New MIDs at IDF Beijing 2009

Updated on 09 April 2009 by

JKK has edited up the keynote video from IDF Beijing that took place a few days ago. In the video you can see a number of the MIDs that were announced in one of the press release. [PDF]


Click through to JKK’s site for some more images. The BYD clamshell phone (based on Menlow) is particularly interesting. Obviously we’ll try to get more detailed information on these but at the moment it’s looking like an Asia-focused effort. We may have to wait until IDF in Sept for an sort of hands-on.
jkkmobile: Intel shows new MIDs at IDF Beijing 2009.

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    New article: New MIDs at IDF Beijing 2009

  2. Vit says:

    Phone running full Windows XP! Wery cool! I am looking forward to it. :)

  3. AT says:

    With the idea of XP phone, you probably need to bring more pieces of bulky battery packs along with the computer phone on the road!!!

  4. EC says:

    It’s not the OS as such the determines the battery time…

  5. AT says:

    You are right, but just wonder the additional power consumption with x86 architecture with Windows XP, vs ARM processor with Windows Mobile.

  6. EC says:

    Well yes, I’ve been advocating WM for years (just look for ecsk2 and WM or WinMO) due to battery time figures and instant/constant on. I have however also never REALLY liked WM but it was at the time the best option, for me.

    My attention however has been turned to the fact that there is more to the picture than just x86 and ARM processors. I never claimed to be a processor expert, nor am I today.

    Bottom line is certain activity will require serious power regardless of processor, so you either have to chose if you want to have limited ability say online or if you will have shorter battery times, or bulkier devices/batteries.

  7. AT says:

    I absolutely agree with you, but I think Microsoft should do something to provide a new OS with better GUI designed for small-size MID with limited resolution, processing power and memory, especially when compared with the new Midinux or Moblin OS designed for MID. Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 definitely are not the best options that fit for MID.

  8. scoobie says:

    I like the look of the NFS MID – bottom right hand corner.
    And the phone.

  9. John says:

    I agree, the NFS MID looks interesting. A small convertible tablet. But, what CPU? what are its other specs? What OS? Is it something I can run Mer upon? or at least Android?

  10. deriuqer says:

    Is that Intel or QVC ? Never heard someone talking so much nonsense lately.

  11. EC says:

    Who is talking “nonsense”?

  12. ctitanic says:

    Wow! So… UMPC now are officially renamed to MID!

  13. Chippy says:

    Intel have been calling UMPCs a sub-category of MIDs for over a year now. Yes, UMPCs are officially (Intel) MIDs!

  14. EC says:

    Really?? You’ve just confused me even more on the UMPC vs. MID :)

    Does anyone know what is what? :)

  15. EC says:

    Finally some clamshell ideas, I am very curious to see what the BYD and NFS products end up being.

  16. jzhang_97 says:

    As far as mobile computing is concerned, Intel just doesn’t get it: “New MIDs at IDF Beijing 2009 -The Mobile Internet”

  17. fab says:

    hm…same old, same old…these announces were made last year and the year before…and where are the actual devices?

    it’s april 2009!!! how many MIDs are available? the newly announced ones will be out end of 2009 beginning of 2010? how many? 2 or 3…

    as exciting a MID device can be, it is just a niche product in the computer market. i wanted one, i got a netbook and i know why..cheers

  18. EC says:

    Well in a sense yes 80% or so same old. However taking into account the overall international economic situation I have to say it’s quite nice to see that MIDs and the alike hasn’t been put on a shelf all together.

    While some think netbooks (and I am typing this on one) might hurt the MID market, I am not so sure, I think it will be helping the MID market in a way too. More and more people get used to the fact that smaller devices can do most of what they are used to on a larger computer, and that cheaper doesn’t mean worthless. If the MIDs can get to the similar pricing as some of the netbooks, I think they will indeed break through, especially such as the UMID and the two clamshells shown above.

    There are a number of MIDs available actually, just not many that meet what a good portion of the readers of this site want.

  19. Al says:

    Pricing is fine but what is more critical is function. I feel what is missing with all of the MIDS and UMPC’s is what people have wanted for ages. That is a simple pocket computer that has a good touch type keyboard input and runs full Windows OS in a jacket size shape so you can take it everywhere. Sure there have been pocket size UMPC/MIDS that run Windows but they lack the right size to provide a good enough keyboard to be useful. What we need is a modern Psion 5mx type size MID or UMPC. Something about 7″ to 7.5″ long by 4″ to 4.3″ wide and 1″ or less in height.

  20. EC says:

    I agree, and you feel this way but I do think the general public doesn’t have as well insight into this as maybe your average reader of this site. This is more true in some parts of the world vs. others. I’d dare to say that the “easier” it is to make money the less “informed” the consumer tends to be.

    One thing that comes to mind is the fact that there are “netbooks” being sold with Windows CE, and they find buyers, a lot due to low price, despite the fact that you might be able to get a large brand netbook with full OS for same amount (i.e. my Dell Mini 9 refurbished).

    As for your Psion comment, I agree, UMID is getting close!

  21. EC says:

    Someone who agrees with you :)

    I wanted to see how the keyboard/screen opens as I never had one of these, seems to be exactly what ASUS is looking to do with one of their netbooks?

  22. EC says:

    Psion 5mx vs UMID m1 (yes umid is thicker at battery end than 18.6mm)

  23. kiwi says:

    eking finally comes up with a company logo….

  24. animatio says:

    well for me the thing is, that mid’s are neither fish nor bird and never will be.
    it was the same in the good ol’ filofax times. the a5 filofax agenda for serious work wit all it’s special pages and forms, the small pocket agenda for addresses / quick notes taking. same nowadys since there exist small, affordable 9′ netbooks today. a 9000 eee pc functioning as filofax (with a big advantage compared to good ol’ times: it runs all the productive stuff of my desktop too, but on the go!) and a small pocketfriendly wifi smartphone for the rest (functioning as mobile modem on the go if needed).

  25. EC says:

    Keep in mind that many of these now going under the MID term really would be more of the UMPC as they run full OS’ like Windows unlike some MIDs that are Linux only and sometimes on ARM processors now as we are seeing.

  26. John says:

    XP on a phone?

    Isn’t that like a weight loss plan of eating pure fat, salt, and sugar?

  27. Franco says:

    Hi guys,

    just to let you know that I DID finally manage to have HW accelleration on Poulsbo using XP. You just need the correct drivers. You can play QuakeIII as advertised.
    Performances are not exceptional (rougly on the same level of 945GME) and there are still many graphics glitches, but accelleration does indeed work.
    The overall experience is much improved (I guessyou have HW decoding of youtube videos to), and everyting is just much snappier. It’s just a matte of time you’ll get these stuff in the official driver, so start looking around… you will have a new opionion of the Poulsbo and Atom combination after you’ll see what can be done with 6W of power…

  28. Chippy says:

    Hi Franco.

    Interesting. Are you using beta drivers? I’m sure there would be hundreds, if not thousands of people that would be very happy if you gave us more info! Feel free to email or contact me via the contact form and I can put the information up as a post.

    steve at umpcportal

  29. animatio says:

    Intel® SCH US15W Chipset (Poulsbo) Drivers for Win XP

  30. Benjiro says:


    You mean by “You can play QuakeIII as advertised.”, that your are playing a movie, while playing Q3? On what device is this? A Sony Vaio P ( just a gamble, but that community looked very active for finding the problem with the Poulsbo )?

    Any chance for a movie with fraps active off Quake 3? Or just the fraps numbers are also good…

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