Raon Digital Offers SSD-based Everun Note variants.

Posted on 10 October 2008, Last updated on 11 November 2019 by

Raon Digital will offer two new variants of the Everun Note ultra mobile PC that we tested last month. The two models will be SSD-based and will come as high-end and low-end alternatives to the existing HDD-based model, the D60H. The low-end device (S16S) will offer Ubuntu Mobile and a 12GB MLC SSD with the CPU swapped out for a Sempron CPU running at 1.2Ghz. The high-end model (D24S) will retain Windows XP and the Dual-Core Turion but will come with a 24GB split SSD with 8GB of Fast SLC and 16GB of standard MLC flash memory. Prices aren’t available at resellers yet but we’re told that Raon are aiming for a $659 pre-tax retail price on the low-end model when it becomes available in mid-November and $950 pre-tax price on the high-end model which is already available for ordering by resellers.

Taking away one of the stand-out features of the Everun Note, the processing power, in order to lower the price is a questionable move but you’re still left with an extremely small use-anywhere ultra mobile touchscreen PC at a reasonable price. As for the D24S, you’re getting a faster version of one of the fastest UMPCs out there. Need we say more, apart from ‘where’s the built-in 3G Raon?’

All three devices are now detailed in the database.


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  1. JP says:

    Great! Finally!!!

    I’m looking forward to performance reviews of the low-end model. Linux, SSD and the form-factor are the main points for what I want. Less performances are fine if I get the appropriate discount.

  2. Duc says:

    Hope there will be a black version :)

  3. JP says:

    Got to know about battery life too, as a lot of people seems to say that Turion is less power-hungry that Sempron.

  4. Duc says:

    I think it should be the opposite because Sempron is only 1 core and also less powerful than Turion. Hope the heat and noise are also reduced.

  5. chippy says:

    Raon tell me there will be a significant reduction in heat which indicates less power drain by the CPU.

  6. JP says:

    Great!!! Another good point for the “low-end” model :-)

    Reminds me of the Gigabyte M912M where “less is more” ;-)

  7. Pixel Qi fan in waiting... says:

    NOW, all they need is 2-3 watts of power use and sunlight outdoors full use “for the screen”, AND ADD then the ability to under-clock THAT new CPU to “idle” speeds to conserve even more POWER (then battery life will grow, and this nice Everun Note design will be much more acceptable as a “modern mobile” device. The OLPC XO had a slow processor, used very little power, dual mode screen that could be used outdoors, yet could still run YouTube videos just FINE.

  8. Pixel Qi fan in waiting... says:

    PS – Are you getting the Sempron version for testing? If so, when? If they say November for this to be released… then, they must have a prototype that they can throw your way Steve for some “real user type of testing and live abuse”… :)

  9. Duc says:

    I think the SSD of the S16S should be 16Gb, no?

  10. chippy says:

    Thanks Duc.

  11. focus says:

    I heard too that sempron is more power hungry,it will cost less than turion,but in the end its an ugly
    choice to make between!

  12. zak says:

    thats good news . i dont need the power , just the small form factor and the cheaper price.

    just waiting for it to turn black

  13. Umpc_Nut says:

    When I contacted Raon Digital about black versions, they said that they do not plan on having any at all.

  14. zak says:

    i think that just might be marketing talk. i cant believe they wouldnt make a black version especially whn their already was a prototype black one.

  15. Umpc_Nut says:

    I was thinking that myself. Their justification was that white was the preference in the countries where it was mostly sold. They also told the same thing to one of their resellers when they inquired about the black version.

    They did say that if there was enough market interest then they would think about it. There may be quite a lot of us here who want a black version but how much is this number when thinking about the overall market.

  16. Pixel Qi fan in waiting... says:

    This is a power toy… guys get these, not girls… EVERY single guy I know HATES WHITE ones.

  17. Sye de Nym says:

    Girls want white? What century are you in? Gross generalisations are not exactly educated statements. I am female, hate white laptops and have six umpcs all in black. Oh, and I’m over 50 … any more generalisations?

  18. Duc says:

    Too bad, I won’t buy one until there is a black version. Come on Raon Digital!

  19. Aldrin says:

    This is definitely a nice move of Raon. It’s more likely they will soon offer Everun with Netbook CPU when AMD launch it.

  20. zak says:

    i notice moblix has these at a pre tax price of $669, so u save $10 by choosing the low end model ?

  21. graylion says:

    Why on earth can’t one get a Turion model with Ubuntu?

  22. val says:

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  23. Netbooks UK says:

    The linux model really does have excellent perfomance, and I doubt I will go back to windows.

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