Viliv X70 EX Air is in the bag!

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Hopefully you’ve taken a look at JKontherun’s X70 EX coverage over the last few days and seen how sleek the new Viliv X70 EX is. I’ve just picked up an X70 EX Air from Viliv (Thanks Viliv!) The X70 EX Air takes the 1.3Ghz Intel Atom platform and puts it inside a 7 inch casing with a few additional and important elements. Where the S5 has no cam, the X70 has one. Where the S5 has no built in mic, the X70 has one. There’s also a media slot, built-in stylus and a mini USB port that contains a transfer adaptor. Just plug the X70 into your PC and up pops the file transfer software. (Not tested yet) On the AIR model you’ll also find the 32GB SSD and Huwei Mobile Connect 3G Modem. This is the top-end model. Build quality is, as expected from Viliv, top-notch.

Here are a few notes as I wait for my taxi transfer to Taipei airport…

  • This model is ‘98%’ ready.
  • Screen is soft touch.
  • ‘The mouse-pointer stick is not! Again we have a cursor joystick where a mouse pointer would have been better.
  • On screen keyboard has haptic feedback.
  • The device feels slightly heavy. This is possibly because I’ve been using the Smart Devices Q7 which is super light-weight.
  • There’s a small amount of heat build up on the bottom right.
  • Stereo speakers are surprisingly loud and excellent quality for a UMPC
  • I’m expecting similar battery life to the S5 (The battery is bigger, but so is the screen.)

And a few pics…

IMG_9479 IMG_9482

IMG_9486 IMG_9484

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    New article: Viliv X70 EX Air is in the bag!

  2. Vit says:

    Any idea when it will go retail? It looks like a device I would buy without any hesitation :)

  3. Chippy says:

    Expect announcements within a few weeks. Availability Asia first but i’m hearing that there could be a quick follow-up through Viliv’s European and US channels. THe device i have here is ‘98%’ ready which means it’s just weeks away from lock-down and production. S7 is close too.

  4. Marc says:

    Looks very nice.

    But I must resist the 7″ devices.

    How does the S7 differ?

  5. Chippy says:

    S7 is the convertible with keyboard.

  6. tmarks11 says:

    so does this mean that the rumor about the S5 with a keyboard was false? Computex is over, and nobody reported on it (or even mentioned it).

  7. Wolle says:

    Yeah, thats the device I wana hear something about. But not one word came trough… S5 with keyboard

  8. DrNick says:

    That’s what I’d like to know. Chippy is there anything you can tell us about Viliv’s exhibit at Computex or was the event they were promoting in that press release closed to the public and you’re under an NDA?

  9. Velik says:

    congratulations… now how do i get one :/

  10. Morganj says:

    Chippy, you are one lucky man!

    Hope to see some comparison testing against some other 7″ devices.
    The S7 would make a realy nice big screen GPS navigator running MapFactor, or even Streetdeck. Any plans for testing?

  11. Transilvan says:

    I don´t want to wait some weeks! I want it now!

  12. Ben Lang says:

    RT @chippy: New article: Viliv X70 EX Air is in the bag! me: looks nice, if only it were running optimized software!

  13. Babak says:

    Hi Chippy, thank you for great computex 2009 coverage.
    does X70 have handwriting option like tablets? does it support HD movies?

  14. Velik says:

    my guess is that it can do everything the s5 can do, which tested well for hd movies. chippy did a review of the s5 which detailed their bitrate and resolution and such.

  15. Velik says:

    ummm, just to humor me. could you tell me if quake 3 arena runs on that thing? Im thinking cpu alone should be able to handle it.

  16. Jerry says:

    Another one here curious about S5 with keyboard. Any news Steve?

  17. JohnD says:


    Can you do a LiveTV session with the S7 when you get back?

  18. Josef says:

    I hope so too, wonna see it in action :-)

  19. tmarks11 says:

    the S-5 with keyboard is apparently under NDA, so nobody is saying anything.

  20. DrNick says:

    I thought that might be the case. The silence on the subject of Viliv at Computex is so deafening that it had to be the result of attendees deliberately avoiding the topic. If that’s why we haven’t heard anything, I understand. It was just strange that after a press release announcing Viliv’s presence at Computex, Viliv seemed to have no presence at Computex and none of the people we know that have been our main source of info for the Viliv devices were talking about the absence of Viliv.

  21. Wolle says:

    If you take a look on the front-page of Viliv: the Lady on the left is holding something strange in her hands. Hope thats not the new formfactor of a the keyboard device. Reminds me on a Vaio P…

  22. DrNick says:

    That’s not a computer she’s holiding it’s a compact purse or handbaf or whatever it’s called.

  23. Wolle says:

    Typical woman, who else would prefer a purse against a S5 ;-)

  24. Apa7714 says:

    Did you get a projected price range for this device. I’m getting ready to purchase the X5, but may steer to this one if the price is as great as the X5.

  25. Tom says:

    This was exactly what I was looking for!

    I think Viliv should just take from the Xbox 360 and use some kind of inexpensive attachable thumb keyboard.

    This would keep the supply channel simple with few variations.

    Also, offering a performance edition with a 1.86ghz Atom chip would be very very much appreciated.

  26. Velik says:

    “1.86ghz Atom chip would be very very much appreciated”


    im not sure why they dont? heat? size?

