LonMID M100 Atom-based Phone is Official.

Posted on 10 June 2009, Last updated on 12 November 2019 by

Pocketables have posted more information about the LonMID Phone.


We saw a few XP-based phones at Computex but they didn’t impress to be honest. This one, however, looks good even if you disregard the fact that it’s got voice capability.

It runs on the 800Mhz Z-series Atom processor, has an 800×480 screen and 4GB flash drive. Much the same as the Compal/Aigo MID that was also based on Midinux (a port of Moblin V1)

The biggest issue I see right now though is battery life.  A device built on Menlow needs a big battery to last all day and the Dphone doesnt look big enough to house anything more than a 15Wh capacity battery which means 4hrs screen-on usage or 6-hours screen off.

Maybe they should just drop the phone bit and focus on bringing it out as a 3G MID. The design certainly looks nice enough. As for Midinux V2, I don’t know. It’s something I’ve never seen or tested yet.

No pricing or availability information appears to be available at the moment but keep an eye on Pocketables as it looks like Jenn has contacts in the right place!

Last thought: I wonder if this really is just two separate devices in one shell? If so, is the MID component able to use 3G data?

LonMID M100 MID phone gets official.

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    New article: LonMID M100 Atom-based Phone is Official. http://cli.gs/WTT8JN

  2. scoobie says:

    My view is MIDs will only take off in Europe and USA if they are phones as well. Asia may be different however, where you do tend to see people using MID like devices on the tube etc

  3. Morganj says:

    Mid with phone is a nice thing from a hardware and a “because we can” point of view.
    For me i like the idea of have my MID and phone separate from a purely practical point of view, in my personal experience i tend to use the MID to take care of some work while i am actualy talking on the phone or to look up some information during a call, and from that standpoint i prefer these to be separate devices.
    But (this is where i start to contradict myself) i think that i would really like one of these devices as a “because it can be done” device.

  4. johnkzin says:

    It’s not just nice from the “because we can” point of view. It’s also nice from the “I don’t want to carry two pocketables” point of view.

  5. pepilo says:

    Very intersting device. Remembers me at the sharp zaurus C series.

  6. teh.sean says:

    Yes, very much so.
    Looks a little less expandable though.
    Probably only has a micro SD slot and USB mini port.

  7. yves says:

    * 800MHz Intel Atom Z500 processor
    * 512MB DDR2 RAM (up to 1GB)
    * 4GB SSD
    * Midinux operating system
    * 4.8″ primary touchscreen (800 x 480), 2.4″ secondary display (320 x 240)
    * Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, 802.11b/g
    * Webcam
    * I/O: SIM card slot, microSD card slot, USB 2.0, miniUSB, headphone jack, microphone

    looks like an Aigo MID with a swivel screen…

  8. AwesomeDude says:

    until the Atom can compete with ARM in the size arena (which also means power efficiency) many of these devices look absolutely silly to be used as phone, not to mention extremely underpowered if u want to load Windows.

    they look fine as traditional MIDs though.

    personally i prefer sliders.

  9. CALICALI says:

    What were the other XP based phones?

  10. primaz_clone says:

    It doesn’t have a full size touch-type keyboard, 15″ display, 1 TB HDD that the mainstream buyer is expecting from a pocketable mobile device….. so I predict that it will fail.

    Just figured I would beat him to the punch… ;>

  11. phonefrenzi says:

    LonMID M100 Atom-based Phone is Official. | UMPCPortal – The … http://bit.ly/H5x0Q

  12. tmarks11 says:

    very pretty.

    But integration of a 3G or HSDPA PCIe card still doesn’t make this stand-out from some of the other already (or near already) released clamshell MIDS, such as the UMID-M1 (which has a faster ATOm and a higher resolution screen).

    I can’t see this selling itself on its merits as a phone; doesn’t really have the hardware functionality to be one.

    anotehr “me too” device; a solution in search of a problem to solve.

  13. yves says:

    Except if it is two separate devices in one shell, as Chippy imagined it could be…
    In this case, if both devices can use the SIM card for voice / 3G depending on your current usage, and if you can shutdown the MID (or have an efficient standby mode, like on the UMID) and keep the phone part on, waiting for incoming calls, it could be a very interesting solution.
    Just missing the performances of the UMID, but with a better design.

  14. TareX says:

    It’s too thick to be a phone. Sorry, there’s a reason why MIDs/UMPCs cannot double as phones. Battery life isn’t quite there yet.

    Even the Palm Pre is reporting terrible battery life.

  15. johnkzin says:

    If I were to drop something from this, it wouldn’t be the phone part.

    It would be the Atom CPU. I’d go with a TI OMAP, and try to license Maemo 5 for it :-)

    5 row keyboard, 4.8″ touch screen, convertible tablet, phone+MID, and Maemo. What more could I want in my pocketable? :-)

  16. Арсений says:

    Согласен в принципе :) Для меня это точно очень актуально :)

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