TG’s Lluon Mobbit XP-based MID.

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Trigem (TG), the new parent company of Averatec, have just released a new tablet MID under it’s Lluon brand. Its the Mobbit and it’s running XP!


TG appear to have implemented a UI layer over XP which is the first time we’ve seen this since the original Origami launcher software. Maybe this will give users the best of both worlds but we’ll have to see just how deep the overlay software is before making any judgment.

Specs are pretty good too with a 1.3Ghz Z520 Atom CPU, US15W chipset (hardware decoding-ready) 1GB RAM and 30GB HDD or 16GB SSD drive ensuring that XP should be more than usable, especially with that sweet 4.8" 1024×600 resolution. In addition, there’s a 2MP webcam, a DMB-T receiver, Wifi, BT and it’s nice to see an optical mouse button on the frame. The battery is a 16Wh job which would return about 4-6 hours of use out of the device. Size: 166x88x21. Weight 375gm.

CNet asia are reporting a Jan 2009 launch (CES?) and a local price of just over $400 which is encouraging.

As for the design, it’s not exactly the most thrilling. Those left-side buttons could do with toning down for a start and the rear of the device looks very cheap and messy but for people that have been looking at the Viliv S5, this is one that you need to keep an eye on.

Update: Wibro is included. Usually these 3G options are modular meaning it might be available with an HSDPA option in the future.

The Trigem device was one of the 33 that were previously announced but not yet seen in the wild. It’s good to be able to tick another one from the list but lets hope it makes its way outside of Korean soon. 

Sources: Akihabara. TG Website. Thanks Oliver, Kevin for sending this in.

More images below. Full specs and links in the database.

mobbit4 mobbit3 mobbit2 

mobbit1 lluonmobbit3 lluonmobbit2



9 Comments For This Post

  1. mikey says:

    ha Steve, loved your comments in engadget, all the punters were drooling over the girl, not that is a bad thing!

  2. Chippy says:

    I skipped over those comments. Was rather annoyed at the smartphone/netbook comparison too. This obviously has nothing to do with smartphones or netbooks. Its not a total-convergant device. Its a device for pros, specialists and people that really understand. Mainly the refined readers of UMPCPortal!

    People that desire quality web, desktop OS in the hand, HQ screens, long online battery life (many of you readers here) will totally understand what i’m talking about.

    I *don’t want to replace a smartphone* with a device like this. Or a netbook. I want it IN ADDITION. I, and many of you MID and UMPC focused people are prepared to pay for the best right? If this is even $500 with 3G, its an absolute bargain.


  3. Austin says:


    downside: no keyboard.
    upside: higher res, faster cpu.

    so.. here are my questions:
    1) i wonder if this thing will overheat. doubt we’d know until it releases on stateside (hopefully soon)
    2) steve: do you think it would be too big? it’s about 14mm longer & 8mm wider than the AIGO.

    I personally want something that I could potentially fit in a pocket (maybe a big pocket). anyways, still a very interesting device.

  4. fab says:

    Just 400 USD? i doubt it to be that cheap outside Korea. It seems to be a nice device though.

  5. Futurize Korea says:

    Lazion had a higher res photo of the Mobbit:


  6. Doubery says:

    finally a pocketable secondary PC thats actually cheap enough to buy. i really dont care about a KB since this would be used almost entirely for content consumption on-the-go.

  7. Futurize Korea says:

    You can find more photos and video from the product launch here:

    You can see the UI layer demonstrated.

    Also, the right side has a hinged panel which has the USB plug hidden behind it along with some data port. The power plug isn’t covered.

  8. NEUR0M4NCER says:

    I think it looks VERY nice. As long as you can use your finger with on-screen keyboard, it looks perfect for its purpose… Mobile Internet Browsing.

  9. chippy says:

    Yup. I think specification-wise its very promising indeed.

    Not sure I could sacrifice a keyboard for battery life though. Touch decision!


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