17 Mobile Computers. Which One Would You Choose?

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As I was packing a few UMPCs up today, I realised it would be a good time to take a photo of all the devices that are owned or passing through UMPCPortal right now. It makes a great overview of the form factors and sizes that are available. There are 17 devices. 4 run on ARM processors.  9 have keyboards. 2 are convertible. 2 were delivered with linux installed. 7 of them have 7 inch screens. 5 of them have 4.8 inch screens. 7 of them are no longer produced.

If you had to choose one from this selection, which one would it be?


From top left: Fujitsu Loox, Samsung Q1U, Kohjinsha SC3

TabletKiosk i7210, Raon Everun Note, Samsung Q1EX

Samsung Q1b, UMID Mbook, Samsung Q1P

Archos 605 Wifi, Wibrain B1, Aigo MID, Raon Everun, Nokia N810

Compaq iPaq 2210, Viliv S5, Casseiopea E115

There are a few more (and higher res) photos in the gallery.

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    New article: 17 Mobile Computers. Which One Would You Choose? http://cli.gs/vHRzDE

  2. Robert says:

    I would choose the UMID Mbook

  3. Marc says:

    What worries me more is how many of those I’ve had! (and I’m guessing a few in the picture were once mine!)

    As I have the Viliv S5 on order, I’d have to say that. Got a Pandora on order too…

  4. Lion77 says:

    viliv S5 !!! I hope to get one on May 14!!!

  5. Federico Cervelli says:


    I’d take the Fujitsu U820, then the Raon Digital Everun Note.
    In fact, I am struggled by two needs (or desires :)):
    – battery
    – performance
    Then, I would like the Fujitsu for its ability to be used as a slate, and the Note for its pixel density (the Fufitsu’s scares me).

  6. abu yussif says:

    form factor only? the sc3. if they’d fix the battery disaster and notch up the processor, it would be hard to beat on so many levels.

  7. deriuqer says:

    1) Aigo MID (form factor/size)

    2) Fujitsu Loox (build quality/functionality)

    3) Wibrain B1 (battery life/performance)

  8. Chippy says:

    But if you had to choose one….

  9. deriuqer says:

    If you would put me in front of that table and say “take one for free”,I’d take the Viliv S5.

    Since all of them are too half’ish for me,I choose to buy none of them.(bought a NC10 a few days ago)

  10. Andlil says:

    I use again and again Raon Everun with 3G : why ? Better battery (large battery, 3G ON, screen 10%, tweaks a little, 6h30) Perfect for trading

  11. Lehan says:

    Hello!!! Please tell more in detail.
    I too in trading. And now I choose UMPC for this purpose.
    But I cannot solve choice Everun or Viliv S5
    Please tell what permission of the screen you use (800×480 or 1024×768)
    What is programs for trading you use with Everun?
    How many battery life on 3G + trading.
    You use the double battery.
    You use stilus.
    Please help to make a choice.
    Many thanks!!!

  12. Andlil says:

    I use Raon Everun, warning it’s not Everun note. I have take geode 800 because my priority is battery life.

    I trade with TWS interactive brokers in 1024×768. Ninja Trader, button trader works too. I have 3g HSDPA integrated (mini pci). I use the double battery, i have never use stilus because mouse optical is incredible. I have two large battery so i can trade 12h each day…

    I have too car kit, very good too.

  13. Lehan says:

    Oh, it is very good!!!
    I am very glad that on Everun is possible use Ninja Trader.
    You use 1024×768 but standard 800X480.
    The image not in a fog? Figures and letters are well visible?
    How the processor of loaded (%)?
    Your opinion about Viliv S5 and Wibrain I1. You wish to buy it?
    Many thanks!!!

  14. Andlil says:

    You must have good eye but it’s very positive, processor 30% to 70% no lag, it’s very visible for me. Image is clear you can use 1024×600 if you prefer.

