UMID Mbook Benchmarks

Updated on 11 November 2019 by

While the others were in a keynote here at SXSWi I had the chance to take a few images of the UMID MBook and run CrystalMark

Fast SSD goodness. And it really shows in the usability of the device because it not only boots quickly but is noticeably faster in normal operations.

UMID Mbook CrystalMark

Check out the details and full image set in the gallery!

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    UMID Mbook Benchmarks

  2. krynk says:

    Any word on importers that have this guy in stock yet?

    Do want in the US.

  3. Chippy says:

    No word yet. Sorry.

  4. EC says:

    So maybe I can keep my Dell Mini as a MacBook Nano as I use it now and the UMID as my only native Win netbook & onthego full OS device.

  5. maxus says:

    I really don’t undestand. The Aigo MID with the XP you mentioned some time ago , that it’s not even fully adapted to the Aigo, a 800 mhz silverthorne without HT if I remember well, has 1598 in D2D and the supposedly somehow better 1.3ghz UMID with the same ATom/silverthorne and HT gives an amazingly low, in comparison, 191? It looks pretty absurd to me.

  6. JC says:

    The D2D score is a measure of graphics performance, not processor performance. That the UMID has a faster processor isn’t actually relevant.

    The release notes for the GMA500 driver actually notes the low CrystalMark D2D score as a known issue. (I assume the XP driver has the same issues as the Vista driver.) Perhaps the Aigo was using the generic VGA driver. The release notes say that currently gives a higher D2D score.

  7. scoobie says:

    This is faster than the base 1.3 normal HD Sony P

  8. Hanzo says:

    It’s off-topic, but I got to say: why UMPCPortal doesn’t want to report any other hardware news except Intel’s solution? Where’s the report of VIA’s 1st 1080P H.264 HW decoding chipset, VX855?

  9. gogo says:

    I hear about Nano and other VIA chips years ago… But have you seen devices available in shops?

  10. Hanzo says:

    Well that’s true, but does that means we should ignore their products no matter what the product is?

    Is UMPCPortal a fan site of Intel?

  11. scoobie says:

    There are virtlly no non intel powered devices. I think it is a balanced site. Midmoves isn’t however, but then its sponsored by Intel

  12. Jiba says:

    Could it be used as a PDA, e.g. with an agenda program that can raise an alarm before events, even when the device if off / hibernating ?

  13. EC says:

    It could or could not do what your desktop/laptop can or can’t with the same OS (well in this context anyway).

  14. scoobie says:

    Jiba – No – it couldn’t

  15. john wander says:

    I put your blog to my facebook favourite sites.

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