Archos launch 9” Windows 7 Tablet UMPC

Posted on 11 June 2009, Last updated on 12 November 2019 by

The Archos 9

[This post is updating with info from the live press conference. There’s a live discussion going on from the event here. Thanks to @charbax and ArchosFans for the live feed. Charbax will be posting video from the event and later.]

More updates below but one final update needs to go up here before I lock this post. We’re hearing that this could be a multi-touch device. Unconfirmed at the moment.

Windows 7 with the Intel Atom Z515 (800/1200Mz CPU), 16mm thick. 800gm, BT2.1, 802.11b/g, webcam, 120GB. Diversity (dual) tuner. 3G Option, 9″ 1024×600 screen, ethernet 10/100,  external mic, stereo speakers, vga out, 1.3mp webcam, 256mm x 134mm x 16mm

It looks extremely thin. Viliv have a challenger!

Target pricing 450 Euro. Update: Looks like 500 Euro. Availability in Autumn. (Sept/Oct)

Windows 7 delivers a great media experience with the Menlow platform so this makes sense for Archos although I wonder if they’re adding a user interface layer.

I’m worried about the hard drive though. That could be a bottlekneck for Windows 7 as it has been in the past on UMPCs.


What better innovation for a MiniPC than to get rid of keyboards?
ARCHOS once again is leading the way in innovation, with the introduction of the MiniPC of the future, the ARCHOS 9PCtablet. The ARCHOS design team has coupled groundbreaking design with the most advanced technologies, by leveraging their expertise from the design of the Internet Media Tablets. The new PC combines the performance of a high end PC with breathtaking aesthetics, excellent ergonomics and a tactile interface that ARCHOS has built their reputation on. Pure lines, extreme thinness (0.63”), less than 800g and a stunning black finish, the ARCHOS 9 pushes the boundaries of elegance and simplicity on a MiniPC, fulfilling all expectations of the most mobile users.
Intuitive and easy to use, the ARCHOS 9 delivers an unrivalled user experience, and is set to replace the traditional computer. Without a physical keyboard, it provides a virtual keyboard, very easy to use on the the resistive touchscreen, and has an optical trackpoint to let you surf the web, communicate, work and entertain anywhere.
The ARCHOS 9 incorporates the new Intel® ATOMâ„¢ Z515 processor, an 80 GB1 hard disk, Bluetooth to tether wireless accessories, and 2 antennas to receive DVBT TV with diversity reception.
And what’s more, the ARCHOS 9 is running Microsoft® Windows 7, the latest version of the most commonly used operating system in the world.
The ARCHOS 9 provides all the power and comfort needed for daily usage.
It combines an impressive performance and a rich multimedia experience to deliver the most advanced PC in the world. Be ready to discover it.

Looks like more products are being launched too:

Update: There’s a press release in French.

Update: More specs (French)

Update: More pics.

Full specifications:

  • PROCESSOR : Intel ATOM 1.2 GHz Z515 with video chipset US15W
  • OPERATING SYSTEM : Microsoft Windows 7
  • RAM : 1GB (DDR2 400/533)
  • SCREEN : 8.9 inch touch screen is almost 23 inches diagonal
  • RESOLUTION : 1024 x 600 pixels
  • HARD DRIVE : Up to 2.5-inch 120GB Format
  • COMMUNICATION : 10/100 Ethernet card
    WiFi: PCI-E, 2 antennas, manages the IEEE 802.11b / g
    Bluetooth 2.1
  • AUDIO : Card Realtek ALC269, 2 stereo speakers and microphone
    USB 2.0
    Headphone Jack – Audio Output
  • Additional ports via an optional port replicator:
    – 2 USB 2.0 ports
    – 10/100 Ethernet Port
    – External Microphon
    – Audio output / headphone
    – VGA output
  • BATTERY : Lithium Polymer
  • WEBCAM : Integrated 1.3MP camera
  • Tuner TNT (diversity reception) recording (depending on model)
  • 3.5G HSUPA (depending on model)
  • DIMENSIONS : 256mm x 134mm x 16mm (approximately)
  • WEIGHT : Less than 800gr
  • Box Contents : ARCHOS 9PCtablet, battery, adapter / charger, quick start guide.

Update: Archosfans have their Ustream video available and will post the high quality footage soon.

43 Comments For This Post

  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    New article: Archos launch 9” Windows 7 Tablet UMPC

  2. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

  3. Mike Cane says:

    Archos launch 9” Windows 7 Tablet UMPC tx @chippy @MoriahJovan

  4. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    Archos just talked about a 450 Euro price for the 9" tablet. It’s super thin too. The Euro-Crunchpad!

  5. Netbooknews says:

    Archos launch 9” Windows 7 Tablet UMPC | UMPCPortal – The Mobile Internet and Computing Reference Site

  6. John Wohn says:

    Might make me tolerate a Windows product (if I had 500 euros) RT @netbook_news Archos launch 9” Windows 7 Tablet

  7. James says:

    Is it just me or does it look like they have Aero turned on?
    That would be quite an acomplishment for any UMPC to have as standard and not be a draw on resources!

  8. Bob V says:

    not really…have you ever used Windows 7? The way it handles resources is EXTREMELY better than vista…practically everything over 1GHz can run Areo without much speed impairments at all.

  9. James says:

    Know what you mean about 7 and its resources (never seen anything work better) but I’m refering to the acual ablity of the GPU to kick out DirectX 10 graphics :D.

