Viliv X70 EX Model Details Revealed. Starts at $599

Posted on 08 June 2009, Last updated on 12 November 2019 by

x70whitbg I’m testing a Viliv X70 EX right now. It’s an impressive ultra mobile PC with a ‘traditional’ slate form factor designed around a 7 inch screen but with so many improvements over the 2006 Origami devices, you’d hardly believe it was in the same product category. Remember how we wanted SSD, 1024×600, SD card slot, GPS, Webcam, 5hr+ battery life, HD video decoding and a quality design? Well you’ve got it right here with the X70 EX. I’m testing the Premium Air model which has the 32GB SSD (it’s fast!) and a built in 3G modem.

NEW! Viliv X70 EX product page. Check it out for specifications and links to related articles from other websites.

The only things missing were the price and availability details. Dynamism, look like they will be first out of the gate with pricing as the 3 different models have just gone up on their website.  They don’t have prices but I’ve already heard that the entry level SRP will be $599 which makes the whole line-up very interesting indeed. As for availability, the details are not available yet but Viliv tells us that they have already planned a launch event. Update: Dynamism have listed a starting price of $599.





Viliv are aiming for the PMP, PND, VOIP, Video call, and general computing use scenarios with this. The 7 inch screen is big enough to use comfortable on a table with an external keyboard. Full details on how the Z515 CPU operates aren’t available yet but we’re assuming that the device will run at 1.2Ghz unless there is a heat build-up. In which case it will drop to 800Mhz. I would need to test this out to get the full picture but I’m assuming that you’ll be OK to run it in 1.2Ghz all the time. Considering that the 1.3Ghz version I have is stepping down to 800Mhz most of the time anyway, I doubt you’ll notice the difference. (I repeat though, full details aren’t available yet.)

Head over to Dynamism to register for more details.

Here are some images of the Premium Air with the optional leather case. You’ll find a video below.

IMG_9482 IMG_9260 IMG_9486 IMG_9257

Check out a number of videos in the Viliv Mania channel on YouTube. One of them, a great demo of itunes, is embedded below.

We’ve got the X70 EX Premium AIR here and I’m putting together a first impressions video and post that will go up very soon.  JKK and I are also planning a live session this week as soon as he’s back from  Computex.

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  1. Steve 'Chippy' Paine says:

    New article: Viliv X70 EX Model Details…

  2. Marc says:

    Viliv are producing some quality hardware if the S5 and pictures of this are anything to go by.

    Not sure why this one isn’t called the S7 though, as it just seems to be a big S5….

  3. Cliff says:

    Anyway this can run microsoft onenote and photoshop well with its touch screen? Pressure sensitivy?

  4. Chippy says:

    No pressure sensitivity on this screen. Be aware that its a finger touchscreen not designed for writing.


  5. David says:

    Does it mean that it’s not possible using an stylus and (for instance) doing light sketching?

    Sorry for my bad english and regards from Barcelona (Catalonia, Spain)


  6. Velik says:

    The issue is that the screen ( like many touch devices ) is resistive type ( meaning that it has an array of wires built on top of the screen. The mouse is moved to that pixel when the wires for that row and column touch ( so no sensitivity at all, just on or off ). Also, i dont know what the resolution of the touch panel is. A capacitive screen knows where the mouse it to a fraction of a pixel, so using that, along with other factors, allows photoshop to draw nice anti-aliased lines without any guesswork. A fully capable machine is found here , though im not sure if that is just a monitor + capacitive touch, or a full tablet pc?

    Anyways, I plan to use photoshop, the touch aspect, while not sketable, may be make things very easy to work without a physical mouse. It would work just fine for vector art as well ( ie. adobe fireworks )

  7. Cliff says:

    the reason cintiq have pressure sensitivity because of the resistive screen. the digitizer allows for it to be recognized to be a fraction of a pixel to draw the lines you’re talking about

    capacitive screens are like the iphone. can’t use stylus unless it’s a special stylus

    resistive screens can use stylus for better precision than a finger..but the lines won’t be as smooth and precise as a wacom

  8. ZC says:


    I am looking forward to purchasing this and appreciate your coverage on it.

    What do you recommend for protection of this large touch screen?

    I have used “Invisible Shield” with items such as my iPod. Also, I have also tried out generic protection “film” for my Nintendo DS. I like to take very good care of my electronics and would hate for permanent scratches and smudges to appear on that seven inch screen. The downside to using the films is that dirt usually builds up along the edges of the film on the unprotected portions of the screen. I try to avoid this by covering as much as I can but noticed that with resistive screens, such as the DS screen, can malfunction if the film covers too much area (like trying to fit it under the plastic housing seam.) What have you used over the years if anything?

  9. Chippy says:

    I’ve never ever used a screen protector but it has to be said that i’ve never used a screen for more than 6 months. I’m not the best long-term tester!

