S6 MID drops to 299 Euros

Posted on 14 December 2008 by

We’re double-checking that this really is a no-contract price but so far, it looks like the same deal as  UMPCPortal reader Alberto had when he bought one.

For a 3g-enabled PC its a great deal. Hell, at that price you could just by one for the coffee table…if you don’t mind an on-screen keyboard. Shame its only available in Italy.

More details and links for the S6 in the product pages.

Thanks Fab!

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  1. Sarig says:

    Now that’s a nice price.

    Also, this new layout of yours is very confusing chippy, I keep checking the page and missing news, since I’m used to new stuff being on top, and I only see the “sticky” story without scrolling. Took me a few days to notice it actually, I thought you were being slow, but then there was a bunch of news below what was stickied :)

  2. Vakeros says:

    And where do you click to read more?I managed this time.
    Chippy, we think you do a great job, but presentation is replacing information at the mo…

  3. Chippy says:

    Have updated the comments in the post about the front page.

    You now have the old blog back as an option under /blog


  4. Harry says:

    Thanks for keeping the old blog layout as well. Makes it much easier to stay updated if you check back often.

    Just a note about a minor bug though. The link when you kit “previous entries” at the bottom gives the same stories, not the older ones. The URL changes to page /2, /3 etc. but the content stays the same.

  5. Vakeros says:

    Did mean to say, it does seem a good price. Unfortunately with the pound dropping it is almost £270.

  6. focus says:

    Eee pc 901 GO is at the same price and,i must say,far better value for the money!

  7. Chippy says:

    …if you want a netbook!

  8. fab says:

    agree…it’s not about price only, but about the price for a certain device of a certain product “group”. and talking “MID-language”, i think it’s a good price given the specs and capabilities compared to other MIDs which are about 300 euros more expensive!

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