  27. Genghis Khent says:

    Great information. One question. You mention the modem is the Huawei Mobile Connect. I’m curious if the particular module supports US 3G on AT&T. Huawei’s web page ( lists a number of different modules. Do you know which module is being used in the X70? Also, do you know if the same module is being used in the S5? Thanks!

  28. Angel says:

    YES, X70 have samilitud as S5, the GPS is same model and brand, YES will work well with ALL 3G simm cards, AT&T well. X70 have same virtual keyboard, TV tuner (Korean TV) and same processor. But screen is the difference, microphone and the 2 speakers.

  29. GY says:

    I work at a university and I am looking for a device to replace our Dell Axims (windows mobile) which we use extensively the field. The advantage of a device such as the X70 is that in running a full-blown version of windows it allows us to load the all of the programs we need to communicate with our various field instruments. Sometimes it is quite a hike to get to them. Size and weight are important considerations. We also will take advantage of the built in GPS as we use ArcPad to do mapping. One of my collogues purchased an S5 to try out. The S5 fits the bill except for one of the most important features. Which is the screen brightness in full sun. You really have to strain to see the S5 in full sunlight. Also in our application flash memory has it all over a hard drive. If the X70 can be seen in full sun, and the price is reasonable, we are likely to purchase up to sixteen! Also I’ve read that it isn’t pocketable. How about in a cargo pants pocket? So can you please tell me what the visibility of the screen is like in full sun?

  30. Angel says:

    Hi! Chippy, or other knowing the answers: 2 Questions very important: Does igo8 (GPS) SD maps will work with that X70 Viliv? Because, we will travel to Israël and Egypt, we wants maps, igo8 have, or wich one? Second question: Does posibility the tuner onboard that takes Korean TV to change it for the NTSC (USA) ? Or to tune it for NTSC? Why Viliv did not put a North American tuner ? Maybe they don’t know! An ingeneer at Eking asked me if SECAM or PAL working in USA!! He’s Norman Yang in Gangzu in China at Eking. He tried to open YOUTUBE. He has white page! He said China blocked info and MANY programs!So, maybe for this reason Viliv did not put NTSC tuner…But can you modify it?? Thanks, don’t sleep, without dreaming of the X70! Thanks, for the answers.

  31. Angel says:

    ATTENTION! A war is almost declared with where they make the Viliv in Korea. So, Pyongyan maybe shut a lot more missiles, he shooted 4 today! I’m not sure if will be available even the most war?

  32. Angel says:

    I found at a very low price the Viliv X70 at enter the item numer: 411001011402 in the search page. It will cost for the model 128 Gb SSD, GPS, 3G SIMM slot inside, the total with EMS or DHL or UPS will be: 315 Euros ( $425.USD) It’s cheap, because directly from the manufacture in South Korea, they bought 1000 BEFORE others bought, they have in stock since 4 days ago, it’s 5 days delivery delay.

  33. Genghis Khent says:

    On Digital-Trading-Center all I see is a 16GB SSD, and no upgrade option. Where do you see the upgrade option?

  34. C says:

    Same post of x70 deal from Angel on JKontherun site. ? has anyone bought from digital-trading-center before. Prices seem to be too good to be true. Therefore unsure it is genuine. Hoping it is !


  35. Angel says:

    I bought the Viliv X70 Until they received the payment of Bank transfer of 325 Euros, they chatted very polite with me…the day received the Payment, they told me, you did not paid enough, it miss 84 Euros. I sent the mesenger conversation at mesenger, they told me it’s a mistake from the seller! They ask me to pay more! And THEY NEVER responded to emails, nor at mesenger ! I will go to my bank to ask for a refund. I sent that i will report them, they never answered… They died to eat to much with my money or a terrible earthquake made them too afraid to write. Lol! The bank will have the task to do! Don’t send money there, they will eat too much!

  36. Angel says:

    HELP! Chippy to announce at a great scale that big fraud of selling a many UMPC’s and phones to a price POSSIBLE for China directly, many, many believe posible and lost! Chippy you’re the greatest specialist of all technician and of new models. Try to comunicate with that “company” if they respond to you? They are muted to 3 customers we are. It’s completely frozen as same as do Windows ME ! Also, they freeze my Mesenger when i write to them online. I have to restart my computer. My technician told me my computer is in perfect shape, it’s a program they use to freeze as paralysing! It’s not a paradise! It’s paralyse! Help to catch them. I’m not afraid of them, i’m trying to advertise, i was washed of money! I don’t want our friends of the UMPC portal club goes what it passed to me and to MANY others! I WAS so happy to find a great deal, that would be posible, because in China sometimes i bought at 70% LESS than here, exemples:HP printers large format plotters, i save $2150. ! I received the big printer. I bought also Sony TV at HALF price from Shenzen, China. I have a friend at EKING UMPC’s (i1 and M1) he’s OK,) About Digital trading he told me prices are posibles, but as same for YOUTUBE, China government blocked all pages. They try to go at Youtube…a blank page appear for China people. We have to make off that fraud many will pay and will be muted…some would be making hart crisis.

  37. Joe C says:

    Anyone figured out how to pop out the HD on the X70? Would like to ghost and image.
    Thank you.

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