UMPC Accessory Test: Ultimate-Netbook U2o Universal Power Pack and UMPC Holder. 10% off.

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Universal Car Mount for netbooks and UMPCs.

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This is another great-value accessory. The last time I bought a car mount for a ultra mobile PC it was over 50 Euros. This universal netbook and ultra mobile PC holder is half the price and, like the battery pack, universal. As you can see in the image below, there’s an adjustable clamp on a flexible suction mount arm. The arm also has a stabiliser that can be stuck to a dashboard. The bottom of the clamp also acts as a stabiliser when it’s resting on a dashboard. The arm is long so you’ll need to stabilise it.


I’ve tested it with 7 inch UMPCs and a couple of convertible UMPCs but it’s not small enough for 5 inch UMPCs. It’s also ok for some netbooks but beware, it won’t work with all devices as on some netbooks, there’s no way to clamp the device in place.


The suction cup is strong but again, you’ll need to make sure the arm is stabilised because with 1kg of netbook on the end of that long arm, there’s a lot of leverage that could pull the cup from the window if it’s not cleanly stuck down.

I’ve tested the mount with the Kohjinsha SC3 in my car and it’s almost perfect. There’s a little side-to-side wobble but that’s because I haven’t committed to sticking the stabiliser down on my dashboard. [Sidenote: The SC3 makes a really high-quality in-car navigation and entertainment device. The model I have has got built-in GPS (with external antenna) and runs Windows 7 well. It has a really bright 7 inch touchscreen too. I will be testing it with a new release of Mapfactor 9 soon.] As you can see in the images below, you can use it in various positions. I don’t recommend testing Windows 7 Media Center while on the move!


IMG_9103 IMG_9100 IMG_9102


Click through for more, larger images in the gallery.

I feel I should highlight again that this may not be the best universal netbook solution but for UMPCs and convertible netbooks, it’s a bargain.

  • Easy to mount
  • Easy to use. Bend the bracket arm at the angle you desire
  • Stable, provides you a stable mounting on your windscreen with 4 fix points
  • Suitable height of device 125-205mm
  • Suitable device 7″-10″ LCD
  • Maximum weight 5kg
  • Length of arm 260mm
  • Price: 22.59 Euro (Not including the 10% discount. Use code ‘WEBUMPC’ when checking out.)

More details at Ultimate-Netbook.

There’s a rigid, short-arm version available.

Dont forget the Ultimate Netbook shoulder bag too! I reviewed it here. Thanks to Ultimate-Netbook for sending these accessories over. If there’s anything that you’d like to see me test, Ultimate Netbook have offered to send samples so let me know in the comments and if there’s enough interest, i’ll arrange a sample for testing.

For the 10% offer at Ultimate-Netbook use the offer code – ‘WEBUMPC’ when checking out.

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8 Comments For This Post

  1. johnkzin says:

    For the U2o:

    on “things to note”, the 2nd bullet item just ends with “Get round this problem by”. You probably meant to say something like “Get around this by charging the USB device on the netbook/UMPC while it’s charging from the U2o”.

    Sounds like a great device. I have a Samsung Q1U, which you seem to imply will work with this. I also just acquired a Dell Vostro A90 (Dell Mini 9). Any idea if the Dell will work with it? I’d love to be able to use the extra/travel Samsung charger cable I have to charge this battery, and then just charge my Dell (or Samsung) from this battery. It would give me both an extended external battery for the Dell (or Samsung) and not require that I buy ANOTHER set of travel chargers for the Dell.

    It would be an extra bonus if my G1 can also charge via its USB port.

    * use the extra Samsung Q1U charger in my gadget bag to charge the battery (and Dell or Samsung, depending on what I’m carrying) when I’m away from home.

    * use the Dell charger to charge the battery (and the Dell) when I’m at my desk

    * use the original Samsung charger to charge the battery (and the Samsung) when I’m on my couch.

    * use the battery to charge my Dell, Samsung, or G1 when I’m out and about and need an extra battery boost.

    That would be pretty amazing.

  2. Chippy says:

    You got it! Thanks.

    I think JKK has both the u2o and the Dell. He’s doing some testing so keep an eye on

  3. johnkzin says:

    On the “Universal” Mount:

    It looks like devices with a Dell Mini style hinge are the ones that wont work with it (seems inappropriate for them to call “Universal” when it’s not quite universal ;-) ).

    What I’m really looking for is a desktop netbook mount. Maybe something out of a very thick wire frame, that folds up? or flat plastic pieces that fold and click into place? I want it to fit in my gadget bag and take it with me. Anyone know of something like that? (with URLs)

  4. Joshua Meduri says:

    Chippy I have a question. I just bought a Everrun s16s when you said that: “5V output limited to 500ma. This won’t run UMPCs or netbooks that require a 5V input but can be used for mobile phones and other devices that can charge over USB.”

    So this won’t charge the s16s will it? Doesn’t the s16s require a 5v input.

    And anther question is, the battery doesn’t have its own charger?! Does it just need a standard main lead like the one that connects to the wind powerbrick or does in need a entire power brick to charge? The reason I asked was because one of the main reason that I was going to purchase this device was to get rid of the LARGE(in relation to the s16s) OEM powerbrick in exchange for more battery life in my kit, not to mention the versatility.


  5. Cherimoya says:

    Just to say I think Chippy must have had a non-retail version because mine did come with a AC adaptor – a small UK 3pin plug. It’s probably worth checking with the reseller you intend to use.

  6. Volker mit V says:

    My first contact with wasn´t very good – Order canceld, because of different credit card/shipping address, although the order was under 100 EUR.

  7. kangikbal says:

    wow…it’s great power yeah…

    I have a tablet pc lifebook P1610 3.5G, for reason of mobility I need long battery. Is it really (effective) longlife 11 hours?

    I live in Indonesia, where I can store this battery? I wanna buy directly here without payment of visa or credit card.

    Please send info’s as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

    Sincerely yours,

    +62817 875 470
    +62251 8555609

  8. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    @Fleinsbach It's my multi-voltage power pack. Works with netbook and other devices. Info here.

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