Lime Note and Lime OS updated.

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Just spotted. Lime PC appear to have updated their product range. There’s a ‘note’  and a few netbook style devices along with a new OS. The hardware all appears to be based on MIPS CPU’s.

Access to various experience – Work .Web, multimedia, applications –
from your LimeNote with fingertip. LImeNote is running the amazing LimeOS, which is a new Operating System(OS) that will surprise you with its power-efficient performance.It will help you enjoy all the free services included in this product

Lime are calling the ‘note’ a 3G UMPC.


  • 5.6-inch TFT-LCD flat touch screen
  • CPU:1700MIPS Tri-Core Moc
  • Memory:256MB(512MB optional)DDRII
  • Storage:4GB(or 8GB or 30-200GB HHD)
  • Battery:2 hours video 8 hours music
  • WiFi(Optional)
  • Bluetooth(Optional)
  • MID-3G
  • Dimensions:170x110x17mm
  • Weight:400g

More investigation needed here, especially on the ‘1700MIPS Tri-Core Moc.’ Anyone got info on that?

Also, check out the video that Dan, UltraMobileGeek,  did at CES last year.

Source: Lime PC

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  1. says:

    a quick google gave me this:

    seems at least one post there is interesting…

  2. SGI says:

  3. abris says:

    from wiki:
    Million instructions per second

    MIPS are not comparable between CPU architectures. This and other limitations of the unit lead many computer engineers to define MIPS as “Meaningless Indicator of Processor Speed.”

    3 core ARM?
    MoC= Motherboard ona Chip?

  4. says:

    btw, i suspect its linux under all that gloss.

    the desktop is somewhat unusual, but looks very similar to this:

    their desktop is known as mezzo…

    and from what i recall, that was also the case for the limepc products from a year ago.

    when i think back, it seems basically as if they have simply refined the products shown of at that time. then they mostly looked like different black blocks running the same ui…

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