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One more thing before I sleep….

Iriver P35 news just in at Engadget. Looks like it’s an ARM-based device.  I’ll follow-up on this tomorrow.


From the press release…

P35 PMP with Wi-Fi
Iriver’s P35 is a portable media player that goes where others don’t with its built-in Wi-Fi capability and G-sensor, which allows the user to pivot the interface by simply turning the device. The G-sensor also gives the user the cool and convenient ability to change the song they are listening to by shaking the player, instead of using buttons.
The versatile device offers Music, Video (30fps), Photo viewer, Drawing, FM Radio, Voice Recording, Flash game, Office viewer and DMB (in regions where available),
The P35 utilizes iriver’s award-winning SPINN technology that matches digital performance with the retro feel of analog user controls. Other features include
A 4.3″ TFT-LCD with Touch screen, Built in Mic and TV-out, support of Full Movie CODEC, a built-in speaker, 16 GB and 32GB Nand Flash (Micro SD Slot), and USB 2.0.OTG The P35 supports DSLR Raw file viewing.

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  1. pokkuhlag says:

    The name has a mix up (gallery+title vs press release text) in engadget. The SPINN technology in the description above is about a no limit twist knob for scrolling, which is on a PMP not the MID. The right description for this MID is:

    D50N Multimedia Networking Device with Keyboard

    Iriver’s powerful new D50 is a compact, keyboard-based networking and multimedia device that offers full Internet browsing and Instant Messaging in Wi-Fi environments. Featuring a large 4.8″ TFT LCD (WVGA 800*480) with full touch screen interactivity, the D50 lets you enjoy multimedia on the fly, including Video, Music, Photo viewer, Office viewer, FM Radio, Voice Recording, and Dictionary. It provides 16GB Nand Flash (Micro SD Slot) and USB2.0.

  2. Archos 704 says:

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