Clevo TN70M. More Pics. Round-up.

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Mobilx have just sent over live pics from their first batch of Clevo TN70M’s so if you’ve ordered already, it will be on its way. (Let us know what you think when you get it!) If you haven’t ordered, there’s stock available now.

DSCF4455 DSCF4458

DSCF4453 DSCF4460 More images in the gallery.

After analysing the Lazion review the other day I’m a bit more positive about it. I had thought that it had lost a bit of its lustre since we saw it in 2008 but having seen the upgrade possibilities (2GB, 1.8” HDD, PCI-Express Mini all accessible) I now see that this could make a really good value Windows 7-based ultra mobile PC with much better battery life than the SC3, a fingerprint reader, auto-rotation and what appears to be a bigger keyboard than the SC3 too. The 800×480 screen is a worry but for today’s advertised 382 Euro export price (pre-tax) it’s quite the bargain. Viliv will certainly be looking at this as they consider priding for their S7. The TN70M comes without OS but Mobilx have XP and Vista options available.

Here’s a list of the Clevo TN70M and TN71M (1024×600 version) information we’ve seen so far.

Thanks to Mobilx for sending the pics over. Their Clevo TN70M ordering page is available here.

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    New article: Clevo TN70M. More Pics. Round-up.

  2. Velik says:

    things i like about this
    – g-sensor, why are they not in all tablets?
    – not sure what video res. this webcam can capture, but 640×480 would be nice
    – form factor
    – air cooled. this is a big plus, everyone hates fans, esp if you leave your pc to download all night.

    think i dont like
    – the 2 square pads by the screen
    – too much bevel around the screen, i like screens to fill the case
    – trackpad, if theres a touch screen, why have a mouse, they take up allot of room. but I dont mind push sticks? it might be my lack of experience with these devices?
    – looks a little retro, partially due to the case to screen size ratio
    – base seems a bit thick, but difficult for me to tell right now

  3. Big Bear says:

    I first used a touchscreen laptop about 8 years ago, and once the gimmicky phase wore off I quickly reverted to the touchpad on it. The main problems were:

    – lack of precision on the touchscreen: this will probably be less of an issue now with modern technology, but fat fingers are more difficult to change
    – dirt on the screen: may well be acceptable on a phone but when you are concentrating for extended time on text or other things, fast becomes very annoying
    – tiredness of the arms: with the laptop in front of you at normal reach, the angle and reach is not the best for extended use, but good for the one off clicks

    I also had a tablet back then and the different way of using it suited the touchscreen far better, with is cradled in one hand and along the forearm, closer to the body.

    Having said that, still looks interesting and this space could be worth watching this year.

  4. its != it's says:

    “on it’s way” -> “on its way”
    “of it’s lustre” -> “of its lustre”

  5. Chippy says:

    Thanks again. Believe it or not, i’m really trying hard with the ‘its’ now.
    Stay with me!

  6. Velik says:

    which is a bigger waste of time, this reply, or the super geek police report?

  7. anon says:

    You can’t put a price tag on this. When text is the main medium of communication, it’s important to achieve good form. Just like a video blog with poor audio quality wouldn’t evoke confidence or manage to keep the audience listening, bad grammar and greengrocer’s apostrophes wouldn’t go well with professional journalism.

    You’re doing a top-notch job otherwise Chippy, keep it up!

  8. John in Norway says:

    I WANT AN ACTIVE DIGITIZER!!!! I’ve tried using touch screen devices and they’re a big FAIL.

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