    I have no opinion about vilviv S and Wibrain I1, i have never use them. Check what is your priority : for me i use it for surf and trading so battery life is priority. I have 2 double battery + standard, i can trade 8h00 am to 23h00 PM. I configure it when Raon have 1% baterry, it’s move to hibernate mode. So i change battery and go for 5 6 hours. You can make change in 2 minutes chrono. I use too now for ebooks and video (divx good too).

  15. Hail_Acme says:

    if i had the money Fujitsu Loox(u2010? right) + the big battery BUT!!! since i dont Viliv S5 is the right choise for me

  16. mmp-7 says:

    I prefer I1 hsdpa. It has everything I need, but I really can’t call it pretty. If there is some thing has the function of I1 but a form factor of OQO, that would be perfect.

  17. thedoctor says:

    Definately Wibrain i1, 6-8 hour battery and 10-12 hours with extended battery. Full qwerty, wifi. That is mobile. Aigo is pretty and can be useful with XP, but 2 hour battery life is not productive. By the time it has booted up, connected to 3G, the battery is already down to 85%. The wibrain doesn’t have to win any beauty contests but it does need to be mobile. Having to charge things every few hours is not productive.

  18. tomarmo says:

    After long consideration I would take S5 because of the battery life. It has too small screen for my needs and lacks physical keybard, but battery life is essential for a device that is supposed to be my internet-everywhere-solution. I guess that’s why I still stick to smartphones even on cost of usability.

    What I’m waiting for is HTC Shift with Atom 2Ghz and 8h (Vista) battery life ;)

  19. Michael P. says:

    I would go for the UMID MBook.

  20. Corrupted Mind says:

    I’m with Marc… I feel a little bit of the Samsung fanboy in me… (Rotated around all Q1 models before settling on the original – and the best…lol).

    My heart says Everun note (the mere possibility of proper gaming and steam made me say it), but my head says Viliv S5 all the way (I love me a simple slate, and the battery life is banana’s)

    A 3g radio model would be perfect. All that would be needed would be a sierra foldable BT keyboard, some ultimate Ears plugged in the 3.5mm, BT mouse (MS sidewinder). Clean install, plus firefox and onenote.

    The downside would be all Nokia’s as the N95 8GB would be traded for a ‘dumb phone’ and the upside would be all Sony’s as I could get me that TG3 (or 5) I’ve been lusting after.

  21. Josh24 says:

    Since I bought Everun Note D24s already with total 4 battery (3 standard + 1 extended) + done upgrade to better SSD + hsdpa modem with antenna,…

    … So yes or not, I SHOULD live & love with it! :)

    Well, which one is your favourite chippy ?
    Lucky you have such so many devices to play everyday ?!? ;)

  22. Chippy says:

    U820, if I had to choose just one. Especially after i installed W7 today.

  23. Clayton says:

    Uhm… Now, I’m curious! What about the noise and heat? I *almost* bought one, then the Viliv was (kinda) launched and I’ve decided to hold my purchase decision. Now, I feel that the viliv could replace my iPod Classic (with Win iTunes), plus provide a real internet mobile experience (but, still with a 3G token…). My only concern is the lack of a real keyboard. I’ve been playing with the new Nokia XM5800 for a while now and the haptic feedback is great – but it’s not a REAL keyboard…

  24. baap says:

    From the above – it seems that an intermediate between the Wibrain I1 and the S5 would really hit the sweet spot! What Im struggling with when it comes to choosing between the I1 and the S5 is definitely the pocketability of both devices.

    The S5 is far more Pocketable while the I1 sacrifices this edge to provide the added Battery Life + trackpad+ real KB which really improve Usability and Interaction with the device.

    Others have their unique features no doubt but Im sort of a niche user – I need my device to be operational while riding my motorcycle. I1 or S5? (Crowdsourcing this one..)

    Saying that however these are mobile devices and not being pocketable or jacketable, IMHO is a big downer. Chippy you know what – do a video of fitting all these devices (or atleast ones from each form factor) into everyday clothing like jeans, shorts, jackets etc. That would be a wonderful Usability test!