  10. Lion77 says:

    It is extremely thin. Wondering the battery life. :)

    Window 7 will be launced on Oct. 22nd. That means that Archos will launch the device at a same time or any chance to have it earlier??

  11. Marc says:

    I think October 22nd is a public release of Windows 7 and that OEMs will have sooner than that.

    Archos make nice kit, which is often let down by the OS. Will be interested to see what they can do with a Windows based device…

  12. scape says:

    seems silly to have windows 7 on it…hope it doesn’t bog it down too much

  13. Velik says:

    why is it silly? versus what? xp… w7 runs much the same if not better than xp

  14. squirrel says:

    What will be the typing speed on it?

  15. squirrel says:

    if it is low, then you will need a keyboard and there will be no weight advantages in comparison to Eee T91

  16. DaDude says:

    So this one will definitely come to Europe/Germany? This is one advantage over the viliv… Really looking forward to first Hands-On videos of this nice gadget!

  17. squirrel says:

    The SCREEN is resistive, but MULTITOUCH !

  18. Nehalem says:

    BREAKING NEWS : The Archos 9 screen is NOT capacitive. It is MULTITOUCH.

  19. chippy says:

    Excelent. I was asking Charbax about it but couldn’t get a response.

  20. Nic Fillingham says:

    and want

  21. squirrel says:

    Android device will be on September, 15. That’s a pity
    Did anybody find any specs of future Android device?

  22. Charbax says:

    150 grams, starting at 10mm thickness, Android applications, voice, up to 500GB, 3D acceleration with OMAP3440 chip, more..

  23. squirrel says:

    thank you! 10mm, OMAP3 and up to 500Gb specs were announced in March
    but where did you find about 150gm?

  24. Charbax says:

    The Archos CEO said 150 grams during the keynote.

  25. Itai says:

    Looking very good. but it to big!

  26. gurry says:

    Wel hello there….. I m a big fan of archos inspite of its buggy querky widgets and plug ins for 605 I still prefer this to the Ipod touch and as a result Ill probably get one of these – I have my ppc for day to day stuff and will use this (with a usb dongle if the 3g version is too dear) for long trips and such. I WAS interested iun the viliv but at the same price AND I would have product support in the UK I would much rather get this.

    I was planning on trying to get a cheap HTC shift or a oqo 02 but this a BT keyboard and USB dongle and Im sold – plus a big HD and (I would predict) some media based jiggery pocery from the Co that made their name with PMP players? Or If Im wrong Ill just throw gom player on it and use my htc hd format mp4s.

  27. Alan Hyman says: Archos launch 9” Windows 7 Tablet UMPC

  28. gurry says:

    Oh and is that a typo 23 inches diagonal?

    Do the trigonomotry on the specs [256mm x 134mm x 16mm (approximately)] did you mean 23 cms?

    Oh and I read the press release and it looks like a huge amount of media support is coming with this little baby.

  29. CGI says:


    Yeah the Archos OS has always been buggy… very interesting device with Windows 7.

  30. Jason says: Does this Brand new Windows 7 Archos Multi-Touch device run hackintosh? If so you all know I will own it.

  31. AwesomeDude says:

    cool looking, interesting idea, but at 10″ across this thing is as big as a netbook.

  32. woerty says:

    It IS a netbook!

  33. will says:

    it’s a tablet pc you idiot!

  34. Soumen Halder says:

    Soumen Says Archos launch 9” Windows 7 Tablet UMPC | UMPCPortal – The Mobile …

  35. Will says:

    I’m guessing 500 Euros will get you the base, non-3G enabled model. Isn’t that a bit expensive considering that this is just a netbook with a touchscreen but no keyboard?

  36. ZC says:

    The battery life is what I am worried about this device. I’m skeptical that with a larger screen and thinner build and only a 200gram difference (assuming it weighs the full 800 grams) from the X70 if it will have 5+ hours video play. Well written drivers may make the difference. Well, I guess if you look at the S5 to X70 weight difference, 260 grams, maybe it is possible.

    Anybody else interested in how a specific T91 (supposedly resistive screen) demonstrated multitouch with Windows 7 and how this device will have multitouch with Windows 7 and a resistive screen also?

  37. Deafbear says:

    Archos 7 look nice. Yes, it will be release in Europe. What about release in USA? When? I want to know…

    Thank you,


  38. Deafbear says:

    Ooops! I meant Archos 9 not 7. Sorry.

  39. Vincent says:

    Absolutely, viliv x70ex looks much & much better.

  40. Peter says:

    Does anyone know if this will have a GPS add on?

  41. hui says:

    I want to konw the archos 9 will be release in China on Oct.10 or not ?I want to buy it ,can you tell me? think you very much

  42. joenoe says:

    is it possible to use this as a drawing device? ala, a portable wacom cintiq? i have a cintiq but it requires hooking up to an existing pc. how is the ink/writing/drawing using the stylus for this device?

    i also own the archos 705 wifi 7″ screen. unfortunately, archos locked that device down hard. i want to be able to run my own app from my pc. i hope archos doesn’t put some sort of serial lock on the archos 9 device that prevent users from installing their own application or changing out the operating system.

    this and the x-mode tablet look awesome. it’s going to be an exciting year for umpc.

  43. Josh says:

    no offense, but please dont say viliv “have” a challenger. wrong grammar

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