Asus Eee T91 tablet netbook gets taken apart, manual revealed

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The much anticipated Eee T91 tablet netbook [Portal page] has just taken one step closer to seeing an official US release. The FCC has gotten their hands all over the computer and given us plenty of nice internal photos as well as the user manual. Looks like the FCC took down the page for the T91, possibly due to too much trafic, or on Asus’ request.

eeet91(2) eeet91(1)

As jkk points out, internal photos show that the SSD is 50mm, which should allow the use of Dell Mini 9-sized SSDs. We can also see the internal GPS module which could be taken out to make room for a GPS+3G module giving you internal 3G without too much trouble. There is also space for a SIM card slot which could be soldered in or may be added to later models. The battery, as we can see, is also non-removable.

The manual on the FCC’s site seems to be the finished English manual. It doesn’t reveal anything particularly new, but does show us much of the Asus software that will be found on the T91. Unfortunately there was almost no mention of the touch interface that Asus was working on (video here) in the manual. No word yet if that means that it won’t be initially packaged with the T91.


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  1. Ben Lang says:

    New article: Asus Eee T91 tablet netbook gets taken apart, manual revealed

  2. Reimann3 says:

    The FCC link doesn’t work. I’d give just about anything to figure out where they got that GPS module.

  3. whyohwhy says:

    why do these mfrs cheap out on 5-cent parts such as sim card holder? why? WHY?

  4. Michelle says:

    i recently bought a white Asus Eee PC and i am very surprised about the size of this machine. it is very small and lightweight compared to my Toshiba laptop.

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