  25. modjero says:

    the viliv s5 of course.

  26. CGI says:

    As an owner of 3 of those; Samsung Q1U, Archos 605, and Nokia N810 (and previously the itouch and Archos-5) they are all good at different things… but can’t see a better model in that collage than the Samsung Q1UP.

  27. Phil says:

    O Q O. All day long.
    (I know it’s not in the picture, that’s my point)

  28. John says:

    If we can pick ones that aren’t in the picture…

    if it’s real: the Always Innovating Touchbook, with Mer.

    If it’s not quite as real: The Skynote 6×0, with 2GB RAM, 32GB SSD, dual booting Android and Maemo/Mer.

    Vaporware: the expected Nokia Netbook, if it runs Maemo. Especially if it’s a convertible tablet swivel screen netbook, at about 9″ or 10″ screen size.

    Or, the recent dual-touch screen flexing Macbook Touch concept that was shown on jkontherun a week or so ago. THAT would be amazingly cool.

  29. Vit says:

    Fujitsu U820, IMHO it is what UMPC should be. Portability, power, functionality. I would go with Fujitsu, absolutly.

  30. Vladimir says:

    Asus T-91 :)
    What is going on with the T91?!
    It was supposed to be out end of April in the UK still nothing…wasssuuuup??!?!

    As for the given choice above I would choose the TabletKiosk i7210 but price wise the tabletkiosk is a NO GO :)

  31. Christian Kurz says:

    if the compal had 1024×600 it would be my choice. Now id take the umid.

  32. des says:

    Fujitsu Loox (aka U820). I am drawn by the screen resolution. When you balance that with the size and weight of the device it a winner for me. I also like the fact that Fujitsu has be committed to pen input and touch devices for a longtime. You know what to expect and it is only going to get better. Unlike the Samsung Q1 line (which seems confused as to what direction they want to take) Fujitsu takes a good thing and makes it better. I’m hoping they bump up the ram to 2 gig.

  33. Cajun_Mike says:

    1. Eking I1
    2. UMID Mbook

  34. saperalot says:

    hmmm let me short think …. aigo mid and viliv s5.

  35. John in Norway says:

    OQO 02! Oh sh…. it’s dead!

  36. focus says:

    Everun note.5 inch is too small for me,7 is minimal and processor power always make an big diference between devices.

  37. thedoctor says:

    who actually has the eking i1? where did you buy it from? I just ordered mine from mobilx.

  38. teh.sean says:

    Had / currently own several of those devices right now.
    Top of the list:
    UMID M1
    Fujitsu U8xx

    But I love the UMID, it brings a lot to the table that wasn’t around before.

  39. John says:

    Well, I already own a Samsung Q1 Ultra, an Everun Digital Note, and an N810.

    I’d probably be interested in one of the convertible tablets (the SC3 or the Fujitsu) if it ran Ubuntu-NBR or Mer. And I’d be interested in seeing how well the new Samsung runs Mer as well (as I just said in another thread).

    But, given what I already own, what OSes those things actually run, and what I’d be interested in trying… I’d probably take the WiBrain (if it’s the ubuntu version, or if the windows version will reasonably support ubuntu).

  40. Sarig says:

    WiBrain thingamajig. With 3g, if possible!

  41. Ben Lang says:

    RT @chippy: New article: 17 Mobile Computers. Which One Would You Choose? http://cli.gs/vHRzDE

  42. José Melo says:

    Only two:

    1st: Aigo MID
    2nd: Raon Digital Everun Note

  43. Simon says:

    Well for pure style the OQO 2e which is not listed…
    For form factor the Psion 5a great keyboard which is not listed…

    I guess I have broken the rules somewhat

    Get me a Psion 5a with an OLED touch screen (that covers the full size available) 2Gb memory, 60Gb SSD, CF slot, USB, BT, Wifi, 3G and GPS with a 1.6Ghz (dual) processor oh and 4hrs battery life!
    Nothing quite fits the bill, so I’ll stick with my old flipstart.

