The all-in-one HP Mini 1000 MIE review post

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I’ve just finished up the last section of the Mini 1000 MIE review. The review was done in rolling format, so each section came out at different times over the last few weeks. This post serves as a hub to access all of our Mini 1000 MIE review articles as well as any additional Mini 1000 MIE coverage that we put up while testing the unit.


handonmini1000 The HP Mini 1000 MIE is a good choice if you are looking for a netbook. Wonderful hardware design and a very reasonable price make this netbook a respectable piece of machinery. It is important to keep in mind that netbooks aren’t as powerful as normal laptops, but the Mini 1000 MIE will work well for those that need a web browsing and light productivity tool, and want it to be small and portable.

The Mini 1000’s keyboard is large and has been very well received. The unit itself is very small and light, especially considering the size of the keyboard and screen on it. The only issues you might have with the HP Mini 1000 MIE is that the battery life is not particularly good, around 2 hours and 35 minutes from a full charge (brightness max, Wifi on). A 6-cell extended, albeit ugly, will be available soon to push the battery life up around 5 or so hours. The other problem may be compatibility with the custom Ubuntu OS. While the OS itself works fine for most tasks, many people are used to Windows and might not want to change their computing habits to conform to the different OS. Luckily for you, it is always an option to put Windows XP, or any other OS on it, yourself, or buy the XP version from HP if you’d rather have it done for you.

Check out the coverage below to get a detailed idea of the HP Mini 1000 MIE netbook.

If you are interesting in buying an HP Mini 1000 MIE, or other version (like XP) head over to the portal page to get a full summary of specs and links to places that you can purchase the unit.

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