SmartQ 5 MID shot in the wild

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Looks like we have an interesting mystery device here. The SmartQ 5 MID has been captured in the wild. The background image of the device immediately reminded me of the background of the Nokia N810 [Portal page]. At first I thought it might be running Maemo, but seeing as this device is not from Nokia, I’d say that is highly unlikely. It appears to be running a simple Linux distro. The hardware itself seems very simple, with a 4.3 inch 800×480 screen, WiFi, Bluetooth, and just four hardware buttons on the top of the device. The source puts the price of the unit at $132 which prompts Chippy to assume that it is Arm 11 based. So far there aren’t many more details other than some images of it running FBreader, a Linux based e-Book reader. Considering the fact that it is Linux based, I’m sure it will be able to plenty of common Linux tasks, but it will all come down to a matter of how quickly, and how well the interface is adapted for touch. After seeing that the stylus is featured in many of the photos, I don’t have my hopes up for a finger usable interface, and the lack of keyboard probably means this device will turn out to be more of a toy than a productive pocket computer. Does that sound a bit pessimistic?

Swing by the source for more images. via [Engadget]

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    SmartQ 5 MID shot in the wild

  2. squirrel says:

    more pictures with some application called FBReader and some specifications: fb2、HTML、CHM、plucker、Palmdoc、zTxt、TCR、RTF、OEB、OpenReader、Non-DRM’ed mobipocket、Plain text

  3. EC says:

  4. Harry says:

    There is a bunch of so called “mp5 players” out of china, essentially mp4 players with extra features, with 4.3in screens. The prices go even below $100, and most use the Rockchip RK2706 400MHz chip that is ARM based (or compatible? I don’t know if they have a license). Typically they also have 8-16GB flash storage. I assume that this is essentially the same hardware with linux instead. As a product it makes a lot of sense as a very cheap low powered open source MID, essentially a more modern PDA.

  5. Archos 704 says:

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  6. Pheral says:
    about 95 pounds only

  7. jtworld says:

    hi, i bought SmartQ5 at , and there is a wonderful leather case for SmartQ5 , you can have a try

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