techCrunch Tries to prep some ground for their MID.

Posted on 30 November 2008, Last updated on 11 November 2019 by

If you weren’t aware that TechCrunch are planning to make a cheap tablet-style internet browsing device, a MID if you like, you might wonder what the hell the author of this anti-netbook article is talking about. In my opinion, it’s a rather hopeless attempt at putting down netbooks in order to prepare some space for a new web-browser product they are planning. it’s terribly off-target and badly-researched – "A typical Netbook has a 7 inch screen, an Intel Atom or Via Nano processor" (There hasn’t been a 7" netbook hit the blogosphere for months and as for the Nano-powered devices, we’d like Mike Arrington to show us one!) and "iPhone or iPod Touch, with a tiny 3.5 inch screen, has a vastly better browsing experience than any Netbook (it’s faster too)."  Give the article a read here.

I’m all for the TechCrunch tablet and MIDs like it but now that I’ve seen how badly educated TechCrunch are about the computer hardware market, it gives me more reason to believe that they don’t understand exactly what hurdles they are up against with their MID. I’ll never forget what TechCrunch put in writing before: “If all you are doing is running Firefox and Skype, you don’t need a lot of hardware horsepower, which will keep the cost way down.”

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