laptop with an inbuilt HSPA modem. Currently I have a WM6.1 smartphone which I use to tether to my UMPC when I need the FIE.

  3. TareX says:

    It would have been better if the girls could read and write. I mean forget tech savviness… they had more serious IQ “issues”.

    I love the color, dont you love the color? Show me that white one… yeah I love the white one. Oh does this one tilt? WOOW… doesn’t rotate? hmmmmm… do you have it in white?”

    Not to mention the excessive laughing as a defense mechanism.

  4. chippy says:

    I spent some time with them, they’re definitely switched-on people. Maybe not as tech-oriented as us but that’s the point; We need different perspectives from different buyers.


  5. TareX says:

    You’re def right, though I don’t think they represent a considerable part of the sector targeted by MID/UMPC/Netbooks… also sorry if I sounded rude… I blame Engadget for teaching me to comment that way!


  6. Vakeros says:

    Its fine for girls and others to like colours – the Wow factor for boys.
    Chippy doesn’t seem to like BT headsets. I would like to put a BT headset in my ear and make my phone calls without needing to mess around with the device. When this works then who cares about the size of the device because you aren’t going to hold it up to your ear and look stupid! The key hear is the instant/always on ability of a phone. UMPCs have to have that built in – possible as an Ultra Low power state. The Shift came closest to this and then botched the whole thing.
    The second problem with a single device is which pocket do you carry it in. If it is a phone you have it in your trouser pocket. But you can’t have a big enough screen for most guys trousers :-)
    Even a roll out screen probably won’t work. So you have to go to the next size up, which is a jacket pocket. Here you are limited to about 6″ screen. I’d be happy with that. This is Psion 5 territory and could replace PDAs etc. With a decent enough keyboard and the right connectors it could do the business for consumers as a PMP, replacement for PSP, and be used by sales executives who don’t need it for mountains of work, more for presentations – the list goes on and it would fit in the girls purses.
    Though you wonder about technical ability, the girls know that they want ONE device! Chippy almost seemed to be selling the MIDs to them as offering that FIE which iPhone etc. don’t yet. The other guy approache dit from the other end, with his needs for different levels of usability. But the reality for both is that consumers would want something that can do it all – even if somethings are better than others and then can choose the additional equipment if required. Mutifunction phones have come on a long way, just as multifunction devices for faxing and scanning have.

  7. Travis says:

    You want to know what looks stupid? Talking without a phone to your ear.

  8. David says:

    Lets put it this way… HTC Shift had one major thing missing out of the entire thing besides a better QWERTY Keyboard… that main thing was… simply making a phone call!!!

    If it had that, that would be Today’s best answer to being the all in one form factor and I think we’ve all forgotten what the HTC Shift was capable of doing.

    Am I Wrong???

    P.S. I know that Flybook had a way to too without Window Mobile as part of the dual boot but seemed as though it wasn’t marketed well enough.

  9. chippy says:

    You are wrong, yes.
    Simply because everyone thinks differently

    Thats the lovely thing about this computing segment, theres a device out there for everyone. (or at least there should be in the next few years!)

  10. David says:

    Your right… everyone does have their own opinions of carrying an all in one.

    I can’t wait to see your full review on the Raon Digital Everun Note (I do hope the keyboard was at least a better attempt at Touch Typing than the Eee PC 701’s or 900’s could ever do)

    If all goes well with the Everun Note then I would be down to just carrying my Blackberry and That!

    Keep up the good work!

  11. Tomus says:

    That’s the topic that bothers me. I have an HTC TyTN for almost 2 years. In the begginig I could watch anime episodes, check some on-the-run info on the Internet, easly write sms/email or even longer texts while traveling. It can much, but right now it lacks processing power for h.264 or newer UI (like the Diamond one), most of the web has updated to flash/js and is no longer usable, simply put – I need something stronger.
    What do I want? Only one device! I can have a 7″ device+BT headset as long as it can show me full internet and isn’t limited to the default GUI (read: I can customize it with free apps at ease). I would really like full Windows, not WinMo, but I can’t see any whole day device with phone built in and I don’t expect to see even next year. HTC Shift would be perfect if it was based on Atom (Vista on that hardware wasn’t really usable) and the WinMo ROM was hacked to support BT and Phone (still in progress on xda-developers.com). With that screen and new Opera Mobile (flash support) I could even run whole day without turning on the Vista part, but I would really appreciated it since I wouldn’t be forced to buy a laptop anymore.
    So what I want to say is:
    I will buy a MID if it replace my phone and become my only device with Windows.
    I will buy UMPC if it has a build in phone module and become my only device.
    I will buy next-gen WinMo device (don’t like the ‘smartphone’ name ;P) if it has enough processing power for multimedia and apps more compatible with PC.

    Whichever happens first ;)

    BTW, great portal, Chippy!

  12. TareX says:

    I think the G1 phone running Android could be a good choice for you:

    1) Phone is geared for mobile internet.
    2) Big 3.5″ (almost) screen
    3) Full qwerty keypad
    4) Google owns youtube so I’m sure Android would be the best platform to have the Internet captured on the go…

  13. John Smith says:

    Man, that Oriental chick is sooo hot. Anyone know her name?

