Engadget hands-on with Viliv S5, X70 is positive.

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Their report isn’t exactly detailed but there’s an air of positiveness about it that gives me confidence that the S5 will be the right device for many. Especially having seen the on screen keyboard and hearing that it’s “some of the best touchscreen interaction we’ve seen on devices like this.” There’s a set of photos of both the Viliv S5 and the X70 and a video showing the S5 keyboard over at this article on Engadget.


More information on the Viliv S5 here.

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    Engadget hands-on with Viliv S5, X70 is positive. http://www.umpcportal.com/?p=5756

  2. Terian says:

    everytime i see it, i think to myself what a expensive, well built, goodlooking device it is. not to mention i’m always surprised by how small it looks when in someones hand.

    i think Viliv has really got a winner on their hands, especially with that 1024 x 600 screen (thank god)!!

  3. not impressed says:


    The Viliv x70 is _exactly_ what I want. I would pay any price for it and buy three of them.

    I have been waiting for a slate-form-factor web browsing device, with modern features, for years.

    Too bad they had to make it _unimaginably_, stupendously, amazingly thick. 22mm ? Are you kidding me ? This device is nothing but a LCD and a wireless chipset. That’s it. There is no reason for this device to be thicker than 12mm.

    So I’ll keep waiting. Damn!

  4. Batman says:

    Maybe there’s a sufficiently battery hidden within those 22mm? I’d much rather have a 22mm device with 23Wh than a 12mm one with 5Wh battery.

  5. Fra says:

    This device looks very good and its technical charecteristics are on the edge for a so small umpc. Only one regret (not very small) how is possible it has any webcam on the front or the rear? (would be perfect both)

  6. Lamar says:

    i think that S5 is the one to beat

  7. Lamar says:

    has there been any word on where there a SD card slot on this unit?

  8. Prince GQ says:

    I was leaning towards the S5, but the X70 is one sexy beast.. my gawd.. it even looks close to pocketable.
    And i don’t know if “not impressed” is joking or not, but 22mm thickness is amazing for a device this size.. look at the oqo’s, ux’s, R50A’s and Everun’s.. smaller device’s, but much wider.

    Also, Lamar the X70 has an SDHC slot(1), which u can read on the X70 placard in pic 24 of 27

  9. tmarks11 says:

    uhhmmm. The everun is not really THAT fat… at 25 mm, it is only 3mm thicker then the X70. That is less then 1/8″.

  10. Al says:

    It looked cool far away but witht he details it is another poor thumb input device. Thumb input UMPC’s and MIDS are not what is going to sell in my opinion and that seems to be backed up with the weak sales of UMPC’s. What I and many others want is just a plain computer that runs Windows with a touch type keyboard yet is still jacket pocket in size. Please no more thumb keys that is NOT a real keyboard! It should have been 7″ x 4″ x 1″ in size then the increased length would enable a true two handed touch type keyboard like a Psion 5mx

  11. Andy says:

    I though that the S5 would have a 1.6Ghz version? Does anyone have any info if they will release one later or will the S7 be the only version to have the 1.6 processor?

  12. Fra says:

    Al, a device like you say with touch type keybord with the same good specs than S5 id the Wibrain i1, but 40 mm wider (154 mm S5 and 192 i1). This make the difference between a real pocketable and another that would not fit in all the pockets. btw I like very much i1 too and when both will be on the market it will be hard to choose.

  13. kyuss says:

    the wibrain is a thumb input, not a touch type device :-)

  14. Fra says:

    Sorry, I thought thumb keybord means on screen (virtual) keybord and touch type keybord just the pressing keys keybord. But what’s the difference? When you learn where are the keys you can type “without using the sense of sight to find the keys” (Wikipedia) on every keybord, like the Wibrain i1 splitted one. Obviously the larger the better it is.

  15. lintweaker says:

    The X70 is looking really great. I want one now. It seems it is a lot thinner then the Asus R50A I currently own.

  16. Dave says:

    Does anyone know what brand the wifi chip is in the Viliv S5? Is it an Atheros?

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