Bluetooth audio adapter for your iPhone/iPod on Woot today — $9.99

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“But Ben, my iPhone already has Bluetooth!”, I’m sure you are saying right now. Thanks to Apple, you can barely use it for anything, and support for A2DP audio streaming and AVRCP is definitely not included. Luckily there are ways around this. Take the wiRevo Stereo Bluetooth Adapter for iPod and iPhone, which you can buy today on’s Yahoo partner site, For anyone who has managed to avoid hearing what Woot is, it is the most famous deal-per-day site on the interwebs. They offer one item per day with a limited stock, and when it sells out, it is gone for good (translation: if you want one of these, buy quick!).

The wiRevo Stereo Bluetooth Adapter for iPod and iPhone supports A2DP and AVRCP, which roughly means that you’ll be able to listen to good quality stereo music through a pair of Bluetooth headphones. There is also a pass-through for your power adapter which means that you can charge your iPhone/iPod while the adapter is plugged in. It is sad that Apple couldn’t build this functionality directly into the iPhone’s bluetooth stack, but $9.99 isn’t a bad deal if you want to remedy Apple’s flaws, and an even better deal if you have an iPod that doesn’t have Bluetooth to start with. I’m not sure exactly which generations of iPod this works with so I’ll leave that little mystery up to you before purchasing it. Seems like this same accessory is selling for around $39 elsewhere on the internets.

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    Bluetooth audio adapter for your iPhone/iPod on Woot today — $9.99

  2. Christian Kurz says:

    Damn the Iphone really sucks.

  3. EC says:

    Comes to $14.99 with shipping.

    There are quite a few mobile phones out there with BT that don’t support A2DP, for which you can’t get any A2DP solution for.

  4. Techni says:

    If only that added bluetooth kb support to iphones and ipods

  5. EC says:

    Well I ordered this when it was posted on the 11th, I guess they decided to ship it now on the 18th hmm, which they had a feedback system…

  6. Travis Schaeffer says:

    I bought this and it DOES NOT work with an iPhone. I am thoroughly pissed off about that.

  7. EC says:

    Why do you say the A100 (you did get an A100 right?) doesn’t work with the iPhone? Should be getting mine anytime now and I’ll see what they shipped me.

  8. Travis Schaeffer says:

    Yeah, I got it through Woot. I just received it yesterday, plugged it into my iPhone. A little pop-up appeared that said “This accessory is not made to work with iPhone” then it asks if I want to put it into airplane mode. Obviously I do not as I’m not on an airplane. This accessory works fine with my iPod nano, but it just doesn’t work with my iPhone.

  9. EC says:


    This is the case with a lot of iPhone/iPod accessories that either came out or were developed prior to the release of the iPhone. Just choose “NO” and continue. I have several accessories that do the same on the iPhone.

  10. Travis Schaeffer says:

    I’m a douchebag.

  11. EC says:

    I take it you got it to work? That’s good news :) mine is supposed to be here tomorrow. You’re not alone who’s mistaken these “error messages” as meaning “not compatible” I believe that’s really the intention of them by Apple :)

    I use one of these daily (it charges my iPhone each night) it says the same on the screen every time, but for charging I just ignore it.

    On a similar topic, since I use one of those Incase rubber cases, I just leave those “which-ipod-do-you-have-plastic-adapters” out of there, yeah it wiggles a little but it has survived fine so far, and I have the 1st gen iPhone since it came out so..

  12. Travis Schaeffer says:

    Yeah, it plugs in deeper to my iPod then my iPhone, that with the error message, and my first atempt failing I jumped the gun and chalked it up as not working. But I tried it again, and now it works.

  13. EC says:

    Great! Kind of related news(?):

  14. EC says:

    Got mine today also, glad it was black and not white as on the package :)

  15. EC says:

    Well now I am the one who can’t get it to work :( I use a Motorola EQ5 and it pairs and all but no sound, just some split second one when I hit play.

  16. Travis Schaeffer says:

    Did you try it with an iPod? It takes a couple of tries with my iPhone to get it to play on my bluetooth head unit, but it always works with my iPod. Just a suggestion to maybe rule out that it doesn’t sync to that unit…

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