iBluetooth adds some real BT capabilities to the iPhone, full stack planned

Posted on 12 March 2009, Last updated on 11 November 2019 by

Speaking of the iPhone and Bluetooth stereo today, it looks like an interesting application has been released through Cydia today. Quickly: Cydia is the application that allows you to install unofficial third part applications after your iPhone or iPod Touch has been jailbroken. (iPod Touchs don’t have Bluetooth though, sorry guys!)

So what is iBluetooth? The dev says that in its current incarnation it is capable of doing file transfers of images and audio. Maybe not everything we’ve wished for, but its a start. Here is the interesting part:

The developer says that he is charging a small fee for the iBluetooth (3.99 Euros) application for an important reason. Using proceeds from the sale of the application, he plans to purchase a full Bluetooth stack an implement it as a daemon (background service) into the iPhone so that any jailbroken application can have access to the iPhones Bluetooth with a fully supported Bluetooth stack.

What does a fully supported BT stack mean? Well for starters, it would provide A2DP stereo audio over Bluetooth. On top of that it should support all of the other Bluetooth profiles, which should make it possible for the pairing of keyboards and other devices. I’m pretty excited about the prospect of this happening and if you are as well, the dev asks you not to pursue a cracked version of the application, but instead pay for it as it will lead to the implementation of a full Bluetooth stack accessible to any jailbroken application developer.


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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    iBluetooth adds some real BT capabilities to the iPhone, full stack planned http://www.umpcportal.com/?p=6248

  2. Yasha Sekhavat says:

    iBluetooth adds some real BT capabilities to the iPhone http://bit.ly/11MWJn

  3. EC says:

    Sometimes info put out there makes people aware of things they never knew existed :) sometimes for good (iBluetooth) sometimes for not so good (there’s a cracked version out there?

    I do have to laugh a little at the irony though, if you look at it from Apple’s point of view all this Cydia & jailbreaking is “cracked” and to use terminology from the MeDevil site “not the right way” :)

    Ok ok yes my iPhone is jailbroken running on TMo and Cydia is installed, so there!

    I did try to install this but didn’t want to pay for it to be able to try it, also seems to stall the phone a lot, I even had to restart the whole device (after uninstall) to get rid of the extra BT icon nxt to the battery icon, yep EXTRA icon, when I turned on the builtin BT I had TWO BT icons next to each other, though that’s a small “price” I’d pay any day for say using a BT keyboard with the iPhone!

  4. EC says:

    I doubt it but what if this would open up the A2DP possibilities?
    It does seem like this is being a more major update!

  5. EC says:


    Somewhere I think I read you updated your iTunes? You’re not afraid of getting stuck with not being able to jailbreak your iPhone soon? Or then again perhaps you’re on AT&T so it’s not as vital for you as it is for me who am NOT on the AT&T network.

  6. Ben says:

    Ya I’m on AT&T and don’t plan on unlocking this specific device any time in the near future so I’m not worried about it. I’ve updated my baseband past the level that makes it possible to unlock (at least for the time being). Mine is jailbroken though, I updated iTunes last night to the latest version, but I’ve never heard of a simple iTunes release breaking the functions of a jailbroken device, the only thing you need to worry about obviously are firmware updates.

    I haven’t synced my phone to the new version yet but I don’t anticipate any issues. I’ll try now just to double check and let you know if it is safe. Unless you are using unlocked hardware, and need an old version of iTunes for some reason?

    You may have read that on twitter, or friendfeed. If you use either, just search benz145.

  7. chip3 says:

    ya but u can get a blue tooth adapter for the i touch so you could use this app with ur touch if u don’t have an i phone

  8. EC says:

    Since this SOFTWARE would be using the BUILT IN BT hardware, it would not be possible to use this app with the iPod Touch (yes many call it incorrectly the “iTouch”). For the iPod Touch you’d need something like this:
    (NOTE: that woot link now outdated, maybe it should be edited? :))

  9. john.jones.name says:

    ipod touch has a bluetooth chip they just use it for Nike+ stuff…


    apple dont want it to do bluetooth they like to sell wires that are expensive and come from taiwan…

  10. EC says:

    While the iPod Touch does have a BT with limited capability it most likely won’t work with this SW I would assume, at least not first off.

    Most Apple products come from mainland China, not from Taiwan. Same thing if you ask mainlanders, but not if you ask Taiwanese. Taiwan is a western democratic independent country if you ask the Taiwanese. However at the 2008 Olympics (in China!) they agreed to carry a special Olympic flag.

  11. http://rich-niche.info/cookie/img/smilies/happy.gif says:

    nice! [IMG]http://rich-niche.info/cookie/img/smilies/happy.gif[/IMG]

  12. Haraye says:

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

  13. jailbreak iphone 3g says:

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  14. Munk says:

    I know this is an older thread but the iPod Touch 2nd generation does have bluetooth and it is opened up as of the recently released 3.0 OS. So, now that it is opened up. We need to get dial-up networking to work through BT along with other abilities that even the dumbest of bluetooth enabled phones have done for years.

  15. Adge says:

    Does this mean the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watches will work with the iPhone ????? That would be so cool.

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