  10. Cliff says:

    Resistive touchscreens have pressure sensitivity such as the n800 because they have multiple layers of wires. capacitive screen can only recognize where the mouse is because the your finger has an electric field that interacts with the field on the screen.

  11. vk77de says:

    Looks OK

    What about a Linux version?

    All the best,


  12. Velik says:

    format c:
    install linux :P

  13. AwesomeDude says:

    i thought it ran at 800 & bursted to 1200?

    either way it will be interesting to just see peoples impressions of this new chip

  14. Chippy says:

    Marketing! 800Mhz bursting or 1200Mhz and dropping when needed. As there aren’t any details out there it’s hard to tell.

  15. DavidC1 says:

    On a very small MID like the Aigo, chances of running a 1.2-1.3GHZ chip is pretty low. As designers design their device around the “base TDP”, it’ll only be able to reach 1.2GHz for a limited amount of time before it scales back.

  16. Doug Danitz says:

    Viliv X70

  17. nomax says:

    Hi Chippy,
    can’t wait to have a genuine “WIDOW XP” here by my side…wondering how she will be different from the usual widow… ;)


  18. Chippy says:

    Ah yes. It’s a special version ;-)

  19. Declan says:

    Whats strange is the X70 base model is the same price (on Dynamism) as the S5. Are they planning to drop the price of the S5 perhaps? Because comparing the devices, the S5 is more portable but lower spec, other than that, why would customers go for the S5?

  20. Marc says:

    I wouldn’t say the S5 is lower spec to the base model X70. They are nearly identical. The X70 has a larger, but same resolution screen, a memory card slot but a slower processor.

    In computing terms smaller devices have always tended to come with a higher premium than equivalent larger versions too.

  21. Marc says:

    The S5 has a 60GB HDD, the X70 has a 16GB SSD. For me I’d give a slight edge to the S5 on that one, but you could argue either way!

  22. Velik says:

    I’d go for the 16gb for now, SSD will become cheap shortly given all the news ive seen on them reciently. wait a few months or a year most and i’d bet 256gb of ssd wont be more than what they ask for 32gb ssd drives now

  23. Genghis Khent says:

    Doesn’t the X70 also have a 32GB SSD option (as will the S5)?

  24. Genghis Khent says:

    Does the X70 have a slower processor? Both have (or can have) the Intel Atom Z520. The specs (on Dynamism) say 1.33GHz for the S5 and 1.3GHz for the X70 but presumably the GHz should be the same.

  25. Chippy says:

    The entry level X70 has the 800/1.2Ghz processor. This is not the same as the one on the S5. It remains to be seen just how long the device can run in 1.2Ghz mode and if the bus/chipset is any different. My understanding is that it’s not any different but I cant guarantee it. I have the 1.3Ghz version.


  26. Genghis Khent says:

    Chippy, understood about the entry level X70. But the higher-priced Premium versions with the Z520 @ 1.3GHZ, isn’t that the same chipset and bus as on the S5?

  27. reimann3 says:

    How well does the GPS work? I see this and I think netbook/gps/eBook reader/iPod. JkOntheRun’s demo video answered most of my questions. I know JKK is going to take it apart.

  28. reimann3 says:

    This is still sweet. I’ll be interested to see read/write times on the HD

  29. Chippy says:

    I still need to test GPS. I assume it’s the same module as on the S5.

  30. CGI says:

    Nice looking device! This is what Willis was talking about.

  31. DrNick says:

    I see what you did there. ;-)

  32. Steve says:

    CGI, I agree. Willis knew about this all the time.

  33. DrNick says:

    Hi Chippy. Will you be putting up a video demo of the X70 EX or doing a live show anytime soon?

  34. Vit says:

    Chippy! I wonder if you will try to run Windows 7 on this machine, and how does it handle it?

  35. Genghis Khent says:

    What about Linux also?

  36. Chippy says:

    I will try WIndows 7 but there’s not enough space on the HDD to dual boot. As for Linux. I probably won’t bother getting into that.


  37. Markfred says:

    viliv x70 EX ms不错

  38. Corrupted Mind says:

    I must say – I completely applaud viliv. I had all but reconciled myself to losing screen real estate when going to an S5 but they have provided a 7″ option at zero additional cost. Question is really mine now… do I want to go totally pocketable or continue with a 7″ slate? Also, I’m beginning to doubt whether its realistic to have a 4.8 screened unit as my main pc – chippy, a MID/netbook 1-2 punch? Which netbook would you vouch for?

  39. Genghis Khent says:

    I guess the question is whether the S5 is truly pocketable? JK on jkOnTheRun says it isn’t comfortably pocketable due to its size and weight. And the S5 is larger overall than the HTC Advantage (6.0 x 3.3 x 0.96 vs. 5.26 x 3.86 x 0.63 inches), which I know from my own experience isn’t comfortably pocketable. Chippy, do you find the S5 pocketable? And I second CM’s question of whether you prefer the S5 or X70 (and why)?

  40. Marc says:

    The short answer is. No, not really, at least for me.