  44. AEK says:

    For me, the original Everun (not the Note). Great optical mouse, ssd and hd, qwerty keyboard, use it with iNav software and GPS, car kit, docking station, runs MS Office and the standard battery runs over 4 hours and the extended battery gets over 8. Perfect for my needs! I even brought it back from the dead with the AMI recovery.

  45. Chippy says:

    Interesting spread of choices. Very interesting.

    i1 (not shown in photo!) wins based on comments.
    UMID, U820, S5 second.
    Everun Note, OQO 2+ and Aigo get 2 votes each.
    SC3, Everun, Q1u get one vote.

    Thanks for all the detailed responses so far.

  46. squirrel says:

    Aigo MID (3G) or Archos 5G (is not on the picture), because the real pocketablity is below 350 gm.

  47. ssagg says:

    Add another vote for the Oqo
    But If I have to choose only between those that are pictured it would be the original Everun

  48. icura says:

    U820 at 2GHz for me. It would be the everun if there was some kind of a refresh on the newer AMD platform.

    I’m considering the Sony Vaio P Series after seeing one. They look magnificant! (Bust costly at 2GHz)

  49. Na Hart says:

    The closest to my everyday mobile needs is the S5. My keyboarding needs are either very light (to navigate), or heavy in which case a fordable full size keyboard is perfect…

  50. Alte says:

    UMID M1 was on top of my list for a long time, I have even pre-ordered it, bat canceled my pre-order based on reviews I’ve seen. It looks like their implementation of a great form factor is too far from perfect – I’ll need to carry adapters for USB and audio, no pointing device, suboptimal design of this model for thumb typing.

    Compal/Aigo is the best form factor for my needs, but lack of pointing device, 800×480 and lack of processing power are showstoppers for me.

    Therefore my current choice is Eking I1. It has everything I need, I hope to be able to upgrade RAM to 2Gb and HDD to SSD. Yes, it is too ugly, too heavy and too big, but I hope to upgrade it in a year or two, when something better comes out. The only thing I am waiting before placing and order with Mobilx is a couple of user reviews to make sure there are no dramatic pitfalls in the device.

  51. Chippy says:

    It really seems like that amongst the UMPCPortal community (or at least the chattering part of it!) that the i1 is a winner. I agree it’s a great choice for a productive handheld.

  52. Alte says:

    Lets hope i1 can really be the answer for this year!

    Will you be reviewing Eking i1 once Mobilx receives it? Or, maybe, you can confirm it is 100% identical to the Wibrain i1 you reviewed earlier?

  53. Chippy says:

    Probably not. So far, there don’t appear to be any differences (apart from fixes for issues I saw on the Wibrain version) but if there is, i’ll probably hear about them and relay the info.

    If any i1 owner out there wants to write a good quality Eking i1 review, i’ll be happy to return a $50 Amazon voucher and put it up on the portal!


  54. drx says:

    Kohjinsha SC3. 7″ convertible + good keyboard = win

  55. Alan Edwards says:

    Very interesting picture, for comparing the size of the various devices. I had no idea the Samsung Q1 series was that big, and the Archos 5 is smaller than I thought.

    I have an N800, which I want to upgrade because it’s just too slow at rendering websites and the email client is rubbish, and an iPod Touch, which I’m liking except for the lack of Bluetooth mobile data tethering.

    Out of those, I’d probably go for the Viliv S5 or the Aigo MID, but I’m probably going to wait and see what the next generation Nokia tablet is like before jumping. An iPhone is also very tempting.


  56. Chippy says:

    Waiting for the Nokia Tablet is, in my opinion, quite a sensible move! I usually tell people to ‘buy today’ if they have a real need but the next Nokia Tablet is really intriguing.

