70% of Netbook sales are in Europe

Posted on 13 November 2008, Last updated on 13 November 2008 by

Richard Brown, Marketing manager for VIA, is reporting a few snippets from the Pheonix (the BIOS people) Strategy 2009 conference in California and an interesting statistic has been put forward.

70% of Netbook sales so far have been in Europe.

Apparently it’s to do with the advanced 3G market and I guess the fact that theres over 700 million people living in Europe helps too. I also guess that the number is based on OEM orders because although there are quite a few free netbooks available on the high streets now, the main carriers still havent got up to speed with devices in shops. Maybe they’ve still got a huge stock of cheap USB sticks to get rid of as that has been their carrot over the last six months.

The sme could happen with MIDs too. There are already three carriers in Europe offering Intel-based MIDs and I expect products to roll out quickly across the other carriers. Unles the U.S. gets its expensive, fragmented data offerings sorted out, its not going to see many MIDs at all and the picture will remain apple and blackberry-tinted.

Check out Richards notes here and take note of his arm-based netbook comment. Its something I believe too.

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  1. What percentage are running LINUX? says:

    What percentage of those netbooks sold in Europe are running LINUX, XP, OpenSolaris, etc?

  2. Chippy says:

    Very good question.
    It depends who you ask.

    My feeling is 70% windows. 30% Linux based on my in-head poll-of-polls!


  3. hex says:

    As a north European citizen I can tell you that the eee machines mostly marketed and sold over here are running the Linux versions.

    There are XP based models too of course but the ones you see in the most public ADs are for netbook computers running Linux OS.

  4. netbook says:

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