JKK got the Aigo MID.

Updated on 11 November 2019 by

I’m in the middle of writing an article about the T-Mobile / ASUS 901Go (the free 3G-enabled netbook) and am looking at an unboxing video wondering who would buy the Aigo MID, the Mobile Internet Device that doesn’t include mobile Internet due to lack of a 3G module. I’m also asking myself, ‘Where’s the damn Gigabyte M528 that does have the 3G!’

After I’ve finished the 901 article and posted some more customer challenge responses, I’ll watch the 12-minute video and join JKK for a live session tonight. Hopefully we can work out how Midinux performs and see if the Coolfox browser and video playback work. Is it better than an Archos 5 for Internet browsing?

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  1. squirrel says:

    Great! That is the main question i’m interested in!

  2. Jenn says:

    I should have the Aigo by the end of today (depending on customs) and will compare it to the Archos 5 in terms of web browsing and general MID-ness.

    On a side note, I keep expecting the Aigo to be the same size as the Nokia N810. So it always looks huge when I see it in someone’s hands.

  3. kyuss says:

    it’s amazing…i don’t know what it is, but mr. jkkmobile a.k.a. jkkmobile from jkkmobile.com (yes chippy, you too) is a master, when it comes to unboxing and hands-on videos…

    i mean, there are quite a few videos with the device already, but this is the first time, i’m actually getting a feeling for the device…

    regarding the live session – count me in :-D

  4. Chippy says:

    He has something special its true.

  5. Travis says:

    What time (GMT) for the live session?

  6. Chippy says:

    2130 CEST (GMT+2)

  7. ArchiMark says:

    As I’ve had my Aigo for awhile now, just thought I’d let everyone know that just in the past few days, significant progress has been made in opening up the Midinux OS.

    Now, we finally have an Add/Remove apps program, X Terminal, and other apps revealed. This is thanks to Celtiore, Yves, and others.

    This is done through uncompressing a hack file and putting it on a USB flash drive after creating the Aigo Recovery USB Drive using in OS Restore. This hack file available either from link in HowTo article at midwiki.com, forum thread at pocketables.net, or at French website owendia.comforum/aigo-p8860-mid/desktop/.

    My main point is that Aigo now starts to feel and act like the way I’d expect from a Linux OS based device…


  8. Tom says:

    I have one since 3 weeks now and im very happy with it.
    I got one trouble with linux and should reinstall operating system from scrache, but the recovery disk tool is very simple and offer a way to make a USB bootable recovery.

    I bought from DFJ for 699$ and received in 4 days.

  9. Tom says:

    DFJ = http://www.dfj-store.com (sorry o forgot the link).
    Ps: updated tool for makee recovery disk is available, the supplied disk doesnt doesnt work for me..

  10. myself says:

    I bought my Aigo from here for $639 and it shipped the same day and I didn’t have to pay any custom fees either!
    Great service.


  11. Tom says:

    639$ and around 100$ for shipping. DFJ = cheaper (also shipped same day)

  12. HG says:

    I agree with ArchiMark. I also got my Aigo back in August and have installed pretty much all the OS that can run on it. Like ArchiMark said with the hack you now can add/remove programs and also we now have FireFox on the Aigo. You just need to download the Firefox and replace it in the hack very easy to do. If you compare it to the Archos 5 for web browsing I think they will be very close in the surfing experience only advantage I can see is the Aigo has the slide out keyboard which I like vs my Nokia N800. About not having the built in 3G, if they release a better BT DUN you wouldn’t need built in 3G.

  13. Chippy says:

    Hope some of you Aigo owners can contribute to the live session later. (2130 CEST, GMT+2)

  14. shayera says:

    I saw the apart video,it shows the mini-PCI slot;therefore,HSDPA module could be upgraded.I’m more interested in how to upgrade the RAM or SSD,since they are all soldered on the motherboard,and do you guys know when the xp drivers will be released?

  15. ArchiMark says:

    Well, supposedly today…. ;-)

  16. papinymph says:

    Yes a ram update to 1gb would help the device with xp… not that it isn’t doing well to start with, just would be better.

  17. tino says:

    Aigo (chinese for “Patriot”) has a large low end market presence in China. Has alot of show space in various department stores/malls. As far as I can tell, they just want a high end gadgetry machine to put into their show rooms. It’s not really meant to sell to anybody or make money off of it.

    In face, labelling something at higher price to generate some prestige is kind of a popular advertising scheme in China. So bascially that’s what the Aigo MID’s for. I doubt you will ever find it at reasonable price.

    And there is no 3G in China, I don’t remember seeing any TD expresscard or USB add on. So China Mobile’s TD rollout is very different from Sprint’s WiMAX rollout.

  18. pince says:

    Hello gays.

    I have tested it (with my friend), show my videos here:

    He is very fine for web surfing and vidéo.

    But very bad for audio and he had bad plastic, but very light lighter than a cowon Q5.

    But too big to go in pockets.

  19. shayera says:

    nice clips thanks,and not sure the rest,but I am not a gay;).
    Btw.I got news that the offical xp drivers will be released Nov.or Dec.

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