Sony MID revealed?

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Engadget has this up as a ‘Netbook’ but it doesnt look big enough to me


I don’t quite see Sony being able to reach ‘netbook’ pricing either. Is this something for CES perhaps?

Stand by while we investigate further!

FCC Docs are here.

Source: Engadget.

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  1. Doubery says:

    i’m thinking it’s an 8.9″ netbook without a touchpad

    hopefully it’s using an optical pointer like the Everun & not a trackstick

  2. BribeCorp says:

    Sony won’t enter a loser market like the MID.

    if you read around it’s already been confirmed as their netbook but will not have the touchpad. heres hoping they take the optical route like Everun did! because trackpoints suck.

    it’s actually about the same size as many UMPC’s, except this 1 you will flip open & have a full KB similar to the EEE size.

  3. Chippy says:

    ‘loser market’

    Mmm. Is the iPhone a MID in your opinion?


  4. ecsk2 says:

    Depends upon the user and his needs really, for some it MIGHT be (like for me it covers somewhere between 50 and 75% of my “MID needs”), but yet I long for a “true MID” as it does lack in many areas. However it’s great in others some of my personal ones is size and battery time on the plus (as it is a constant on device unlike most MIDs so far).

  5. scoobie says:

    Its about 20 cms wide by my estimate so I’d say it is a netbook size . Very narrow though, like the Raons. Looks interesting. Doesnt look like the forthcoming UX replacement, as that would have U in the title and this is labelled PCG

  6. SRxp says:



    Atom Z530

    optical mouse pointer

    SSD or HDD (1.8″)

    1-2GB RAM (1 slot)

    1024 x 600 (with XP, January release)

    1280 x 800 (with Vista, summer release)

    8-10hr battery life

    $399 – $599

    there are also rumors this could be the 1st laptop EVER released with OLED sometime late 2009 which will approximately double the price (but worth it for many novelty enthusiasts)

  7. Chippy says:

    SrXP. Source?


  8. BurnedTaco says:

    wow, this certainly looks to bring something different to the market finally!

    whether the currents specs floating around are final yet (probably are) it would still be quite different based on the form factor alone. keep in mind this is about the same size as the super narrow Q1 Ultra, so theres no way it has a touchpad. it’s got to be optical/trackstick, most likely touchscreen as well. the new Atom Z530 + SSD/HDD 1.8″ + Sony’s engineering could lead to some incredible battery life numbers (like the 1’s being claimed).

    if they really do release an OLED version in late 09 i would line up to buy 1. Sony’s current 11″ OLED TV is $2500 & 1-of-a-kind. but that price will plummet in a years time. Sony has a vested interested in making OLED succeed so they could use cheap mainstream device like this to gain market share much like they did with Blu-Ray/PS3.

  9. kornel says:

    ces 2008 looks to be the date since confidentiality ends 08.01…precisely when ces starts

  10. Chippy says:

    Well spotted!

  11. Simon Cruz says:


  12. Dirk Wilhelmi says:

    This could be a real C1 replacement. The Battery-Adaptor seem to be the same like my one on my C1XD although the nice round Batteries of the C1-group can’t fit the big hole there.
    (Pictures of the small and medium-Capacity-Batteries:

  13. mahjong says:

    Looks close to real size too me in that picture. Then it’s a MID… which is far from being a “looser market”… may be is just a “early market”… yet.

  14. scoobie says:

    In the past couple of weeks I’ve been told that the UX has been withdrawn from Sonystyle in Japan – (previously its been withdrawn elsewhere in the world but continued production and sales in Japan) .

    All stock of the old model must be gone now I guess

    This suggests that this is the new Sony U series replacement or the new U series model is on the way too.

    The new U series has been seen according to one unconfirmed report to be using an OLED screen.

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