Archos 5G and Compal MID in France. Pricing.

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5gmid I heard late-yesterday from Intel that the Compal MID was coming to France and was just waiting for confirmation to post the news but I need wait no longer as Stuff Magazine have done it for me. Pocketables have just picked up the story and it makes interesting reading for all of us that are frustrated at the progress in the MID department.

We knew that SFR would carry the Archos 5G and my guess at the unsubsidised cost was between 400 and 500 Euro. It turns out that SFR will sell the 5G for about 280 Euros plus 30 Euros per month. That’s slightly more than I expected for a subsidised version but in the right ball-park.

As for the MID (made by Compal – its the same as the Aigo and Gigabyte MIDs under the hood) it looks like it will be branded as the ‘Mi PC Pocket’ [reach!] and will be slightly more expensive at 349 Euro plus 30 Euro per month. As far as I know, SFR will have to abide by local law and sell these devices unsubsidised and unlocked so expect 100-200 Euro on top of these costs if you want an outright purchase. Hopefully, the UI will be language-switchable.

Notice the offset keyboard on the Mi PC. It’s offset to provide what looks like a simple 4-way circular rocker and select button. Also note that it’s got a 30GB hard drive.

Apparently there’s a press event by SFR later this week tomorrow where the two devices will be formally announced.

Details (based on what we know) now in the database.


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  1. Vikenty says:

    I think Archos 5G should be added to the database because it’s so many news about it

  2. Marc says:

    At last some hope that 3G MIDs may be available soon….

  3. kyuss says:

    the compal keyboard looks terrible to me…but hey, (as marc wrote) at least something is on it’s way to the consumer..

    well, waiting for intel MID makes you a zen master :-D

  4. phillyguy says:

    Beware of the Archos 5G. The non 3G version has had more problems than the Iceland banking system. Maybe these will be straightened out before the 5G is released, but right now I’d advise checking out before you buy it.

  5. deriuqer says:

    So Gigabyte with 30GB HDD is coming soon I suppose.Now some XP drivers and extended battery please.

  6. Dynamo says:

    Compal JRX10 is same machine as Aigo MID P8860 & Gigabyte MID M528

    SFR( Vodaphone partner for France) have the need to sold many data 3,5G cause his competitors Orange have the Iphone Licence for France.

    SFR is MobilePhone provider and Broadband provider (XDSL, Optical fiber ….. with VOIP). In plus SFR is subsidiary of Vivendi Universal (TV / Music Label ……..)

  7. ecsk2 says:


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