Samsung. New UMPC at CES after all?

Posted on 11 January 2009, Last updated on 11 November 2019 by

Spotted by our man at CES. This tablet UMPC…
Update: Its the Samsung Q1EX.

Samsung, originally uploaded by UMPCPORTAL@CES2009.

As we expected 7″ without keyboard. More as it develops…….

Update: VIA Procesor. Maybe its for developing markets if its a C7? Or maybe its a Nano?
Update2: Its a VIA Nano CPU.

  • Processor: VIA Nano U2500 1200mhz
  • HDD: Samsung HS082HB
  • Network:Bluetooth Pan network adapter, Marvell sd8685 wireless LAN sdio adapter
  • Imaging devices: USV2.0 1.3M UVC WebCam (seems to be in upper middle of the back of the device)

Update 3: GottabeMobile have an article confirming it’s the Q1EX. GPS, Wimax are included and it gives  4.5hrs battery life.4.5hrs is dissapointing for such a, seemingly, thick ultra mobile PC but maybe the Nano gives it the ooomph required for on the go video processing? Something for new-media journalists?

Credit EC, our man on the floor at CES.

More photos coming through on our Flickr stream from CES.

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  1. diJenerate says:

    Looks like you guys got the pics and got the deets.

    The unit is the Samsung Q1EX and more deets are over at:


  2. Vicente says:

    Hmmmm, I am intrigued if it will be FANLESS. The Dell Mini 9 I like that they used a big heat spreader and thus need no fan. One annoyance with my Q1U now is that if I’m in bed and flip on the tablet the fan noise annoys Mrs. Vicente.

    Also wondering if the WiFi will finally support 802.11a? I much prefer it as it has less interference where I live. Annoyed that this seems not an option on Q1U and effort to replace existing card with Intel ABG fails.

    Looks like XP on the screen which is good I think.

    I thought the keyboard on the Q1U would be useful but in fact I *NEVER* use it. So not having a keyboard is A-OK.

    Ship it fanless and with a 64-gig RunCore SSD and I’ll be all over it.

  3. ecsk2 says:

    Yes it was running XP but not tablet and no onscreen KB possibility either so the only way to do anything (as typing) was to do the old fashioned copy and paste which without a keyboard is even harder but not impossible as the pictures prove :)

    I doubt it was fanless but it’s impossible to tell with all the noise at the show.


  4. diJenerate says:

    I am a bit disappointed with the specs list… after the Q1Ultra Premium, I was hoping for a bit more power. They have gone in the right direction with getting rid of the keyboard which makes for a smaller unit overall but I was hoping really for the equivalent of a Q1Ultra Premium (with the nice 6hr battery life) minus keyboard, for smaller size and now with the ULV 1.4GHz Core2Duo, 2GB DDR2, GPS and HSUPA… Power to match the Everun note, but with no moving parts! Maybe this is just the first model and there will be others in this modified form-factor like in previous releases.


  5. Vicente says:

    Hard to see in these photos, are there ANY function keys on it?

    I do find I use the SHIFT key and occasionally CTRL keys as I am multi-selecting items on the screen. Like in Thunderbird I have a bunch of messages I want to delete I pick the first one, hit SHIFT and select the last one then hit delete button on screen. If I cannot bind those keys to some kind of side or front buttons what to do?

  6. Bob says:

    Any idea how the performance of the u2500 @ 1.2GHz compares to the Core solo u1500 @ 1.33GHz?

  7. ecsk2 says:

    It was quite responsive but yeah I wasn’t able to do that much on my knees (worshiping the Samsung pole! :)) and with no decent Wifi signal available. I was able to get it online but it was only with the wifi from some other booth quite some ways away, and it took several minutes to pull up the UMPCportal site, but again this had nothing to do with the performance of the device!


  8. ecsk2 says:

    I must say I was never a fan of the Q1 ultra myself (as it wouldn’t be what I want/need) so I never looked into it much, but I’ve seen and held it here and there in the past, this device is however a lot nicer smaller to hold, well as much as I held it. Overall not a bad device for those looking for this type of device. Myself I want pocketable and with Qwerty keyboard.

  9. Armen says:

    I have a Samsung Q1U (XP) and I’m really happy with the very practical split keyboard. I doubt the ease of use and practicality of not having it. It’s really practical for entering urls and keyboard short-cuts. Though I should admit when I first saw Q1U series the keyboard looked ugly but as soon as you start using it you notice you really need a keyboard with Window’s UI. I’m sure using the device without the split keyboard would have been very very difficult.

  10. Cristian says:

    Pretty pointless release if you ask me. Can’t believe it took Samsung 2 years since the Q1 Ultra release to come up with this.
    Someone really needs to tell Samsung that there are numbers after ‘1’ and they need to stop naming everything ‘Q1 XYZ’ or it will only confuse people (as it does already).
    Any who thought it a good idea of getting rid of the keyboard? It was not perfect but quite usable and would only have required some backlight to make it work even better. Or how about looking at the Wibrain as how to implement a perfectly usable keyboard.
    I sure hope Samsung have a Q2 Ultra to announce soon or the Wibrain i1 will be my next UMPC. I don’t care about netbooks but can’t live without a physical keyboard on a device. Having a split keyboard is great and makes everything much faster than by using an on screen keyboard or stylus to input text.

  11. John says:

    Seems odd that they’ve ditched the thumb keyboard. IMO, that’s one of its selling points. I would rather see a _better_ thumb keyboard, than none at all (my suggestion 5 rows instead of 4, slightly less stiff buttons/keys, move the control key to the right thumb set, since most control-combinations are with left handed keys).

    And, of course, the other things I’d want to see are Samsung work closely with Canonical on Ubuntu-UMPC support (there’s a few gotchas, like lack of camera support, screen rotation issues, and remote displaying not doing letter-boxing on 1024×768 displays) … and an internal 3G card of some format. Oh, and, more SSD options.

  12. Dexter Samsont says:

    Pretty pointless release if you ask me. Can’t believe it took Samsung 2 years since the Q1 Ultra release to come up with this.

    nice blog



  13. EC says:

    I’d have to say I have to agree, that from a company that has designed something as unique and radical as the SPH-9000 you’d expect something more (at least to be shown as a proto??) at CES but nope…

    The Samsung lady who finally (10 mins before closing time) came up to me while I was playing with that UMPC did tell me something about the people from “that division” not being at the show…

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