UMID Clamshell. More info and Pics.

Posted on 17 November 2008, Last updated on 11 November 2019 by

umidlogo Umid of Korea have kindly sent over a set of new images and the official specs of the nice looking clamshell device we saw a few weeks ago. It’s due for official launch in ‘early of 2009’ which hints towards CES or CeBIT. Pricing is unknown but with those pro-level specifications I would expect it to be more than the Aigo MID variants.

We’ve added all the details to a new UMID product information page so feel-free to browse the specs, the gallery, the links, see what devices are similar in specification (Fujitsu U2010 is probably the closest competitor in terms of form-factor but the Aigo MID comes closer in size) and take note of a few things. 1 – The battery is 17Wh which, given the lower processing power and smaller screen when compared to the U2010, should give it a 4hrs+, active-online battery life. 2 – The size. It’s much smaller than a U2010 so this one should be easier to slip in a jacket pocket.

Thanks to UMID for sending the details over. The device isn’t on the UMID website as we publish this but there’s obviously a placeholder there. No pricing or territorial info available at this stage.

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  1. Al says:

    That coverts to 6.22″ x 3.7″ x .74″; that is very slim but I wonder if 6.22″ will give enough space for those nice looking keys to actually be a touch type keyboard vs another poor thumb wannabe?

  2. Bo says:

    Could this be the PSION replacement so many (well, me at least) have been waiting for?

    Nearly the same size (approx. 5mm shorter 5mm wider, 2mm slimmer) as a Psion 3a and the same weight too.

    But why oh why did the not fit a larger screen. You could easily get a 6″ screen in this formfactor. even my old 3a had a 5 1/4″ screen.

    This might be the closest yet for an ideal pocketable computer. I hope it will be as affordable as the 3a was which had by the way IMO far superior software than any rubbish which comes from MS.

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