Viliv X70 + Streetdeck = great navigation [video]

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x70_streetdeck You may have seen the Viliv S5 navigation demo from the guys over at Streetdeck recently; now it’s the Viliv X70’s turn. The X70 [Portal page] is larger than the S5 [Portal page], and has integrated GPS as well as 3G data. That means that everything needed to run the great looking Streetdeck software is already under the hood. With the car kit that Viliv has made for the X70 and the Streetdeck software, it looks like the X70 could work wonders as a navigation device. The power of using a full fledged PC as your navigation unit really shows over that of a simple dedicated GPS device. As you watch the demo below, take a look at the map as Chuck drives the car around. You can practically watch the map turn in real time as the car turns. Most of us using dedicated GPS devices are probably used to seeing the screen update every one or two seconds. With the X70’s relatively huge screen, you can bet that it will be easy to operate the Streetdeck interface and see all of the necessary navigational information. Take a look at the video below, the first few mins are a short overview of the device and car kit; the in-car demo starts at 6:30.

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  1. Ben Lang says:

    New article: Viliv X70 + Streetdeck = great navigation [video]

  2. Apa7714 says:

    Come on….Toco Bell again. Change it up a little! Nice review. Still don’t know which one I want. S5 is nice, But I really like the 7″ screen.

  3. Apa7714 says:

    Trying be be funny and never checked spelling….Taco. LOL I saw that this device is going to run about $750 for the 1.3ghz model. Is there much of a difference in speed between the base model that the higher end one?

  4. Chip Tsao says:

    Viliv X70 + Streetdeck = great navigation [video] | UMPCPortal …

  5. Dual Core says:

    because you mention it twice:
    The Viliv X70EX does not have a Dual Core Processor in it – it has Hyper Threading like the Viliv S5.

  6. anon says:

    You guys might reach Chuck better on his own site. His content is not Chippy’s responsibility over here. :)

  7. Angel says:

    The only problem is my windshield is very far from me! I have an Honda Odyssey. It would need a LONG arm! Also, the speed shifter is annoying taking a large place to move when shift speeds. I think to put a perfect plane metal surface on the board to put the the holder. Also, i don’t want to obstruct the window vision.

  8. Angel says:

    It’s the Rolls Royce of all UMPC’s! It has USB interconnect between any laptops or UMPC. GPS is marvelous with Street Deck 2. Also, with 128Gb SSD, it’s fast, even more expansive, it’s faster and no noise=0 Noise! No fan, so for thoses reasons, the battery charge last a lot as 5 hours in Videos. 3G inside (simm card slot at the back of the battery). Put One Voice in it will play your songs and Videos telling. It’s a marvel…better than all around. Tell to your friends…sure they will buy it. I’m awaiting for mine this month. You can play loud and clear, high, good bass, middle are very fine too. You’ll be amazed and astonished of the state of the top. It is so silent, because nothing mechanical, no motors, no relays, no fan, no hard drive, that’s very very fast responding. Windows 7 is available for in Beta, it goes perfect as someone told me. You’ll get it for years, why buying something else less performant? Better pay $100. more and get this Marvel!

  9. Angel says:

    I found at a very low price the Viliv X70 at enter the item numer: 411001011402 in the search page. It will cost for the model 128 Gb SSD, GPS, 3G SIMM slot inside, the total with EMS or DHL or UPS will be: 315 Euros ( $425.USD) It’s cheap, because directly from the manufacture in South Korea, they bought 1000 BEFORE others bought, they have in stock since 4 days ago, it’s 5 days delivery delay.

  10. Angel says:

    WOW! I’ll get mine X70 Friday, it’s in the truck now from Dynamism from Chicago, Ill. I will but in Street deck 2 and One voice Beta. I will talk the woman inside will respond me, maybe i will shout to not talk as too much as woman does! LOL! The stoled all people and disappeared. WARNING about another similar: BEWARE of those Chineese FALSE stores…Dynamism are OK. NO PROBLEMO! I don’t know if someone knows MAPS for Street deck 2 of Israël and Egypt? Or cheap price maps working with street deck 2 for a future travel in 3 months.

  11. Angel says:

    Viliv X70 ex the GPS tells even AFTER 1 hour in clear sky, no buildings .
    GPS with Street Deck 2 with licence, tells: “GPS
    not configured or not connected!”
    I’m in Com1 and 9600 bauds; when i do destination on the map, it tells:

    “Awaiting for GPS signal” (blinking that message, for hours!)

    Is GPS malfunction or defective? Where is the GPS switch in the Viliv X70 ?

    From Pierre Filion

  12. Angel says:

    A curious manner fixed! Now only One Voice i don’t heard and the microphone is on but it does not understand my orders as: music, main menu, etc… It’s only SAM included not One voice. I installed in Program files but Street Deck does not comunicate. About the manner fixed the GPS: My Viliv X70 works only at 4800 bauds NOT 9600 bauds! It’s very fast and acurate. If i switch to 9600 it DOES NOT WORK! Why? I just switched at 4800 works fast and fine. when i return at 9600 does not work at all, i have the new Viliv X70. Maybe they had shortage of 9600 modules. Does will be less acurate or slower at 4800? What is the difference? Thanks a lot for your great helps. Now, the sky is the limit!

  13. Recovery TTA says:

    Hi, does anyone know about the streetdeck plugin configurations? I cant seem to hook up the GPS plugin correctly.

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