UMPC or netbook? Can’t it be both? [video]

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hybrid An interesting hybrid device has cropped up at Computex. Combining a netbook with a slate ultra mobile PC and running both XP and Android at the same time might sound complicated, but it looks like there is a semi-functional unit on display already.

At the M-Taiwan both there is an HP Mini 1000 [Portal page] which has been fitted to use a VIA C7-M processor, and then fitted with a display which actually has its own 533MHz ARM CPU and runs Android. Essentially the Android slate device functions as the display for the Mini 1000 (running Windows XP) while it is attached, but then can be removed an will function on its own, running Android, as a slate UMPC.

A pretty cool concept definitely, but without any information sharing between the Mini 1000 base and the ARM based slate, I don’t know how productive one could be with this. What might be interesting is if it would be possible to remote control the Mini 1000 base from the ARM based slate. That way you could take some standing notes with the display, then plug it in to the base and switch over to directly controlling XP.

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  1. Ben Lang says:

    New article: UMPC or netbook? Can’t it be both? [video]

  2. Josef says:

    Wow that is real cool i hope to see more of that. Crunchpad and Netbook in one :-)

  3. turn_self_off says:

    i’m tempted to call that the HTC shift mk II…

  4. Genjinaro says:

    Lol…Speaking of HTC I was wondering if they were still considering making a new UMPC. The Athena is unessasary & the Shift is kinda weak in power.

    On Topic:

    Cool concept, though is andriod really that good for a UMPC or MID(really)?

  5. Al says:

    More poor designs to me. Sure we want a keyboard but it needs to be a slim clamshell like a Psion 5mx was so that it can be carried everywhere and also have a good keyboard to be useful. That thing looks too wide to be pocketable so I see no strong market for it. If I need to carry it with a bag then I’d get a more powerful computer for the same price.

  6. BC says:

    I agree with you. It looks too large to fit in a pocket. I would love to not always carry my DELL but if it can not be small enough to carry without a bag I’ll just stick to my DELL for now.

  7. tmarks11 says:

    I think they almost have the right idea. But putting the higher speed processor in the dock will limit the usefulness and affordability of the device.

    Where this idea could shine is if the user could have a variety of docking solutions (good ones like you see for Ipod and its ilk). A keyboard dock at the home and office, a speaker dock for the bedroom, a dock for the car.

    Make the car dock really solid; something like slides into a single din opening, with built in amplifier. None of the flexible stalk think that you stick to a window.

    If they could pull off something like this, it might be a revolutonary product.

    Of course, the only way this would take off if is if you could get the spare dock/keyboard for your office for REALLY cheap (not the $500 nonsense OQO tried to pull). And I think that is unlikely in its present incarnation, since the processor is integrated into the dock.

  8. squirrel says:

    So let’s compare it with Always Innovating:
    – Can the slate be inserted reversed?
    – The screen should be 9″ or 10″ – that’s better for netbook and that’s also OK for e-reader
    – My standard questions – what is the weight of the parts?

    And also i agree with Chippy: there questions about the switch between modes: for example if there is a 3G modem and SSD in ARM-based slate, will this perifery be accessible to VIA CPU.

    I think it’s a great idea! I will buy Always Innovating, but that will be next!

  9. nomax says:

    I’d rather have a X70 with optional keyboard. Typing in websites is easy with onscreen keyboard – for word a real keyboard is a must.

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