New Mini clamshell PC from UMID.

Posted on 12 November 2008, Last updated on 11 November 2019 by

umidGetting closer to the ever-green PSION 5 design is this PC, yes, Atom-based, design that Aving have just published news about.

Looking just slightly bigger than an Aigo MID, this 315gm device looks like it covers all the angles with 3G and digital TV options, a 1024×600 4.8" touchscreen, 8-32GB SSD options, 1.1 or 1.3Ghz CPU and an SD slot.

It looks like it’s due for release in 2009 according to the translation that you can find here. [Original]

Via JKKMobile

If you look at the UMID website, you’ll see a placeholder for the MID but there’s no info there yet. You’ll find an interesting 7" ultra mobile PC slate though that’s also a new one on me.

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  1. Alte says:

    I wonder if it repeats Willcom D4 fate by working 1 hour on standard battery…

  2. Alte says:

    Did you manage to find a pointing device looking at device photos?

  3. kyuss says:

    this is looks sweet…

    personally i would prefer this over the aigo/compal/gigabyte/itelco MID right now just because of the:

    1024×600 4.8″ screen
    storage space


  4. Vakeros says:

    I’m blocked from using the translated page, but I read it has a 1.3 megapixel camera, wi-fi, USIM, 1x miniUSB slot and upto 1GB RAM. It is microSD and runs XP or Vista.

  5. DTrain says:

    Chippy, if your on the go what form factor works better in your opinion? To me the slider seems to work better to pull out get your info and put away.

    Basically: Aigo vs Everun Note/Fuji U820

  6. zak says:

    this is almost the perfect form factor. in a way im glad the m528 has been delayed so much. hope this gets to market fast and at a decent price. usable keyboards ftw.

  7. Al says:

    Keep us posted I would love to know the dimensions to see if it one will fit into a jacket pocket and two if it will be sold outside of Korea.

  8. ecsk2 says:

    Do we know the size (dimensions) of this one?

  9. kyuss says:

    i think it’s almost the same size as the aigo MID. just look at the frame. but i guess it’s thicker..
    nevertheless this device seems like a nice mini computer..too bad it always takes forever for these machines to hit the market…

    i want to buy myself a nice little UMPC/MID this year in order to celebrate the birth of jesus christ, but there haven’t been any device yet that he would approve :-D

  10. Alte says:

    According to the pictures, it should be about 157 x 102 x 22-29 mm.

    While measuring the pictures to make my calculations, I noticed a couple of things:
    – The battery (I suppose the tube at the back of the device is the battery) is quite large.
    – There are no ventilation holes except for a few ones on the bottom side. Can this little beauty be fanless?

  11. Edo says:

    My Psion Revo gets more and more battery problems, the charge program is very unreliable. Batteries are not replaceable by the owner. For some time I look for a new generation, touchscreen, real keyboard, not too sophisticated software, SD slot, 250 gram, Revo size. GPS, GSM, 3 Meg camera would be nice extra’s. Hopefully this MID is the right answer including replaceable battery. Has anyone other proposals?

  12. Al says:

    If it is 157 mm then it is a little too short to me as that would be 6.18″ I have yet to see a touch type keyboard better than the Psion 5mx at 6.9″ long.

    The problems with MIDS/UMPC’s are they have the wrong form factor to attact people to buy it as their primary mobile PC. What is needed is a Psion 5mx type form factor running full Windows. That would provide a touch type keyboard that most can type about 85% of full size keyboards yet be narrow enough to carry in an inside coat or jacket pocket. Oh Edo, yes it should have replaceable battery.

    For all you handheld lovers like Jornada’s and Psion’s etc. is letting you submit your dream PC. I think we need a true PC handheld with a touch type keyboard yet jacket pocket in size (about 7.5″ x 4″ x 1″)

  13. Kahm says:

    I always have to disagree with the Psion fans. I have a U810, with a ~6.2″ wide keyboard and it’s useless for more than about 4 fingers at once. My favourite portable device is a Sharp Zaurus, which is 4 7/8″ (~123mm) wide with a ~4″ wide keyboard. It’s a perfect size for thumb typing, which is better for handheld/on the go usage, and is perfectly jacket-pocketable. I’m desperately waiting for a pocketable mid with the same usability. If this thing really is only ~16cm wide it might be the one I want. The other option is waiting for the LG mid…

  14. kyuss says:

    the LG mid is a myth :-D

  15. Kahm says:

    Ya just had to go ahead and kill all of my dreams, didn’t you. :P

  16. Ro says:

    Unless it can go a whole day without recharging I don’t see the point. Sure it can do more than an average pda or smartphone but if it has a pathetic battery life I would rather have the inconvenience of carrying a full size laptop, the benefits of full size make up for the inconvenience.

  17. EC says:


    So what brings you over to the UMPC site then?

    Did you notice that there’s a lot newer post about this device, that is if you’re interested in UMPCs or this device at all?

    BTW may I ask what laptop you own and use that can “go a whole day”? Also how many hours your “whole day” is? Do you use WLAN/WWAN during that or not? What applications do you use/need when you’re mobile? etc etc…


  18. Dr.Piddle says:

    Maybe I’m a bit primitive, but all I want is a colour screen version of the Psion 5mx. It has all the necessary software for truly organizing my tasks and projects (well I did add on a couple of pieces of software), fits in my pocket and above all, zero boot time. I never used the email option – I leave that to my portable PC, a Samsung X10 – thin and light. Over the years, I’ve been through so many meetings taking notes on my trusty Psion 5mx, while others were still writing on paper, even though they all had some form of portable PCs and/or some very snazzy looking PDAs. Psion certainly understood what is needed for a proper PDA.
    Does this UMID have an “always on” option?

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