    Would be fine in a coat/jacket pocket. And it does fit OK in my jeans pockets. But it’s not comfortable or pretty and I wouldn’t want the unprotected screen loose in my pocket either.

    With the leather cover on it’s obviously a safer, but much less comfortable fit.

    The UMID is a bit better. It’s actually a bit larger than the Viliv, but because it is a clamshell and shiny on both sides it’s easier to take in/out.

    I’d still find myself taking an S5 with me far more than an X70, but often I’ll just go with my iPhone.

  41. Chippy says:

    I don’t find the S5 pocketable. It needs the case which makes it chubby.
    The UMID is smaller because you don’t need the case.

    I prefer the X70 to the S5 as a slate device (easier to use) but neither really fit my requirements. What I need is something like a Nokia N900 (if it’s real), UMID or KAX-15 (hopefuly coming via Aigo soon) to complement my netbook. The X70 is of course great for bed and sofa and can be used on a desktop with a keyboard giving you a full PC (you could argue that it’s a better mobile solution than an 8.9″ lightweight netbook) but it depends on what devices you already have.

  42. reimann3 says:

    I’d love to know the specifications on the ac adapter as well

  43. Chippy says:

    5V. Looks the same as the S5 adaptor. Small, everything contained in the plug housing.

  44. reimann3 says:

    How many amps?

  45. reimann3 says:

    9.5V 2.84A via JKontherun

  46. xm says:

    Yeah… nice stuff. But what about S7? Will this machine ever be released? I think I saw the first article on S7 at the end of 2007… Now it is June 2009 and S7 has neither price nor a release date… Anybody any idea or is Yukyung just going to forget about S7 quietly? :-)

  47. Chippy says:

    S7 is close. Very close. It WILL come to market.

  48. Adrian says:

    Hi Chippy, hope you will keep us informed. We ( readers) rely on you :-) I’m very interested in S7 although X70 EX is nice machine as well. It will be great if you would get one for testing. Regards

  49. Lion77 says:

    Firt artcle came out IDF 2008 SF through UMPC Portal. :) Not the end of 2007

  50. Patrick says:

    Hey Chippy:

    I did some email exchanges with the folks at Owl IMPC, the China firm making a small xp tablet much like the Viliv's for sale at the same site where you got the Smart Q5. Owl sent a bunch of pics and some specs; if you are interested I can forward it along for the community–just email me!

  51. Chippy says:

    Sure. would be great to learn more. It’s cheaper than the Viliv X70 but the 1.2Ghz C7 doesn’t really bring joy to my heart. Lets put the pics and specs up in the DB and see what people have to say about it.
    Thanks for the offer. steve at [thiswebsitename].com will get email to me.

  52. Genghis Khent says:

    Sorry for all of the questions, but inquiring minds want to know :-)

    1. How would you compare the “softness” of the touchscreens on the X70 and S5? jkOnTheRun indicates the S5 is quite soft, X70 middle of the road. But of course this necessarily is subjective. What do you think?

    2. Does the S5 have the same 3G modem (Huawei Mobile Connect) as the X70?

  53. Transilvan says:

    I am so lucky about the X70. I´ll buy it, but some informations about the performance of the 1,2 GHz would be good. Is the CPU soldered? Are there possibilities to change sth. (SSD,RAM,CPU)?

  54. Transilvan says:

    It would be nice to see what´s the difference between Z515, Z520 and N270.

  55. Suhaib Sufi says:

    Interesting Looking UMPC device
    an good alternative to a netbook?

  56. fraglez says:

    hey boys! there us a umpc page! where is most importatnt information? dimensions! and weight?

  57. GY says:

    I work at a university and I am looking for a device to replace our Dell Axims (windows mobile) which we use extensively the field. The advantage of a device such as the X70 is that in running a full-blown version of windows it allows us to load the all of the programs we need to communicate with our various field instruments. Sometimes it is quite a hike to get to them. Size and weight are important considerations. We also will take advantage of the built in GPS as we use ArcPad to do mapping. One of my collogues purchased an S5 to try out. The S5 fits the bill except for one of the most important features. Which is the screen brightness in full sun. You really have to strain to see the S5 in full sunlight. Also in our application flash memory has it all over a hard drive. If the X70 can be seen in full sun, and the price is reasonable, we are likely to purchase up to sixteen! Also I’ve read that it isn’t pocketable. How about in a cargo pants pocket? So can you please tell me what the visibility of the screen is like in full sun? Problem is our fiscal year ends in June so I have to spend out my account by June 12th! Ahhh!

  58. yo says:

    Go for a S5 since the s5’s screen is the same quality as a ex70. Should be fine considering that you guy’s are using dell axim’s.

  59. Chippy says:

    Full review is now available.

  60. GY says:

    I’ve seen the X5 screen in the sun and as I have said it is very difficult to see. The Axims are very readable in the sun. Very bright backlight. If the X70 use the same screen technology as the S5 then it will not work out. Thanks for the feed back.

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