Unconfirmed: N97 uses an ARM11 processor

Posted on 03 December 2008, Last updated on 11 November 2019 by

It might seem strange to see a news article dedicated to the CPU on the N97 but for many, its very important as it gives an idea of the general purpose processing power of the device which, in turn, is important when assessing a devices ability to decode and render web pages quickly.

Unfortunately, it looks like the N97 won’t be using the latest OMAP 3 platform or anything that contains the latest generation ARM Cortex core. The news was relayed through a Jaiku microblog from the always-reliable, always careful, All About Symbian that it’s using an ARM11 core just as the existing high-end smartphones use.

I heard a few other rumors too. 1) Its ‘as fast or faster’ than the E71. 2) Its clocked higher than on previous Nokias.  Unless its an ARM11 MPCore device clocked up high, I don’t think we’re looking at a big-change in browser performance with the N97 over other Nokia phones which, for me, isn’t good enough to get the device on my personal ‘wanted’ list.

Keep an eye on Nokia Forum though as the official specs will probably be posted there first and they may be different to what All About Symbain has heard. In the meantime, I’ve updated our N97 datasheet to reflect the new info.

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  1. icura says:

    Thankyou Chippy for letting us know. I’ll be looking forwards to the N900. (hopefully with OMAP3 chip)

  2. saperalot says:

    i had 9000 9100 9110 9300 but this one will be the best, but keep an eye on the first tests.
    yam yam want you :-)

  3. Hakan Er says:

    If OMAP3 is so promising, why have not we seen many design wins on this core (there are only two devices available with this core: Archos and Pandora)? What could be reason behind this? Even the latest Nokia N97 is going to use an ARM11 CPU! Any ideas on why manufacturers do not bother Cortex-A8? Do you think all those claims by ARM on the performance/power of Cortex are bogus?

  4. nick says:

    It’s sad to sad that nokia are using the arm11 cpu.. well compared to the toshiba TG01 1ghz snapdragon it is.. even with the winmo the TG01 flys past the rest… i really wany the N97, but ARM11 might be the reason to switch… let’s hope nokia get it right this time..

  5. Processor Benchmark says:

    Sweet…. This is what I’m looking for

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