Tracking down the XPPhone

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It’s been reported by a few sites recently but today it launched…apparently. At some time between 0930 and 1100 while I was getting my press pass and finding my feet at Computex, In Technology Group launched the XPPhone.

xpphone xpphone2

There are some specifications up on an English language website but there’s not much to go on so tomorrow, after the Moblin 2.0 session, I’m planning to hunt it down.

“The patented technology of In Technology makes it possible for a mobile phone to run Windows XP, which support all software in your notebook and therefore brings Full Internet Experience into your pocket. It really solves the bottleneck issue of weak processing capacity of mobile phones in 3G environment and helps the development and popularization of wireless broadband.”


CPU: AMD Super Mobile CPU [I suspect this is the Geode LX. Not a powerful processor but not bad at pulling a webpage together. – Steve]
8G/16G/32G/64G SSD
4.8” TFT Touch-screen LCD 800*480
Operating System:Microsoft Windows XP Network: 
Wireless: 
WiFi 802.11b/g 
WiMax(optional) 
Buletooth 
Stand-alone GPS
Camera Specifications:
CMOS, 300k/1.3 Million,
Ports: 1 x earphone jack, 1 x microphone jack
Docking Connector (include VGA output singnal )
1 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB mini-B
SIM Slot
Power Management:
Battery: Removable Lithium-ion
Talk time: about 5 hours
Standby time: about 5 days
Real life: about 7 hours(Standard), about 12 hours(Large)
(Talk time,Standby time,Operation time may vary depending different usage)
Weight: 400g(include battery)

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    New article: Tracking down the XPPhone

  2. jpmatrix says:

    whow! my windows mobile smartphone/mid replacement dream comes true ? :)

  3. TareX says:

    Blown away by the title, my enthusiasm subsided after seeing how thick it was. It’s a brick… unfortunately.

    But yes, having the full internet, and the full overall PC experience (Chrome and all the PC games) in the palm of your hand is unbelievable. But in terms of “do more”, I’d think a Tegra powered Windows CE phone would do a LOT MORE for a LOT LESS power (e.g. 720p video, infinite audio playback, flash….etc)

    I mean, unlike a laptop, I cannot plug in the phone to a power outlet all day long if I want to do some browsing and play a video or two. Unless you report better power life…

  4. scoobie says:

    Windows 7 capable do you think?

    I’m pretty certain a US company had a go at this with a similar sort of design a couple of years ago but it turned out to be vapourware.

  5. tmarks11 says:

    you are thinking about the Raon Digital Everun, which was demonstrated in 2006 with a 3G card installed that allowed phone calls to be made. The Everun had the Geode as well. Not sure that I really see any technology break-throughs here.

    The Everun was never actually sold with that 3G card installed.

    Guess they can still claim “firsties” here, since this one has an internal GPS….

  6. focus says:

    Not to bad for an first try!
    The processor ,i think,is not geode,is probably the new amd mobile.

  7. Marc says:

    4.8″ is not a phone! It’s a 3G MID with voice added.

  8. focus says:

    Could be this: ?

  9. Mads Tejlgaard says:

    If it’s geode, which it probably is, it’s not going to run win7 at an acceptable pace.

    I don’t believe they manufacture it at 45nm, so think of it as a larger atom that has been underclocked to reduce power consumption.

    Honestly…it’s likely to be slow as a dog, and you lose your cell if you use it too much…

    But even so, it’s the first true convergeance device, and it’ll let you keep your pc around everywhere you go…so it’s still got a lot going for it.

  10. markus says:

    Still a lot to prove, but I love it, and I will be one on the waiting line if it proves decent xp and cellphone experience. I’m totally sold on the keyboard layout, the dpad looks great.

  11. Smiley says:

    Hmmm, a 400g brick-ish MID posing as “pocketable” (“phone-like” pocketable, even).

    …You’re talking about the Oqo model 03, right? (-:

  12. AwesomeDude says:

    needs Atom & 1024×600

  13. Suppy says:

    I really like keyboard and the screen size. Future of this line might be great, full windows on pocketable device.
    I like it now, sow how great it will be in 2010/2012?
    I am sold, anyway ;-)

  14. EC says:

    Anyone else notice the OQO-ish keyboard layout on this one? :)

  15. JC says:

    It’s amazing how the mere word “cellphone” can cause, in people’s minds, a device to explode in size. As near as I can tell, the xpphone is about the same size as a Viliv S5. If the Viliv S5 is small and pocketable, then so is the xpphone.