  14. kyuss says:

    why? do you want to stalk her?

    nono, no “oriental chick” for you, baby boy..


  15. chippy says:

    Steady on fella!

  16. Travis says:

    Asian is the proper word to use.

    A** h**e.

  17. Nick says:

    She looked and sounded American to me!

    Dude, make sure you get someone to shoot video of when you approach her and say, “Wow, I am SO into Oriental chicks”. I for one can’t wait to see how that turns out.

    I must have superpowers or something, cuz I simply read her name off the video.

    She definitely looks like fun.

  18. ProDigit says:

    this is so typical…

    Guy’s approach:
    1 research into the tech specs, then choose the model that would work best. prefers tech over looks 75/25; buys an item that will last 2-4 years.

    Girls approach:
    Looks for the nicest color,looks over tech: 90/10; ends up with a crappy device that doesn’t really do what you want it to do 2 years down the road,needs to buy another, and makes the same mistake again: Looks over tech…

    I mean, I’ve seen soo many girls just wanting a mini-notebook because of the looks… You tell them to wait,because there’s Linux on it, and XP is still not available, they don’t care, because they wanna have it; and 3 months down the road they wanna sell it….

    sounds familiar? I guess it has to do with the difference between men and women or so… Men are practical, women emotional…

    …/me Laughs and moves on…

  19. kyuss says:


    i’d consider myself practical AND emotional – what a burden! (also with UMPCs) :-D

  20. chippy says:

    Oooh thats something. Its like the angel and the devil on each shoulder!

  21. turn.self.off says:

    question is, why do they want to sell it. because of linxu, or because its no longer a “must have” item in the community?

  22. ProDigit says:

    Second thought, a good device would be an Atom-powered cellphone, with a mini-USB pluggable keyboard, and those special glasses (to view the screen) like eg:

    That way you have a cellphone size, a big enough keyboard and screensize.
    Combine that with a pretty strong battery build in the keyboard and maybe in the glasses as well.

    And you got the future, everything you’ve been looking for in one.

  23. Mikey says:

    Great and different perspective, we all get caught up in the function side, it nice to hear the girls perspective on these devices.

  24. turn.self.off says:

    woopie, quite the meme you have started there chippy.

    i dont know why but that FIE keeps grating me when it shows up, no matter where…

  25. Jeff Moriarty says:

    More goodness from your trip to IDF, Chippy. Of course they release this video the day I’m out of the office in training so you beat me to the post! (shakes fist)

    The ladies in this video are quite tech savvy, but that just isn’t their only concern when picking out a device and OEMs would be foolish to ignore that. As many people have pointed out, the iPhone isn’t necessarily the most functional device at that size, but the “coolness” of it has created a juggernaut.

  26. turn.self.off says:

    indeed, looks seems as important, if not more important, then whatever something can do.

    i would possibly go as far as say that if something looked good enough, it could be the worst product on the market and still be the winner…

  27. ProDigit says:

    Well,that may be true for you, but definitely not for me.
    The time I was buying a first time MP3 player with playback capabilities of MP3, wma, and some more formats from CD-ROM, the looks of this device weren’t really spectacular.. Just a white disc-man.
    But the thing was able to do 3 times as much as the MP3 players from it’s time.

    For me, the looks only slightly tell how much care the designers have put into building the device.
    If they have time enough to spend on good looks, they probably will have spend time enough to do the basic tasks and maybe even more…

    There’s no way I’m going to buy a device that’s just shiny…
    I’d rather walk around with a grey plastic cube with a monster performance inside, then a shiny gem that’s worthless or has no performance…

    Of course, I’d rather walk aground with a gem with a monster performance under the hood.

  28. turn.self.off says:

    i was generalizing about human behavior, not my choices specifically…

    and like you, my first mp3-player was one of those cd-players that could read mp3 of a cd-r.

    still, i recall reading that in good old soviet, they ones tried something. two identical lumps of butter, but one packed in ordinary brown paper while another was packed in a more glossy wrapping.

    the glossy one was picked over the brown paper one each time.

  29. Oss says:

    the glossy one was packed in tinfoil, so it helps to save butter fresh.

    ergonomics and functionality as design aspects are very important. For example: i have HTC Blue Angel.I could not find the device that replace my. it has great combination of power (400mHz, 128RAM)overclocking to 590mHz – stable :D It has a ton of software,office, youtube,skyfire,sega and playstation emulators, all possible codecs etc. But important is design: 3.5″ display, 9(!) position joystick, sliding out qwerty with lighting, 9 hardvare buttons.Without this its impossible to get most of the device.
    MID will become x86 smartphone.

  30. turn.self.off says:

    you may be right about the packing, been years since i read the story.

    as for mids becoming the next smartphones, maybe. but they really need days of active standby time before that. i dont see a atom able to do that yet…

    bah, why do i feel like im in the totally wrong place on this silly pøanet?

  31. tips.women.up.pick says:

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