Wibrain i1 on its way. Live session Wednesday.

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Strange things happen when you start talking about companies that might have crashed. All of a sudden the Wibrain website returned (as it was before unfortunately) and as an added bonus, Mobilx got hold of an Atom-based Wibrain i1 sample and have shipped it straight out to us which means one thing. Live Atom-based ultra mobile PC goodness tomorrow.


Before you get excited though, It has to be said that there’s absolutely no indication of a ship date for the i1 yet. Indeed, my emails to Wibrain are still going unanswered so I suspect some form of PR block which either indicates that they will launch at CES or that they are locked up in the war room trying to work out what the best strategy is. Or maybe they’re just fed up with my persistent calls for information ;-)

Live page is here. Planned start time: 2000 CET. Follow chippy on twitter for the latest updates.

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  1. deriuqer says:

    Nice to hear.I really like its design,ever did,but due to the fact that the M1 is announced and many other MIDs will come out soon I really cant see me buying one of those.I dont think they can lower the price that much that I change my mind.

  2. Jamie says:

    As a current B1 owner, I’ll have to wait for the next letter after I… I love my B1–even though it’s in for repairs right now–and I don’t expect to be replacing it real soon. Of course, when I do, it’ll probably be another WiBrain, especially if the current model works with the old accessories!



  3. King Ray says:

    I surmise that what happened is that they killed the sales of their current models by trumpeting the I1 too early, so now they are pretending that it is not coming out or has been shelved, and are even delaying the launch until they sell out the inventory of their old models. They may be being very cagey here. An ebay seller in Australia is blowing out bunches of B1’s with starting bids of 0.99, but they end up auctioning for $250-$300 US usually.

  4. Cajun_Mike says:

    What is 2000 CET and what time is that in the U.S.A. central time zone? haha

    Would love to be a part of the Live session

  5. MiKeN says:

    If you are having a live session, make sure to record it ;). Some of us won’t be able to watch it cause of time zones. I’m still hoping the Wibrain i1 will be released eventually.

  6. maxus says:

    deriuqer, are you sure the M1 is officially announced? There were pics around but nothing final, and always thought it was more like a prototype, concept check that anything else.

    Great to hear about the I1 suddenly coming back from the dead, can’t wait to check your live session tonight

  7. Chippy says:

    The M1 was a plastic shell at IDF and only there to gauage response. I wouldn’t expect it to be available until well into 2009, if at all.


  8. Chippy says:

    i1 arrived here!

  9. Chippy says:

    Update here:

  10. Chris says:

    I’ve seen these available for sale in Hong Kong in the Mongkok area. I think the price was HK$3880

  11. ChaoTzu says:

    WiBrain is now under control of this Chinese company.

    Babelfish translation of a post on a Chinese PC forum:

    At present Shenzhen Guang Xuntong communication science and technology Limited company after the success controls stock South Korean famous PC manufacture manufacturer Wibrain, the success promotes new generation ultra migration portable computer EKING i1 (Wibrain i1). This section of i1 product is in the present domestic market the only model of screen in 4.8 inches, uses intel atom Z520 (1.3G) to insult moves the platform to be possible to move windows on the XP system’s super palm the portable computer. At present Guang Xuntong in company nationwide scale honest move of agent/dealer, anticipated that altogether wins the cooperation with you! Intends to make the provincial level proxy to fill in the business agent intelligence verification table, the prefecture is authorized the dealer to provide the entity shop business license and the ID card copy then. The present stage prefecture is authorized the dealer lowest taking delivery of goods quantity is 10, quantity is limited, wants to buy quickly! The further information may land the following website to inquire http://www.wibrain.com to click on “contact us” (China) then to link Shenzhen Guang Xuntong the Company official website

    Maybe this is why the WiBrain website was gone for a little while, then came back.

  12. ChaoTzu says:

    Another eKing (WiBrain) i1 review translated from Chinese:


    Some PCMark results!

  13. rui says:

    Yes, now Company Wibrain has been a research department of Chinese Shenzhen Guangxuntong Com.Ltd. Wibrain was renamed as EKING. The new generational UMPC product EKINGi1 is on sale.

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