    The xpphone’s advertised battery life is about as good as any 3G cellphone. (Maybe this is a low bar, but it’s at least competitive.) This means you’re as likely to plug it into a power outlet all day long as you are with any other 3G cellphone.

    In any case, I just find it interesting how certain words force preconceived notions in our minds.

  16. EC says:

    I agree myself I try to be neutral in the smartphone vs. UMPC war(s) that tend to go on online, I mean if I can use a device for what I need it for I don’t care if it falls into the first or latter category, albeit both have their limitations at the present.

    I do find it funny though how whenever one mentions or brings up any smartphones on sites like this one there are plenty to claim they can’t get things done on such a small KB or/and screen, however now there’s plenty of comments on this being TOO big. Please make up your minds :) do you want a pocketable full OS device or not? :) For voice a huge number of people use BT headsets anyhow nowadays.

  17. fixup says:

    Three things to be clear before too excited:

    1) Will the phone ring for incoming calls?
    2) If yes, in the 5-day standby or 5-hour talk mode?
    3) Does it support push mail?

    If no push mail, then I still have to carry a smartphone and this thing has 0 point.

    If the phone cannot ring in the 5-day standby mode, then it is totally no sense.

  18. JC says:

    According to their web site, the xpphone will wake up from 5 day standby for incoming calls and SMS messages. The actual text on the web site is:

    Can your Notebook wake up by incoming calls and SMS from XP standby mode?

    Your notebook can NOT! But xpPhone can!
    The patented xpPhone can wake up by incoming calls or SMS from XP standby mode to save power and quickly shift to working mode and ring. xpPhone is always in a lowest power-consuming mode and stands by for 5 days, much longer than traditional Smartphone.

    Their web site is extremely insistent that xpphone is both a fully functional cellphone and a fully functional notebook. (They must read UMPC Portal since they even used the words “Full Internet Experience.”) The web site is pretty skimpy so I didn’t find anything about push email. Isn’t that also a function of whatever mobile phone service you subscribe to though?

    Since it receives phone calls, I assume push email is not technically impossible. However, I suppose this means the first generation iPhone had 0 point too. I bet xpphone would love to sell in that volume though. (i.e., useless for you is not the same as useless for the world.)

  19. fixup says:

    Thanks for the info. As long as it can truly wake up from standby by an incoming call and sms, it is all fine. Will buy one ASAP.

    No, such clever devices will never sell as many as iphone.

  20. Fra says:

    The screen resolution at 800×480? Would not be that good to surf the web, while on the other hand could other devices like S5, I1, M1 with their 1024×768. Does someone knows is there could be a risizable capability like 3G cell phones with internet browsing where I can see (even very very tiny) full web pages?

    Somebody know something of this device?
    Is it possible to buy and where? It is also on the product list of this portal (the actual version), but nobody talk about!

  21. free lg arena says:

    Great blog found this via twitter im just adding to my blog now.

  22. Carl says:

    Sounds like a pretty cool device to me, accepting its limitations. Hopefully the processor will be an Athlon Neo and not a Geode, given the later is slower than the current crop of ARM CPUs. The question now is when will it be available and for how much?

  23. Nicolai frost says:

    That might be all good but what about the fps in crysis

  24. Peter Kung says:

    Not sure what kind of “the patented technology” Xpphone is using. But, according to the videos they posted on the internet, its concept is similar to HTC shift (which has SnapVUE and Windows VISTA together). SnapVUE is an reduction version of Window Mobile, and it is an always-on mode. Which means that SnapVUE is a main operation , and VISTA is an standby or optional operation. By pushing a button, the HTC-shift user can switch to either mode (SnapVUE or VISTA) quickly. From my point of view, this is very promising if you want to have a device, which has the cell phone function as well as the window system.

    I knew that HTC-shift doesn’t have the phone function, but based on what HTC have, it should be easy thing.

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