    P.S. Thats an old Archos 605, not the new Archos 5 (although sizing is similar)

  57. John says:

    Yeah, if you’re in the market for a tablet, the next Nokia Tablet will probably be a real nice offering (it had better be, they’re no longer the only device in that market space, and the N810 is showing its age compared to the competition). Combine it’s HSPA and Google Voice, and I could even think about using it as a replacement for my mobile phone device.

    If you’re in the market filled by some of those larger devices, the Nokia wont help (I know, that’s my situation; I loved my N800 and N810, but they really are just slightly too tiny for some tasks). I’m hoping the Nokia netbook fits just such a niche for a middle range device (bigger than pocketable, smaller than a laptop), and has Maemo on it. Ideally it’ll be a convertible tablet netbook … maybe a lot like the Fujitsu U810/U820, but maybe slightly bigger. Add 3G to it, and I’d be in love :-)

    The only thing that might make me happier than those two devices, would be if the pocketable is also a fully functional mobile phone, and if both devices have Dalvik runtimes (for running Android apps) :-)

    But, even without that, I agree that if you’re in the market for a pocketable, I’d wait for the next gen Nokia tablet.

  58. Sharonkay says:

    I pick the UMID M1. I am debating on purchasing it over the Viliv S5.

    For those with Everun note and Fujitsus. How can you enjoy it with the fuzzy non-glare screen? I had both and sold them within days because of it. I want a nice crisp shiny screen on my umpc.

  59. Chippy says:

    I love glossy screens and the crispness they give (example Q1U, SC3 – awesome) but when you step outside, they are such a pain in the …

  60. John says:

    How can you stand a glare-ful glossy screen that attracts finger prints?

    non-glare screens are for computers (and real men! ;-) ).

    glossy screens are for media players only.

    Though, I suppose of your mobile device isn’t for real work (which is probably the case, for the Fujitsus, since they don’t run a real OS ;-) ), and it’s just for goofing around watching videos, then a glossy screen might be appropriate … :-)

  61. Linuxslate says:

    Can’t participate.

    My Wibrain B1L is working great, and I have no money to buy anything new anyway.

    My Wibrain has to last until one of the following happens:

    – Apple comes out with a Tablet/UMPC (giant iPod touch, or Vaio-P size/Form factor Mac Book)

    – Somebody comes out with an Thin/Stylish/Fast Android Tablet.

    – Somebody comes out with an Thin/Stylish/Fast Ubuntu Tablet.

    I’m simply not going to spend any money for something that runs Windows (anything), or that I have to spend hours finding/compiling Linux drivers for. It’s got to naively support lots of apps from a (somewhat) trusted repository (Like the Apple App store, Android Market, or Ubuntu repositories) and It’s got to support 3D gaming so my son does not make insulting comments about it.

  62. jake says:

    Raon Everun Note

    If I was going to buy a UMPC tomorrow, it would be that one. Isn’t it still the fastest available?

  63. jake says:

    … for it’s size range, obviously

  64. ssagg says:

    For any size
    It’s the fastest UMPC on the market (at least when docked)

  65. Chad W Smith says:

    I’d really need to do more research – but either the Mbook, the SC3, or the Everun Note.

    I like the size/form factor of the Mbook – the power and features of the SC3, and the balance of those 2 from the ENote.

  66. Sharonkay says:

    I guess I never had a problem with glare. And fingerprints are okay as they are easy enough to clean off, plus even the non-glare screens get smudges. As for sun, I normally can find a shady place to use a umpc. I wouldn’t want to stand or sit in the sun for long these days. The non-glare screens make it seem like I am looking through smudged glasses. But, I don’t do any “work” per say on a umpc :) its all fun!

  67. hello says:

    Any open source UMPC ( definately with complete availability of the source) ;D?

  68. Dave P says:

    I want an OQO 2+ ! ! !

    If the Aigo would upgrade the processor and storage, I’d prefer its form factor but I want something with he power to run Windows which it doesn’t seem to have as currently configured.

    Therefore, of the ones shown, I’d buy the UMID if my OQO 02 dies.

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